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She's perfect.

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Gross, she's a fucking chink. She looks like every other chink girl. You have shit taste, OP. Go back to /a/, you pathetic weaboo.

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Racists are so stupid

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is she half?

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If you think she is attractive, you are fucking delusional.
>dat asymmetry
>dat flat nose
>dem asian eyes
>dat large forehead
>dat cheap hairstyle that you see on Vietnamese hookers

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ya she is

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yet she's a model and your not

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>gap tooth whore
>why dont girls like classy guys like me

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Ach! She is beautiful, it pains my heart to see beauty like that. Does anyone know this feel?

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she qttttttttttttttt

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>tfw japanese are the best asians
koreans ugly af

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I've never spaghettied in my life, but if I ever meet this woman . . . I will turn into a spaghetti factory that also produces fettuccine, campanelli, bucatini, and tortellini. People will die from second hand embarassment.

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>come and sit near me, anon-kun

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I swear, I'll give up everything just to be with her.

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shes half korean

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iktf bro

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>"Oh no! NO! The linguine! The . . . the capellini . . . and . . . Oh no . . . the strozzapretti . . . It's everywhere!"

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She's half korean, half american just so you know

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Anybody know how to go about meeting her?

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>her face when she sees how much of a trainwreck you are
>she thinks it's cute

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Maybe we could make Italian noodle dishes together. If I ever meet her I would ask her if she knows how to make proper macaroni sauce.

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she could be a total bitch towards me and I would still love her

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I'd do anything just to chew on those lips of her for a second or two

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>drooling over butchered plastic bitches

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>you will never be half asian master race

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man you kinow that type of bitch who is sooo fucking attractive but you cant tell why, like its not something super obvious but sorta a look in there eye that says they need something different

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know what you're saying man, it's that certain fucken air about them

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Kiko is hardly your run of the mill homogenized plastic frame

She's kinda asymmetric in a good way that makes her look pretty

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my body is ready<3

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>tfw I'll never take her out to coffee
>tfw she'll never laugh at my jokes
>tfw she'll never look at me with her tenderly eyes

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move to japan, tokyo frequent around the town n nightz

some sufu dude bumped into her and her boyz getting into a van from a club or something

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lol dude dont know where youre from but move to cali for that prime rib of american asian

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I'm not interested in femlets.

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far from perfect

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please leave, don't hate on muh hime-sama

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why are you even bothering with faceless people on the internet hating on a thing you like
They should have zero relevance unless you actually didn't like her in the first place

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>move to cali for that prime rib of american asian

I'll have to second this. You won't find many attractive Asian females in the Midwest or in the South, but you do find them in the coasts. And the best coast is the west coast--take a look at Cali. People are more beautiful there, really.

This goes for all ethnicities. There's just a lot of good looking people in Cali.

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anyone have that pic of her in the short lace dress?

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Knock yourself out

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>west coast cali american born asian

lol, best lookers but biggest sloots.

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>lol, best lookers but biggest sloots.

Yes, because every good looking person is a whore with psychological issues.

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>Yes, because every good looking person is a whore with psychological issues.
I only know that sour grapes are yummy

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I didn't say they were sloots because they're the best lookers, but because they're west cali inhabitants. I know my asians and dem asians got the pussies with the highest mileages, nomsayin.

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two hundred and fucking thirty pages it took me to find this

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All of my hnnnng.

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girl on the right is mirin dat ass hard

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Is it only the most beta white weeabo's or Asians who are attracted to Asian women?

They disgusting me.

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They disgusting you? you sound a little asian yourself.

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>half asian master race

lol id rather be either full white or full asian so i had a real sense of belonging to one identity and culture.

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It's alright to be only attracted to your own race. It is wrong to criticize other people's racial preference.

Now, some creepy people (like the white weeabos you mentioned) seem to fetishize Asian women. They aren't attracted to the woman who happens to be Asian, they are attracted to the idea of being with an Asian woman.

Consider this:
If a weeabo had an Asian girlfriend, would he still be attracted to her if she had blonde hair and blue eyes? I don't thinks so.

Also, to call out the women of an entire race as "disgusting" is completely uncalled for.

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sorry man i dunno what i was thinking

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does anyone have the pics of her wearing cornrows?

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k-knock yourself out, onii-chan

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faggot detected

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>would he still be attracted to her if she had blonde hair and blue eyes? I don't thinks so.
Then they wouldn't be asian would they.

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bad bitch contest u in first place

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She is perfect.

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omg who dis??

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Vorotyntseva Irina

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>average slav


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That's the photographer.

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pls go

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that's the point fuccboi
hes saying they don't care about personality or anything, just the fact that she's asian

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girls irl > girls on the internet

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Depends on who you ask, and I'm sure we've got our share of Hikkis.

This short article is worth a look, I promise. Some people just can't handle the reality of a real sentient being with its own agenda.


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I really know that feel. She is just perfect.

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I really know that feel, she is just perfect.

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Hell of a lot cuter than cara.

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Beauty isn't always symmetry, young autist,

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Back on track guys.
>tfw I'll never make breakfast for the both of us after a night of passion

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male or female??

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THIS! half asian is the best!

>tfw never met one

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I'm Half-Asian.

>tfw everyone want be you

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I'll dump my images.
>tfw I will never be Kiko

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Most half-asians I've met identify with their Asian side. They're barely different from American-Asians.

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come on bro

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handshake events

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i laughed
good one anon

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anyone got more pictures of her with long hair?

t-thanks anon

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I've seen one half Japanese, half white that hung out with the white girls. She is hot as fuck, too, but a whore.

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sorry bruh bruh, I do not.

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faggot you just called yourself out

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I've never met a half asian half caucasian that wasn't good looking. Fuck this gay earth.

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This thread is full of beta asian samefags and small dicks.

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less than 5 inch master race

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why the hate?

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Probably mad because kiko will never be their qt gf.

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Do we know anything about her personality? I know she's a qt, but that's about it.

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>tfw only 1/4 chinese

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she speaks a little bit of english in this one

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embarassed kiko

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fuggggg I hnnnngggg so harddd

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nah m8, there are plenty of uggos too

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>implying that whores aren't hot as fuck

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