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What would be some /fa/ approved email usernames?
i need to get one so when i'm asked ill feel as cool as my pic.

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[email protected]

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check the email field

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Black_raison_d'ê[email protected]

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Just buy your domain and use google apps
[email protected]

I use [email protected] for shopping things because it's easy to give and they're all filtered in my gmail inbox. I use uni emails for important things or my firstnamelastname gmail acct. I like my NYU one better but idk how long I'll have it

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awful fucking thread

sage in all fields

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[email protected]


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Teh fuk. Why would you put the word email in your email, pleb

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No. What is this for? uni?

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just want an email to be proud of and none that comes to mind works

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>a wild a-lister appears

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This is the cancer killing /fa/.

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