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I haven't seen a Cara thread in a while.

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I want to fuck this ugly bitch

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it's true, she is pretty ugly. and don't give me that crap about models having to be unique. i pass girls cuter than her daily on the streets.

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What is it about this girl that people like? I mean I would let her suck my dick I don't know if I'd give a crack at her rotten snatch though.

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I don't know much about models, but she seems to have a nice (camera) personality. That counts for so much more than actually being pretty/handsome.

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i want cara

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symmetrical face
vogue cover

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so much samefag

jealous females

probably american, short and fat

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cara, emma watson and taylor swift the three most beautiful celebrities :)

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People are getting sick of her already. She's on the wane.

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there was one just yesterday

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She's famous for her funny faces and partying with celebs. Her walk is atrocious.

Soon she'll be yesterday's news. You heard it here first.

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She such a fuckin qt doe

& I have a thing for eyebrows

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goddamn that looks like shit

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they're all kinda walking like that though.
pic related is pretty bad

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I wish I've never seen this

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she looks like a fucking sex doll in that one. i wanna fuck her till her pelvis breaks.

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anybody know if shes got nudes?
what type of guys does she get with?

idk why but she doesn't seem like the type to date black guys.

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lol Anyone here would wife Cara in an istant minus of fags/neckbeards who can't get erections and have never talked to girls anyway.
That being said, her looks are all she has going for her, she seems super tryhard. Girls aren't supposed to be funny. give up.

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>super tryhard.
not to sound like a sexist dick, but it isn't like that is abnormal female behavior.

and yea, the hotter the girl, the less they have going in other aspects.

Pretty much the only time there is an exception to this is when a girl wasn't that pretty when she was young, or was just not around a lot of guys feeding her attention.

There are a lot of reasons for this, and if you disagree you really don't know what you're talking about unless you can back it up somehow.

A lot of hot girls know that all they have to do is be hot, and they'll be set.

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This bitch looks like a man.

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who the fuck are you? Can you leave? You are worthless

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she's such a qt

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Yes, there are some tit pictures of Cara floating around

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wow so insightful thank u for sharing your knowledge pal

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Nobody gives a motherfuck about a tit pic. Come on im not 11 anymore.
Post butthole shots or get reported.

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She has a Vine
Pretty girl weird

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get rid of taylor and you are completely right

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Cara is cute but I feel like the only reason /fa/ likes her so much is because her quirky lolsorandumXD pics that hits an emotional nerve in these sexless fuccbois

I think Karlie is the best looking celeb/model out there atm

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You're not interested in her pussy?

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Yea that'd be ok I just don't want some soft core "cleverly hidden" bullshit faggotry.

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Don't give him attention then hypocrite

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shes so cute i wish i looked like her ;-;

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I despise people who act as if their opinions are objective facts.

No. Stupid fuck.

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Don't worry I know he posted that sarcastically to make fun of everyone who hates on me despite being the most rational and cool trip.

I am pissed about the auto capital shit on my iPhone thanks you fucks.

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I didn't give two fucks about Cara until she STOPPED, doing that - actually. The first serious-intentioned photo shoot I saw of her I was shot down with femininity, and I'm a jaded motherfucker

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post what photoshoot that was

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wait was it this one?

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If you want to go on a cara posting rampage - I'll point it out when it shows up

I don't save 75% of the images posted here like a lot of users

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I don't get why so many insist she's hideous.
Granted she's nothing special for a model she's attractive enough when she isn't making a retarded face.

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>I don't save 75% of the images posted here like a lot of losers

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Cara + a kitten

My member is swelling with plasma

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The only pics I've saved from here are the ones of me from my thread last night.

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i think she's already yesterday's news tbh
there was a lot of hype surrounding her but i think it's mostly died down now

that being said, she looks kinda like this dykey girl i had a crush on in high school so i think shes hella attractive now
and i love girls with dramatic eyebrows i wish mine weren't so boring and small
she seems sort of dumb though

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Did she shit her pants?
What the fuck?

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No class

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ooh that's cringey.. no one wants to be seen at a mcd's lookin like shite late at night. fuck those dudes.

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but would you guys "fuck" her if you know what I mean

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no i dont pls explain

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would you "fuck" her?

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what a dumb criticism

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come on brah you know what I mean.. would you "fuck" her?
I think I would but it would take a little bit of time if you know what I mean

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sry man i think this is too complicated for me

should i ask my parents????

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she looks like the girl on that one witch show with her aunt hilda and that black cat

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Sabrina the teenage witch?

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yeah that show!

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