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>having perfect dream
>in bed with Cara Delevigne
>about to have sex
>wake up

I felt like killing someone

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Goback2bed my sweet prince :)

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>Cara Delvinge
>pls no

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>lucid dream
>try to bang hot chix
>wake up before anything past foreplay

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You're honestly just looking to start a shit-post battle.

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90% of the models you fucks like look like mongol balts/finns.

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don't get rustled, now.

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Holy shit I cam here specifically for an /fa/ dreams thread.

>in airport, I think denver
>spot siegheil and go say hello to him
>he's hanging out with badger from breaking bad
>has scissors in his hands, he's acting like he's going to throw the scissors at me
>feel really scared and threatened
>he's about 10 meters away and badger is standing right behind me
>throws scissors at me but they miss by a wide margin because sieg is a fucking lethargic fatass
>as scissors pass me badger slashes me multiple times in the neck with a pair of scissors that he'd been concealing
>I fight him off and stab him with the scissors
>bleeding badly, must find help
>suddenly a gleaming white light envelopes me
>Rick himself steps out and asks me why I don't lift
>I tell him that ottermode is the only fashionable body type
>he tells me I'll never get booked with that attitude
>I introduce my Korean girflriend to my dead grandparents

/fa/ as fawk m8

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>Rick not telling you that working out is modern couture

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One of my dreams
>dreaming I'm in a murakami novel
>/fa/ as fuck eternal orange sunset
>pale skinned short haired azn qt gf
>sipping green tea in the backyard with qt azn gf under the orange sunset as cicadas sing in the background
>wake up

I don't want to live anymore.

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aaaand back you go to /jp/

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Who is this?

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murakami is at least as western as he is japanese, probably more

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This, fucker has a huge hardon for the west.

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i've had that exact dream

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That thin little petite frame will never grind up and down on your shaft as you bounce her up and down, holding her by her soft and firm breasts.

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I've never gotten hard from reading words... This is a pleasant first.

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watch anjelica ebbi pron with your eyes crossed a bit. perf cara double.

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man, i like her face so much.

it just screams "you can be seen with me in public and i won't embarrass you"

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I literally dumped a load within 30 seconds.

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Because she looks like a guy.

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>walk to brother's room in my dream
>open door
>2spooky girl there
>she looks at me and screams
>my head is being dragged towards her
>dream-boner negates fear and i allow it to happen
>feel an electric sensation as my head rises up out of sleep paralysis
>wake up
>my brother is screaming in the next room

top lel

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Honestly feel like driving to the beach right now, laying in the sand, looking up to the stars, and letting out a huge built up sob.

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thats a retarded coat but god damn

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Which particular video delivers such similarity?

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spilled milk i guess. mostly the body is similar, face not so much but w/e.

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yeeeeeeah about that, face is the only thing I was really looking for to be similar, so thanks for nothing

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>with your eyes crossed a bit
well good luck finding anything better

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so you like jerking to girls who look like men?

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If that's a mans face then yes, yes I do

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all the people saying "she looks like a man" r basic bitches
cara fans are worse tho
like she's not even that special she's got no talent and no personality she just pulls silly faces and does coke off daddy's money
textbook nepotism

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She does look a little bit like a boy.

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The whole thing with her making silly faces has been dead for a minute mate - get off tumblr

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bitch looks like Zac Efron with a wig


I'd talk to her if she approached me, sure, but it ain't like I'm going outta my way to hit on that...

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Course you wouldn't m8.

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I wonder what it's like to only be in modeling because of connections.

/fa/ sure loves dolled up pleb girls

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>wears goofninja
>calls others pleb

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I'll only fuck with the sneakers and jackets when it comes to goofninja

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Thats my waifu, you stay away

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Get a less mainstream waifu buddy.

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dont tell him what to do

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Don't tell him to not tell me what to do!

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