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1. >>6454686
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Thanks to you /fa/ i was able to upgrade to a premium shop :) to provide quicker services and designs to you guys! ~now theres a invoice logo :O i hope you like it!!!~ no longer is there a 5 upload limit per day!! I really appreciate the buyers and people who just hangs around my thread to help out with questions and leave fun comments :)

As always leave ideas and designs i am open to custom orders.

remember to leave critizsm
**very original content do not steal**


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Do you ship to Europe?

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it should be able to ship to europe :)

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Then I might get the HENTAI 00 one.

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thanks :DD

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footwerk 911

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god bless USA

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dude, srsly, i just thought if it now. run a line of shirts and beanies with COMME des FUCCBOI on them. i can help with the design if you need.

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DONE :-)

and to some people that ordered, some should be shipped already! if yours have not shipped yet please wait a bit more! :)

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damn i want a bunch of these but wearing any of them on the regular would be gay and fuccboi tier so i dont know what limited selection to cop

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Would cop a beanie.

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>still no pervert sweater

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can someone pls post a fit with a small one on. I want to see how they fit

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Reported for advertising, take your anime meme shirts to >>>/cgl/ or >>>/a/. This is a fashion board, not a business promotion board.

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I thought it was spelt "VInnie Paz"

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>tfw it's actually against the rules to promote
But guess mods don't give a fuck

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no1 cares if your autistic ass doesnt like the thread bitchboy just hide it

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up ;)

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I would normally hide it but I'm against unpaid advertising unless the board states it's allowed.

4chan doesn't allow advertising threads. I don't get to advertise my clothing without receiving a ban so I should enforce the rules no one else should be able too.

Also please provide an actual argument instead of ad hominem.

Lastly, the shirts are made for people who understand the references. Meaning they are already bland except for this "super seekrit clab xDDD". Thus they are unfashionable and plaguing the board with a horrible trend, based on poorly made references. This is a fashion board, not a quick poor quality cash grab board.

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givenchy = extremely fashionable
therefore givenchy parodies and lookalikes are fashionable as well, fuck off back to mfa

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If mod don't care
You shouldn't care fuccboi

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>This brand commonly worn by rappers and Brandon Sales is extremely fashionable so so are these shirts!

Gucci was also once "extremely fashionable". Now it's side hustle black mom tier.

Therefore your argument is void and poorly presented. Don't worry, buy your anime shirt. It's quirky and super fashionable/cool. You'll look totally awesome with that terrible look kanji character stretched across your poor quality shirt. Don't forget to purchase your Hentai shirt too so people can think your super awesome for that as well.

You should fuck off to mfa. Seriously, it's where garbage like this belongs.

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lol @ this dadcore bitch just go home to mfa and dont forget your desert boots we wont miss your stupid uncultured ass

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w2c girl in pic

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these are painfully lame

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this shirts suck ass, has nothing to do with dadcore. theyre shitty AA tees.

idk why people even buy tee shirts that arent rick or julius

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>Ad Hominem
Still no actual argument. Aside from that, acusing someone of dadcore who hasn't presented a fit is a poor attack. To prove your statement isn't completely false, I don't own anything remotely considered dadcore or traditional menswear.

You need to be purged and removed from this board.

>This horrid amount of shit posting.
You as well should be purged.

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op is helping to make designs too he's providing a service that people want. just let him do it sigh

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are you the same pathetic guy that was so butt hurt that he announced his report in the last thread?

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wow this guy must be foaming

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Are there other crewneck sweaters besides gildan?
Really dislike their cuts

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Could you make one with this album cover on iit

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Reported for announcing reporting.

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reported for announcing reporting his announced report

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reported motherfuckers

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>mfw this thread

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Ahaha you ended up stealing the hatsune designs anyways.

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reported for spam

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this thread inspired me to open a spreadshirt shop

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how much money do you earned yet?

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Anyone got their hentai yet?

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