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Hi. Am I the only one who's strangely attracted to women with unconventional faces? Unconventional as in people that don't follow the "beautiful" guidelines that many fashion designers and make up companies have as their models. I guess I'm just used to seeing these conventional faces all the time as the ideal image of beauty.

Pic related - Lily Cole. She's an English model and as you can see, she has really wide-set eyes and a really small mouth. True, she's not the extreme in terms of unconventional beauty, but damn, it's nice to see a fresh face once in a while.

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No, you're not the only one. Also, I think her face is stereotypically feminine.

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Bumping with more ugly-beautifuls.

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This is Kelly Mittendorf, she has the most alien face I've ever seen. Don't think she's beautiful but I do think she's rather attractive since no one else has her looks.

Is this too extraterrestrial or extreme for you?

Also, Lily Cole is altered by photoshop and make-up too, don't forget that.

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damn she looks strange as fuck. yes, i do find her attractive, but also beautiful in an ugly way.

>inb4 someone comes in saying this is beta as fuck

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Did some one day unconventional?

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no. that's just irresponsible and failure to accept that they need to grow a pair and need to fix their weight.

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Yeah, sure.

Not feeling it.

My sides, please no.

>pic related
Fuck yes, fuuuck yesss 100%

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>unconventional beauty
>not posting cara

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I disagree with you personally, OP. That preference must make finding attractive women much easier for you though

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dat jawline. dat chin. dem eyebrows.

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>not smeagol tier

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she's a given seeing how many times she's posted on here lel.

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She looks like shit now because she ruined her hair and made herself look like an old woman, and that kills me.

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He's fucking perfect.

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i dunno. what's your train of thought behind this one?

mine is like this. if i find one of these women to meet, i'd be like damn nigga i hvae someone who's pretty much one of a kind. it's like having a piece of clothing from acne that has been discontinued for 3 seasons. then again i'd always be happy to take someone who's been the face of dior.

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Does Nastya count?

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haven't heard of her. but that picture looks photoshopped down to hel..

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I fucking love Nastya.

This photo. Jesus Christ.

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>this entire post
>lily cole
>fresh face

op is 15 and has just discovered these already known and otherwise boring models, also wants to tell everyone how bad their taste is

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I personally find flawless faces beautiful, but rarely interesting, not attractive in the raw sense. When dating one [seemingly] flawless creature I remember polling my own emotions at one point and realizing that half of my attraction to this person was rooted in the charge I got from being seen with them - it was about sating my own pretensions, not that raw spark that some people just set off deep within you because their face, body or demeanor just has this... individual quality to it.
I really like unconventional beauty. It's the sort of beauty that for me, improves the better I get to know that person.

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squareface lover here.
nothings more of a turnoff for me than an oval face.

pic related, mila kunis has the typical squareface i love so much. rebecca black, too.

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>posts white women only

why no love for dinka masterrace? long limbs, slim statue, definitely the most /fa/ niggers in existence

have some alek wek

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Nastya Zhidkova. Here's a more candid shot of her and a friend.

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I love you poet, I just love you

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>tfw no human doll gf

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She probably wouldn't stand out as much without the contacts, but hnnnnng that facial structure.

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>unconventional faces
>Lily Cole
>True, she's not the extreme in terms of unconventional beauty
she's really just not unconventionally beautiful at all
her face is very conventional
even her body is very conventional; the only unconventional part of her beauty is her height

with that said, i still find her very appealing regardless of how conventional she looks

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i love her eyelashes.

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Anorexic girl from Tumblr, shmehgeh.

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off topic question but how come i see so many black people with red eyes? is it a genetic thing? if it's something that's easy to fix i feel like with white scleras it'd accentuate their eyes a little bit more.

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Me too I see that! But pictures seems to increase the phenomenon

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dat ass

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Picture I just found, really weird condition!

