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Cara asks you to amrry her and be with her forever. What do you answer?

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sorry u look downsy

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Sure. I'm a bored and jaded 24-year-old.

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edgy alert

of course i would. rich hot bitch that wuold get me hella clothes

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ya sur i will carra, il merry you

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i'd amrry her

if u know what I mean

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soz im taken


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i let her carry me to the altar and kiss me ofc

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>not leaving your gf for cara

U crazy?

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oh summer

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f-fuck off you fat piece of shit

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i say yes

>tfw she's joking
>tfw i'm not
>tfw she's super exciting and i'm hell aboring and she goes and fucks a bunch of models

oh well

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Without even thinking.

God I would love to wreck her.

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She would prolly be the one doing the wrecking.

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anyone got this in high res?

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or that?

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whats her deal

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I've seen this girl being posted for the past year, and I'm curious as to who she is.

> Inb4 retard

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ebic troal

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I'm actually not trolling

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ebic retart

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n-no thanks

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>One of the guys.

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Cara Delevingne.
she's a rich, English socialite turned high-fashion model. a lot of people don't like her because she has a shitty runway walk, does unimpressive editorials and doesn't take the fashion business seriously a lot of the time by goofing around. her super casual attitude is also why loads of teenyboppers love her.
imo she can be pretty when she's not making a stupid face, but she's too short to be doing high-fashion especially runway, and is only making it because she's the daughter of someone important in the UK.

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The grimes of /fa/.

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oops meant to reply to >>6387092

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i only find her to be pretty when she is making a stupid face

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god such an awful walk

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if she gets me addy and i get k federline famous then okay

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what the hell is she doing?

I like her, though. And all that shit about being short or being famous because she's the daughter of someone important, etc. must be a hard weight to carry on for her, yet she has managed it pretty well with her charm.

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of course dahhling

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taken ;)

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lol fuck no

is she even tall enough to model?

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Well she is a model. So I guess so.

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for you

that's hilarious

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supposedly she's 5'7", which is too short

many say she got into modeling thru family

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Yeah I saw an interview with her and karlie kloss and she looked 5'5 at best

also she seems like a cunt, whether or not that side of her is ironic or not, it's annoying

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well karliebabe's like 6'3'' so ofc she'd look like a midget.

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i'd much prefer a karlie thread

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karliebabe is 6'1 I'm pretty sure.

Now if karlie asked to marry me, I would have a very different answer.

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karlie is 6'1" just like frida gustavsson

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she really cheapened herself
good for her that she's moving into commercial stuff and probably making bank, but i miss her doing some of the more artistic stuff

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Did she gain weight?

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that amazing body tho

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she's just pulling a stupid face.

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Doesnt everyone want to use that excuse when they take a bad picture?

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>she really cheapened herself
you mean by modelling for VS?
can't blame her; it's her job

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its more that she does a lot of catalog stuff now which is just such a shame bc she was created to do editorials and runway

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>Not saying yes


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well she's not fat, she's just pullig her chin into her neck making herself look fat. people don't always look good.

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I bet you Karlie has a spectacular vagina.

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God, I bet it's gorgeous. I can perfectly envision it

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i bet ur fuking mom has a spectacular vagina ha ha

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>implying she isn't pimped out to billionaires that want to be dominated

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u trynna catch dat fade my du? fallback ho

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Karlie is disgusting

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I'd politely turn her down and wait for Barbara's proposal instead.

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hahaha jokes on her cause if i ever saw her id just rape her then it wouldnt pay off being so pretty

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only if you buy me all the clothes i want.

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This barb?

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she's an uglier version of emily

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emily just looks older.

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dem spider lashes

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