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What is your opinion on long hair on guys? Do you like them, hate them, are you indifferent or possibly something else? Are you the one with the long hair? If so, how's that treating you, were you ever complimented by another guy or even invited for date or maybe even more?

Picture related

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I am the one with long hair, since a few years back. Backslick + ponytail, beard too, or I'd look way too feminine.
I just didn't care back then, but lately I've realized how much I like it.
Need to loose some weight though, I'm just above overweight in BMI

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I have long hair that is just past my shoulders.
It's curly and looks like the pictures you've posted.
Friends told me to cut it, but after the awkward stage they started to like it.
Girls like it loose and in a bun, got plenty of compliments.
Gay guys and older women absolutely love it and want the d.

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I get a lot of attention, both positive and negative.
Positive from girls, negative from guys.
It takes a lot of taking care of, but In the morning the only thing I need to do is to wet it up a bit and comb it, so the net difference isn´t that much.
Thought about cutting it for a while, but it just does such a great job of camouflaging my facial flaws (ears stand out a bit too much, nose is a bit wide) I´ll probably keep it.
Growing out the front a bit more at the moment to try and manbun it.

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looks great on some guys, terrible on others, like with anything else. dreads are always ugly and hair that is cut too feminine usually doesn't look that great.

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Long, curly hair. Only get compliments from both men and women, havent gotten any insults at all to be honest. I personally love long hair, if its well kept.

Only "issue" is people sometimes assume youre a girl at first glance in places with dim light, but i dont really care about that.

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Wel tbh you look a bit girly, not hating just stating.
love your luscious curls

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I get a lot of positive from girls and a lot of negative from guys.

However, the guys that hate it are the same kind of dudes that think I'm weird for refusing to wear cargo shorts, so I take it as a compliment.

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