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It's insane how good she looks in picture of her with like ten more pounds, it's unfortunate she is actually anorexic though

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one more pic, to highlight the master dinka body shape

i think it's genetic. they often have snow white teeth though, very striking contrast

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now lets see the back

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Whats her name???

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Pretty sure that's Cara.

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Poet, you always make my day atleast a little better.


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That's cute. you're cute.

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ew wtf is wrong with you sicko

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>tfw you will never cuddle with Tilda

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>you will never cuddle with Tilda

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Good. Fucking hermaphrodite..

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>inb4 grimes

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Enjoy your basic bitches

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Enjoy your basic bitches

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Jolie laide boys?

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Stop posting this ugly manly freak, you fucking queerboy batty boy
Captcha related: what you and your black boyfriend do daily

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You're mad.

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yes you are a unique snowflake is that what you want to hear

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>this thread
>not posting daphne

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she's an ugly fuck without make up

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90% of people I know think she's very beautiful.
While I personally don't, I can't see how shes unconventional.

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cont 2.

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>talk shit
>post ur basic face

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I have loved this bish since she appeared in Constantine

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I love her, but it seems like I am the only one. Even though she is fairly successful for a newcomer everytime I post her somewhere everybody goes eww.

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lily cole unconventional. HA.

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It's kinda obvious, she looks like a freak.

>> No.6309984

>thinking ur a special snowflake for finding high fashion models attractive

they choose them /because/ they have striking faces, ya dingus

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but she is a cute freak!

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Honestly I kinda prefer conventional or semi-conventional. Unconventional details should kinda be kept to a minimum.

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nah she looks like a downie alien

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i like Hanne

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Guess I am into weird girls then ¯\(ツ )/ ¯ if everyone would think like you she would be all mine

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fuck you i'll post one more just to annoy you

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JIDF pls go.

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y u so mad?

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is that a man

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she makes more in a day than you do in a year tho

does that get your dick in a knot

>> No.6310134

no because i'm not some upper middle class yank.

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is this her? its the only pic i saved the last time this thread was posted.

she is fucking hot

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those lips

>> No.6310232

yes my friend

>> No.6310234

i want them wrapped around my cock. shes even in my country dammit

>> No.6310245

Why is she so perfect?

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meh, niggers have better lips.

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Dat fetal alcohol syndrome

>> No.6310426

Nah dude, FAS kids usually have a much smaller facial area and you often can't see the distinct philtrum that girl has. She looks weird, but I doubt her mother was on the sauce

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Pls pleb the fuck off.

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Someone said the girl in my pic was ugly.

Anyway, I sat in front of Andrej for like 10 minutes downtown as he talked with some dude.

Coulda said hello and he even left the same time from the cafe as I did.

He had very striking bone structure and those eyebrows...

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I think Georgina is beautiful.

>> No.6310624

Abbey Lee Kershaw I believe.

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>Anyway, I sat in front of Andrej for like 10 minutes downtown as he talked with some dude.

>Coulda said hello and he even left the same time from the cafe as I did.

>He had very striking bone structure and those eyebrows...

Fuck you! Why didn't you fucks sake man why why whyyyyyy no seriously fuck you why didn't you even just i mean come on. when was this? did he look at you, did you make eye contact? Did you cum in your seat when you saw it was him?

>> No.6310794

you just went full beta

it's like i'm on /fa/ and am reading spaghetti stories

>> No.6310798

i mean on /fit/; it's basically the same

>> No.6310804


He was all over the magazines too at the time.

This is Manhattan, so I see celebrities and all and have no idea what to do, just recognize them and move on.

I coulda spoke and got a picture, but I dunno.

He resembled a lion a bit with the hair and all and had a very soft voice in conversation.

I was facing out toward the window of the place and he was also facing the same direction.

