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What's your bmi /fa/?
Do you want to lose weight, gain weight, stay where you are?


20.2 here

>inb4 I lift weights so it doesn't work for me
Yeah, because everyone who lifts is Scooby

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I want to lose fat and stay where I'm at.

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maybe gain like 5-10 lbs but without gaining any fat especially in my face so my target BMI would be right underweight at 18.4

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I want to be skinier.

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Here's a better one that is a bit easier to read.
OP is a faggot.

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But I'm so skinny-fat it hurts. I had a turrible drinking problem a year ago and lost what little muscle I had, but came away with a pot belly. I've lost 10 pounds since then but I still have a gut I'm super self conscious about, especially since I'm so skinny everywhere else. I hate it more and more everyday.

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i feel you bro ;__;

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I want to gain 5 - 10 pounds. To those of you who are < 17 and want to lose more weight, you should probably kill yourselves

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Back to starving myself

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Looks like I am 18.5 or so, 130 lbs, hoping to get 120 and lose some fat. I think I'm about 9.75% body fat atm.

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My BMI is 32, I'm at 11%bf, and I'm 18y/o.

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Looks thick. solid. tight.

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Most people that lift will never be like king gooby.
23, I was at 28+bf at one point.
Shit was terrible, now it keeps goin down as I beef up

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My doctor and that chart don't agree. I used to be a landwhale, 300lb 6'3" and now i'm 205 17%bf est. But, before I lifted my doctor was always telling me not to go below 200lb ever because that's underweight and not healthy. According to that chart, you only get out of the Overweight category once you hit 190lb at my height.

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About 22.
Not sure how "not lifting weights" somehow makes it meaningful, though.

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>tfw no gains

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A decent amount of muscle, but I want to lose some fat.
Going for the 21.0 bmi

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Hungry skeletons errywhere. 19.4 here. Not the hungriest skeleton out, but still thin. I want more gainz. Going to the gym a couple of times a week. Trying to eat more foods like fish and more red meat and eggs

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185 cm
70 kg
20.5 kg/m^2

I just noticed I could still lose some weight. Should I lift a bit or lose more weight? I just don't know.

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Is there any hope for me. Can I ever be a male muddle?

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The body fat percentage is more interesting. 13% or lower is good.

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no, sorry m8

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171 cm
63 kg


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Honestly, how do I measure that? I wouldn't consider myself fit, abs are only visible when I'm coughing.

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>tfw I mentioned to a family friend I'm trying to get a fashion job and he suggested modelling because I'm skinny and have a reasonably good face
>tfw I know I'm too short

show us the back

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my butt so flat i should trip as "pancake"

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are you a swimmer?

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Lel, dem shoulders.

Feels good to be underweight.

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>tfw 1 post from 20000
owell still quads

are you from the thread i last posted this in? no i'm not a god damn swimmer, do i look like one without the dress?

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So about 22? I still need to cut though i'm at like 14% bf

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I vaguely remember that thread and that photo, someone asking if you were a swimmer. You have a swimmer's shoulders. Wear fits that put more emphasis on your hips.

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will do in the future. is there anything i can wear to salvage the dress?

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maybe a wide-ish belt? Try that. Also, never wear that bra with that dress. Not only is it a little trashy, but the horizontal line doesn't lengthen your figure. It's like when short guys wear horizontal stripes

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I have a thing for manly shoulders on wymmin

but again, I have a thing for tomboy-ish girls

>n-no homo

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pls see

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hmm. doesn't really help. Sorry :( try squats?

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i think added a few pounds tho round it off, plus i have been building chest and shoulder

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shoulders could look manly if you dress the wrong way, but apart from that youve got a nice hourglass bodyshape and you arent too fat. reduce bodyfat and youll be fine.

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I could still lose a bit of fat.

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185cm, 74kg, that's 21.6

I have wide build though (shoulders 56cm wide/126cm around, hips 35cm wide/91cm around)

>tfw un/fa/ body type

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>the hungriest skeleton

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Why is your chart not long enough for me? Goddamnit, now I have to actually calculate shit.

BMI is 22.6 apparently. Could be worse.

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25. 82kg at 182cm. I started running every other day though, so I'm hoping to lose some weight.

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I'm a 16.
6'2" 130 lbs

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BMI = 18.2
BF% = 11%

70kg, 6'4", 30.5 waist

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OP here,
is anyone else surprised ay how skinnyfat you can be and still be in the healthy range? I'm definitely skinnyfat at 20.2, and I'm intersted to see what a BMI of 24 looks like (which for me would be 180 pounds)

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don't be surprised. /fa/'s body image is just incredibly twisted and pretty unhealthy

also, this BMI chart isn't based on "what looks good" at all

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Forever stuck on 20
stupid nomad genes

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anyone who uses BMI on an individual basis and not solely to measure across populations is dumb as F

and the fact that doctors somehow use this as a measure of health is testament to a failing easy-answer healthcare system

yeah, i get that objective measures of body composition are hard to find, but BMI sucks so much ass that honestly a better alternative is to just look at a person and visually determine if they look healthy or not

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BMI was invented in 19th century more to compare body types (at that time science was trying to make connections between physical look and personality) than to decide what is thin and what is fat anyway. There's too much variance in different builds.

Also, Ponderal index works much better than BMI for short and tall people - because it cubes the height instead of squaring it, following the law of dimensionality.

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>making skinnyfats feel good about themselves since 1845


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>tfw higher bmi than most of you


>still have a nice lean body tho

Does that mean you guys are all 100% auschwitz? I mean I'm like pretty skinny as it is so idk how the hell I'm way higher than you guys

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because youre posting on a board full of anorexics

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not that just skinnyfat nerds who that if they post about how much they don't eat they will look like hedi models

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iktfb. 22.7 here and I just lost 15 lbs when I had lyme disease. Waist is 28".

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bump for more