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>dat feel your not underweight
I'm "okay"
>57 kg, 5'7"

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> 5'9"
> 132 lbs

Better than expected

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5'7" or 5'8"
Either way
I'm short

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>106 lbs
>tfw unintentional heroin chic

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You dead soon

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>tfw murricans measure their fatties in stones

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>tfw random sharp pains

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I'm 6'2 only need to lose 3-4 more lbs to be considered target.

feels good man

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5'10" / 140lb


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I think I'll cut down to 168 actually.

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>implying you want to be target
Aim for low nigga

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Well I lift, so... I think 168 would do me well.

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1.80 55kg
pretty good

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>nearly no fat on my body
>ottermode/athletic masterrace

Feels good not to be a hungry skeleton.

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fake and gay

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>tfw overweight

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>ottermode/athletic masterrace

Oh God, my sides.

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r u mee?????!

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I'm 5'5 and 242 lbs but I'm bear mode

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how is 150 lbs under weight at 5'10

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>tfw on the verge of being fat
At least I am cutting...

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It's not under weight, it;s "ok"

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are you literally too fucking retarded to interpret this chart?

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60 kg

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Also you're on the border of the "baby blue manlet rectangle."

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5'10 and 8 and a half stone here

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I get that, sometimes I think it's lung cancer but meh.

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This actually seems quite accurate... I'm something like 120 pounds at 5'10 and my mate who was the same build and height as me, but with less muscle and more fat, about a year ago started going to the gym. Since then he has hit 160 and has arms that don't sink inwards because of small muscles at the back of the arm.

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175cm, 55kg, borderline underweight

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5'9'' 97.8 lbs as of this morning, not worth it only hedi slimane wants u for his fugly clothes :( even the era of auschwitz-tier models snejana, vlada, sasha, olga, etc. is done. ~*fit is the new skinny*~

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Hedi is the best...

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Holy shit, that's like starving African mode.

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ey im underweight! sweet!

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his heydays long gone. saint laurent s/s 14 is straight up stage costumes for 2005 era green day.

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6' 145lbs. Master racing the fuck out of this thread.

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135 lbs

Good feels

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175cm and 55kg

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>u all jelly

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Lesbians must really find your body attractive.

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>Still look like a skinnyfat piece of shit

fuck me /fa/
then again I can only bench press ~70lbs

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>not doing curls for da gurls

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no one cares about skinnyfat in the real world

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>slightly over the line for ok

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Not OK, apparently.

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im american and ive never heard of this until now

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of course its not ok. at that height people might step on you

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I disagree. Now I am not as delusional as fit but I used to be like 135 lbs at 6' and I got up to 155 lbs by lifting and while I would still be skinnyfat by retarded fit standards I look better than I did before.

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I'm your weight and I'm 182 cm.
>tfw eternal skeletor

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5'7 115lbs

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>145 lbs
>perfectly ideal height/weight ratio

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But are you skinnyfat or skinny?

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it says im almost underweight even though im kinda chubby wtf this shit is jenk

whats that blue line for? the manlet section?

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>whats that blue line for? the manlet section?
It's the suicide box.

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5'11" - 9 Stone; underweight.

No surprise, years of rock climbing have made me an ottermode / heroin user skinny hybrid

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>barely ok

at least im not as fat as i used to be

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>I'm "okay"

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>130 pounds
>tfw skinnyfat, disgusting fuck
>tfw haven't worn a t shirt alone in at least 2 years
How is skinnyfat cured? Cutting while lifting, or bulking?

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start by going to /fit/... And for the love of god, don't call it "skinnyfat".

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What should he call it?

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Learn how to count calories. You're eating too much, or eating too shit of food.

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>arms that dont sink inward
wait what
can you pls elaborate

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>164lbs (exactly target)
>was like 180lbs
>still fat

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6'1", 160 pounds. Perfect weight.

Really happy about this because at the beginning of the summer, I weighed about 142.

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Though wait, by this I still need to gain 11 pounds. Guess I gotta keep up the gainz.

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Weight is one thing, body fat % is another

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>used to be anorexic
>hitted the gym and became smart about the food that enters me mouth months ago
>almost "Healthy"