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Remember when models had actual sex appeal?

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Remember when you agreed with the common definition of 'sex appeal'?

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Agreeing is something you do with your brain.

Sex involves the penis.

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think about the inherent silliness of your statement

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Fat bitch detected

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nah, skinny 6'3" white male
I like androgynous girls
but OP's pic is nice too

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Oh, does your sex drive have a phd? my bad

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SO, just because you agree with a common definition of something, that means it's automatically wrong? Way to think...

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Sexy doesn't sell clothes.

Pretty sells clothes.

Cool sells clothes.

Unique sells clothes.

But raw, boner-inducing sexiness? Naw man.

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those aesthetic as fuck scars

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I remember, OP

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They still do

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Imagine making passionate sweaty love to her with strong eye contact.. Jesus H. Christ that would be the something.

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anjelica ebbi is my cara porn substitute

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shit m8, those eyes..

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Oh. My. Fuck. God help me. Too tired to fap, but this is just..
I know man, I know..
>tfw we will never ;_;

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>tfw your cum will never drip off her ass

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Might as well end it it all.

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i can't imagine making love to her without her making all the stupid faces

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Remember when guys didn't have to worry about liking skinny girls, in fear of fat bitches calling them assholes?

but on-topic, designers don't design clothes to make someone "sexy", they design clothes to either
a) express an artistic idea.
b) sell clothes

if a designer wanted to make a line of sexy clothing, they would have sexy models display them. but that's not what designers try to do.

if you want girls with big tits and round asses, go watch porn.

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karlie pisses me off man

dried up slag

marry a fucking millionaire

gold digging whore

i cant wait till she gets old and wrinkly so i can laugh at her

fucking cunt

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yeah that irks me too. like that abercrombie thing. fatsos didn't care about it until they were told they weren't allowed to wear it. they just need an outlet to put their energy (lol) because they feel bad about themselves. i mean, even karl lagerfeld had to lose like 12 stone and he did it. fataguses needed to create a bubble so they can be lazy fucks and still be accepted. i even think theres like some anit thin-privilege / fat acceptance org now. how they rationalize that they shouldn't have to buy 2 plane seats if their ass is that big is beyond me.

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>i even think theres like some anit thin-privilege / fat acceptance org now
That's a real thing. Being fat is "natural and butiful". Pro tip, tubbies of lard: Natural is being able to run for more than 30 seconds before dying of a heart attack.
god fucking dammit I hate those stupid cunts who spew that shit around. I hate them even more than religious/non-religious hardcore fucknuts.
Dammit anon, you just blew my lid open.

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haven't heard any fatties say natural irl yet. what a double standard that they would call a skinny person unhealthy and that they need to 'grab a sandwich' yet call themselves natural. i am 6'4'' 155 which is in the normal bmi range (albeit on the very low end), and get called grossly unhealthy on the regs. not that bmi is accurate, bf% is better but there could still be exceptions.
they don't understand fashion and want everyone to look as bad as they look & feel. which is hypocritical since they preach acceptance yet can't cope with skinnies. 'a skinny person on a cover means we are being brainwashed into thinking that's the only beauty!!!!!' 'marilyn monroe was 250 lbs and a size 30 and a sex god and role model for fuckign the president!'

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this photo is not doing any favors for her chin

she is so fucking haggard lol

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Fat jealous feminist fat acceptance block head masculine female detected

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Miss Piggy just called, she wants her nose back.

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I think it has something to do with the fact that, being fat is obviously much worse than being really thin. So when they see someone who isn't the size of a Ford Fiesta, they go into assault mode and try to put that other person down to make it seem as if they themselves are the ones who are "in the right." There was this great thread on /fit/ yesterday where it was about this fat chick who got her shit together and lost a ton of weight and became a total hottie. The only comments (on the picture) which were against her, were from neckbeard autists and Fattie McD types.

It makes me both sad and angry. Also, that thing with Marylin, that's the funniest shit ever. They are walking around looking like an ogre and then try to compare themselves to her saying that they have the "same curves and voluptuous body" and nonsense like that.
Absolutely disgusting.

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fuck off haters

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its funny you say this cause i was looking at the saint laurent campaign photos and couldnt help but notice the female models ugly nose, lo and behold it's cara

no class too

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i've known some fatties to get super hot when they lost their 'growth spurt weight' as one called it. i was friendly with one when she was fat and paid her more attention when she was skinny and she loved it. she did ask me why i wanted to see more of her and i told her with a straight face it's because she's sexier and she is literally better than she was now. she was kinda offended but also wanted this attention so badly, and it's must have been the biggest compliment she's gotten in a long time, that she got a little turned on.

they wish they could live like us secretly and they delude themselves. i'm sure it's harder being a hamplanet and we're lucky not to be. but not doing anything about it is worse than anything. being fat doesn't necessarily make you worse - it's that they don't care enough to IMPROVE themselves (as we all should), and therefore no one else will invest an interest in a pile of shit.

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Not to mention that ugly little mouth of hers

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>fat chick turns skinny
>she looks amazing
>face included
This is the best that can ever happen.

>being fat doesn't necessarily make you worse - it's that they don't care enough to IMPROVE themselves
>and therefore no one else will invest an interest in a pile of shit.
But remember as well: being too skinny is basically always more attractive than being too big.

