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What /fa/ things are there to do on your own?
Literally sick of sitting on the computer shitposting, I go to the gym, try to be more active but so much time is spent moping and being depressed, alone.

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walk around listening to music

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go to the movies
read books
go through old fashion shows

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haha the first three are just regular things

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what is op even asking

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explore tha city n nature

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i'm not really sure

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Go visit somewhere you've never been.
It doesn't have to be a new country, just try someplace new.

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I think he wants us to admit we stand in front of the mirror looking at ourselves for a few hours

and reorganise our wardrobe so it's colour coordinated

or something equally retarded

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Im just really bored, friends are still at their unis and its a nice day and it feels like I'm gonna waste another summer

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Read some books you uneducated fuck. Literature books: Dostoevskij, Hugo, Stendhal, Balzac, Rilke etc. Go to a library.

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Get a motorcycle. Work on it and go for rides to clear your head.

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start a new tv show

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choose one

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so learn to do something before you rot faggot.

At least read a fucking book.

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Watch anime

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>Watch anime

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This. At bottom, what we talk about when it comes to "is x thing that isn't a piece of clothing or a cosmetic /fa/" is self-improvement, and the foundational question of all philosophy: what is a better self? ("What is the Good," "the teaching of the good life," "how should a person be?") It's just the human question usually dressed in Raf Simons Rick Owens.

Chances are you have some ideas, however muddled their reception, already. Work them out; live them out; "live the question."

Two reheated morsels from the 19th century:

Henry James advised to "try to become one of the people on whom nothing is lost," but of interest to this board he died a virgin and/or was a homosexual deeply, pathetically closeted beyond even the standards of his time.

In justifying a certain aspect of his ethics, John Stuart Mill came up with a deliriously simple sieve for ranking the quality of pleasures. Which would someone exposed to both choose? Or, updated and adapted a bit, who is trying to ape whom? Is the person wearing Rick trying to wear AllSaints? Is the guy at the gym trying to be he guy at home shitposting? And – real question here – who is the guy at the gym trying to be? A great a functional athlete, Chris Sharma, Roger Federer, or Michael Phelps? Or a great bodybuilder, Charles Atlas or Arnold Schwarzenegger? Or is he really trying to be a sexual athlete, a physique substituting for whatever gets people into bed with Jack Nicholson or Henry Kissinger or Count Mippipopolous? Or is he still doing it to be attractive, but just looking for true, intimate, loneliness-ending love? Or is he just looking out for his health so he grows old? Or does it all come together in one chase of interlocking ideals?

Introspect on that bench, man.

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is this copypasta or did you actually just write this?

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I just wrote it. Why?

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I'm confuse. Please explain further

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he's saying to go for a walk and listen to music

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Studying Media and Law at university and starting to hate it. Also hating my p.o.s. casual employment at a bottle shop.

/fa/ alternatives to doing these essays/exams+serving drunks and alcoholics?

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quit your shit major instantly and go for something you find interesting. why the fuck are people stupid enough to go after a major for the money?
maybe i just have a wrong perpective on these things because my family is rich but it just seems like youre wasting your life man. one can make a good earning in most fields with the necessary ambition and education.

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The thing is, I signed up when I was interested, but some of the classes took a turn for the boring, and I'm sitting here with my final assignments for the semester struggling to find the motivation to get that shit started. I don't know if it'll get better over the next 4 years, but all I want to do right now is abuse substances and get my sleeping pattern back on track. I don't know how I'm going to enjoy life without money, and I'm one of those people who's been told all their life that I have to go to university and I have to get a job with excellent pay and I can't throw it all away if I don't feel enthused because I have "so much potential".

I'm feeling pretty suffocated, and shopping for and looking at clothes is becoming one of the only things that helps me breathe.

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Am I too old to start skateboarding? I'm 21 and think its fun

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i want to start but dont want to deal with a stage where i'm shit at it and look like a goofball

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If you want to start and/ or think it's fun.

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may just be a minor depression? just take some time to figure out what you find interesting in life. maybe travel a little.

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I know I shouldn't be thinking like this but my only real goal is finding a gf, how do I do it?

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Mm, might find the time to think after exams. I've traveled before, but with the wrong group of people and found it extremely stressful. Recently I visited a friend in college where we partied almost every day and I had a fling with a cute girl - it took me a couple days after coming home to get over how much I was going to miss that place.

That may be what I want to do, but it's just too expensive...

Thanks for listening though, dude. I really appreciate it.

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how about you ask a grill on a date

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Me too. And I have one.. it's weird. Am I weird

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"Create yourself," consciously, with joy and concern. Push yourself to be better; you probably have an intuitive understanding of what "better" is already. But while you're doing so, reflect more on what exactly you mean by "better." Explicate it; dig in and make your goals and motivations plain to yourself, to more closely track your actions to the sort of life that'll truly have you not wanting to post pictures of suicidal penguins on 4chan.

Look inside yourself and figure out what appealed to you about Media and Law in the first place. Work on that.

If you really have a lot of potential, doesn't that mean you're cut out for more than making a lot of money as a media lawyer? I mean, they're definitely useful people to have around, but I don't think too many of them are exceptional examples of what humanity is capable of.