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except that is the fucking worst story ever. not in terms of quality, but in terms of holy shit whyyyyyy why was this fucking guy offered the once in a life time opportunity to talk to one of the most beautiful beings on earth instead of someone who wants to meet this demigod

you're breaking my heart

>> No.6310812

>small things I adore

>> No.6310947

> that slightly open mouth


>> No.6310971

>stormfag detected

>> No.6310972

conventionally hot

>> No.6310977

i think you mean african not black peopl

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thats my girla

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>> No.6311003

dumb bitch trying to look like Vegeta

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i really would like to find out her last name

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Makes sense her life is probably way cooler

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I dont want the thread to turn into daphne general but i'll post a few more because fuck you thats why.

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all true niggers

american niggers already have too much white and native american genes that they can't be considered true niggers

also compare american nigger skin tone with african niggers. only south african niggers have this light skin tone among niggers

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ph bby pls be myne

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>> No.6311351


That's the same girl you fucking half wit

>> No.6311369

Are you retarded? Of course I know, I was implying that she looked much much better in later one.
Please stop being a 15-year-old fuccboi.

>> No.6311417


>this nigga

>> No.6311919

who, freja?

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>> No.6312394

Holy god damn never ending tide of ugly...
There is a difference between unconventional beauty and deformity, people.

She looked good in Constantine, thats about it though.

>> No.6312470

ugh she looks so cool i love her so much

>> No.6312489

....so many of these models are completely conventionally attractive i dont get it

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Kansas City has so many weird-cute hotties I'm tellin ya

>> No.6312536


913 represent


>> No.6312544

this is wrong

>> No.6312558


no its not

missouri side sucks but kansas city in actual kansas?


>> No.6312679

913 here too
Moved from Shawnee to Lawrence to OP back to Shawtown
Bout to move downtown Westport or Waldo MO though once I saved up that dosh
iunno why everyone always wants to gtfo of KS/MO, shit's not so bad. Music scenes decent if you know where to look.

>> No.6312720


Kansasfags? In my /fa/? Lawrencenigger reporting in.

>> No.6312775

lily cole has nice booblees

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File: 35 KB, 450x300, raped to death.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How's that disproportionate homeless problem treatin' ya?

>> No.6312844

It feels good.
Call me bb.

>> No.6315090 [DELETED] 

go fapping to your playmates

>> No.6315093

go fap to your playmates

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Ivan Zakharov

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I swear I've never understood the whole 'facial aesthetics' thing, everyone's facial features are so random, how would you decide what's 'ugly' or 'beautiful' based on that?

>> No.6315462

ratios. people tend to favor ratios that are ideal, and similar to our window of vision. Typical properties of aesthetic faces are* that they can be divided into even thirds (top of head to eyebrows, eyebrows to bottom of nose, bottom of nose to chin)**, have eyes spaced one eye length apart, have jawlines that balance out the length of the face, and vertical facial symmetry

*not all beautiful faces have to have these properties
**middle third tends to be a bit longer even on "perfect" faces

>> No.6315477

>Hi. Am I the only one who's strangely attracted to women with unconventional faces?

Yeah bro you're just really unique

>> No.6315478

looks like a fucking man. if shot was only in frame with her face there would be no way to tell

>> No.6315490

thats just straight up beat

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File: 681 KB, 1055x800, 1366205274311 - Copy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

humans are social creatures, they base their attraction on what is collectively considered attractive by the culture they belong to.
they compare the faces they see everyday to the one's they remember seeing in the media.
of course one isn't chained to only find a particular face attractive, through experience one can alter his preferences to satisfy his circumstances. the claim that humans are attracted to individuals with specific facial ratios is a misinformed idea based on research that suggests symmetrical faces are indicative of a good immune system which implies good genes and so therefore they are ideal mates. humans like information to be coherent though,if they don't know the exact reasons they find something attractive they will make things up to satisfy their internal dissonance, they will extrapolate and attribute beauty to some mystical phenomenon or attribute beauty to mundane details such as "the space between the eyes" etc etc etc blah blah blah

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Amy Anderssen, my waifu <3

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