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Hey fellow Canadians,

Where do you guys go shopping for your clothes in this beautiful country? I'll list the websites that I know, but feel free to list others you use too.

>nomad shop
thats all I can remember from the top of my head.

Any others, /fa/?

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I don't know any, but thanks for pointing out the ones you did! i only knew about ssense.

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goddamnit more competition

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and to add, lots of these websites have sales going on.

good luck finding small sizes though

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how'd you know i need the smalls?

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bumpity bump

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rodan grey

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Just went to Nomad today in downtown Toronto, take advantage of the half off sale while you can. Picked up a bunch of Levi's Made & Crafted pieces today. Hands down best men's boutique in Toronto, or in Canada, really.

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Somewhat related, there's a skater shop ( hear me out) near china town in toronto that's pretty small. Carries some nice palace jackets, I think some roches too. Fuck, now im trying to remember the name.

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nice. they still have good sizes left?

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I have a feeling you're talking about either Livestock or Adrift. They're decent sneaker boutiques in Toronto. C-apsule would be on the same level imo, but it's located in Bayville as opposed to the fashion district like the other two.

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probably Adrift

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HAVEN along queen east of sherbourne..

they carry a lot of japanese brands
ie junya, originalfake, cdg, neighborhood, wtaps, etc.
a good alternative for those who frequent nomad

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gravity pope is a pretty good one, they have 2 stores in my province, but the one in my city sells shoes only(mall-tier shoes)

leo's boutique is another small one in calgary, they sell w+h, our legacy, n&f, some other brands I can't remember

holt renfrew ofc

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i wish we had haven in montreal.

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Man I fucking love Haven.

The Edmonton location is so chill. Niggas be playing Madlib and J dilla in that joint, I srsly spent more time talking to the SA's than shopping

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