Re: money and happiness:

>β€œLet us toast to animal pleasures, to escapism, to rain on the roof and instant coffee, to unemployment insurance and library cards, to absinthe and good-hearted landlords, to music and warm bodies and contraceptives... and to the "good life", whatever it is and wherever it happens to be.”

Hunter S. Thompson, who is not exactly the nutso chill icon of stoned masculinity a million dorm room posters make him out to be.

Re: happiness, forget it. The term's been so abused as to do more harm than good in most deployments, and what it should be referring to is a byproduct of events and situations, not something that even can coherently be made a goal. You feel happy when you feel loved, when you're doing meaningful work, when you're making tangible progress on a dream or maybe staking out uncertain hope in one, any time it feels like the world is vibrating at the same frequency as your soul.

You need cash to get stuff done. That's a certainty under capitalism. But never forget the cash is just a means to a means, a flow to call out and draw on, not something that's of any real interest.

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Ahh ok. Dat some real talk

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pls keep posting

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are you crazy? that would never work

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Good lord that image is a bummer.

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ima get into stained glass artwork over the summer

finna make a stained glass bong all church-like and shit

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having fun's not hard

when you've got a medical card

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>fuccbois want to pick up "/fa/" hobbies not because they like them, but to appear cultured and educated to others

you are the worst kind of person

people see through you and your clothes

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am i reading a dr. bronner soap label

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hey OP

go for a hike (with your pet if applicable)

learn to play an instrument

go into the city with some friends

go hiking

go interrailing through Europe


develop a taste for excellent black teas

are you interested in politics at all?

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goddamit i love penguins and this is depressing as fuck

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Thanks. I'm trying to learn the guitar. Not sure if there are any places near where I could hike. I suppose I would like to travel but obvious concerns come up, but I guess that's the point. I'm into art and draw quite a bit, I am motivated to a point but occasionally get waves of depression and just think whats the point then like insane bursts of energy

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Quitting the internet for some time does wonders for me.
Actually, I should do that right now, but it's hard ;_;

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Go cycling out into the country/around the city
Go for a walk around a nice area and admire the buildings (sorry if you live in plebsville)
Go to art galleries and develop your own viewpoints on the arts
Go window shopping
Go to the library and find something that interests you/pushes your mind and read it in a park
Arrange volunteer work/work experience
Improve your life drawing
Have light-hearted conservation with strangers
Get to know the city you live in, get a map and try to walk every one of its roads (apart from pleb areas)
Find new music online
Look up events(festivals/openings/gigs/clubnights) near you
Get the train to a near by city you've never been to and have a nose around.
Go hike in the mountains
Form detailed opinions on what you believe in (politics/society) and cross examine yourself
Learn a new instrument.
Watch/read the news. Economist is good but expensive for the volume. Stay up to date with whats going on around the world.

If you're having trouble with computer dependancy, try limited it until after a certain time. When i'm free of study/research i normally choose 7/8pm.

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why did you timestamp this

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So people know I'm a real, live girl, of course.

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Would make sense, girls are too stupid to rotate their images correctly

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Sheeeeit dis nigga here got me feeling all feelosophicle

It was Casanova who said "I know that I have lived because I have felt," so go out and feel things. Do what makes you happy, and if you don't know what that is, take a moment and reflect on what you're doing right now. I find that I derive the most pleasure from the simplest things; a literal ray of sunshine, a well set mood in a room, a refreshing breeze, etc. As the old adage goes, stop and smell the roses.

But I don't suppose that really tells you what to do other than the 4chans. So, as many others have said, read a book nigguh. I would recommend checking out /lit/ they have sticky with a recommended reading list. Personally, I'm reading Lolita right now, and it is effay as fuck.

I would also say become a student of history. In my experience, the illusion that we call depth comes from an interconnectedness we have with concepts larger than ourselves.

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this is a godly album, op

get it
listen to it, while driving in the country

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tomato is correct

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watch every malick film

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this fucking picture is killing my soul

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Just do it yo. A lot of skaters will default to being judgemental, but if you're dedicated you'll progress really fast. You might find a bunch of lax dudes (easier when you're around 20 I think) at the park, see if you can chill

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Wow, thanks man! I hope this will help me in the immediate future

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mah niqqa

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almost have m8

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wat1 u got left? tree of life?

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the new world and to the wonder

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oh. new world is my fave. waiting for wonder at my cities festival

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You could try masturbation.

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im going to lay in bed and think about that penguin and life now thanks op

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Relevant to OP's pic:


It's a spooky little bit of a werner herzog doc. Merits a watch, implies that insanity is a natural byproduct of society.

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The implication is that he's sick of it all.

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I'd start to lose my mind if I was surrounded by fuccbois 24/7

>wait I already am

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I want sauce on ops pic

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fuck you m8

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fuck you buddy bet you had an absent father

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I'm in the same boat as OP. I read the thread. Some good suggestions. I might go finish learning a piano piece I'm halfway though.
But my problem is motivation. I feel like I'm sick of everything; no energy to do anything.
I have a stack of interesting books, but I struggle to read. I read lines and lines over again. It's really infuriating. I think I might have a problem, but it only happens with fiction books.

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Also it feels like when I'm outside and have nowhere to go that I don't belong and should go back inside

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