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>skinny people feeling persecuted by fat people

really? has this actually happened to anybody in real life?

>inb4 fat bitch detected

i'm genuinely curious

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>skinny people feeling persecuted by fat people
>really? has this actually happened to anybody in real life?
By fat and non-fat people. It's pretty fucking damn annoying
>"hey anon, you should eat more, you're so thin"
>"WOW ANON, you have some REALLY thin arms!"
>"so when are you going to start lifting some weights or something"
>"you need to get bigger, eat some more anon"
Go fuck yourselves. It's not like I don't try. I've been a skinnyfag since like, 13.

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>peep dat cover photo lolllll
pic related, she models now too.

i imagine if i were fat i would be super determined to drop the pounds but i'm sure it's tough. i used to lift a bit but quit because it took up too much of my time and i didn't even care about the gainz when i got em. soo, i'm sure it's hard. thankfully though i have one of those fancy 'high metabolisms' so i can eat what i want and don't really gain. but that's a lie. i eat junk but i eat so little of it that i feel full with minimal food and still 'go hungry' but don't crave.
people don't understand fashion like how we don't understand the troubles to be a fat fucc so they don't like skinny people in ads and we don't like fat people in front of our eyes anywhere. it's just about being happy in the end though.

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>fat acceptance

>block head

maybe in the right ways

cara is masculine anyway, so i'm not sure why you'd even try to attack me with that

pic related, it's a model worthy of my jealousy unlike cara

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is that a corset? hmm.. i like some nice hip bones and a gap but that looks weird

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>short fat ugly pudgy american hating on based cara

i fucking laughed

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I remember when I thought like that too. Last year I understood that I had to do something about the fact that I was a hungry skeleton (and had always been my whole life) so I visited /fit/, ate 6 times a day and tried really fucking hard to change. Now I'm what-girls-want mode and it feels breddy good. Go to /fit/ anon, it's not as difficult as it may seem, you just have to put in the work

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that's that shit i dont like

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she's just got wide hips

>based cara
she's the joke of the industry m8

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now please, before you start freaking out, bare with me here; how is any of that different from what (naturally, and i say naturally in the most basic 'too much baby fat' sense) fat people go through?

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how can you hate though? she's rich on top of rich and earning money in a fun way at 20 years old. joke or not, she gets booked. i'd do it if i could.

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>arm chair fashionista aka avid tumblr hater

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>tfw caraplebs will never go home to Tumblr


I'd probably do it if I could afford to buy so much food.

>tfw starving student

Might have to move back in with the 'rents and eat like a fat kid...

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baby fat is gone when you're done being a baby. which is like 5 years old if your parents don't feed you mcdonalds every day lollllll.

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Females especially females that know they are fucking putrid are the most jealous.

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im talking chubby high school kids. any person in their mid 20's who is fat has no excuse in my opinion. im mainly trying to show the hypocrisy displayed by anon who said the gets called out on being to skinny by people fairly often>>6264360, but then says working too hard is that shit he doesnt like>>6264409, which is eerily similar to any fat kid who doesnt feel like working out.

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nah that anon didnt' say it's too hard, i did. but what about medical excuses?

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why do normal simpletons aka u have thinspo pics like this

u aint neva gonna have them long luscious legs

just short wotsit legs LOL

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>how can you hate though?
i don't even hate her, but her beauty is not worth fawning over, and her persona is annoying

she has no redeeming qualities as a model as her success has been fueled by nothing but connections and the fame those connections brought her
it only serves to make her less likable

>she gets booked
rihanna gets booked
it doesn't mean her music is worth praising

have you ever wondered why 99% of the labels that book cara are irrelevant?

PROTIP: it's because she has mediocre looks and presence

has basedfaggot been dropping his trip again? you can come out now

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lol i don't want my legs to be that skinny. i saved it for the gap and the glitter looked cool. although i do have a gap if i lift my balls.

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>medical excuses

for fat people or for skinny people?

i have one friend who's a diabetic, eats junk all the time and is a perpetual skeleton. i have another who plays sports, eats well, works hard, and is still an all around big dude.

who should get the pass?

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*snor snor* *reciting bullshit read on tumblr* *boring* *not interesting*

im sure cara cares what some ugly girl LIKE YOU thinks about her top lel i fucking laughed again i tell you that

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basically my point is that ur ugly and will always be ugly lol


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game recognize game. i don't like riri but i respect the hustle. and like i said, she's only 20 and never had to really work hard so she's not taking it seriously. she doesn't care if she's the most respected serious fashion model, she's having a blast and cashing out. i'm sure she has some sort of plan to retire early and everything.

and no i'm not based lol.

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I've heard it before, but god damn does that image me fall apart in laughter.

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Wow, that's probably her best picture

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yeah she looks kinda tan

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I love her mouth shape, It's really unique. I wonder if it's overbite

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>*reciting bullshit read on tumblr*
i don't visit tumblr unless google images redirects me
last summer, i looked her clients up on models.com after watching some shows for SS13 and realizing that she wasn't in any of them
it struck me as strange since she was pretty popular
that's when i discovered the truth: it's just the shitty labels hiring her

basically, my point is that you have no point and are obsessed with a shitty model

>mfw you need to improve your samefagging skills

>so she's not taking it seriously
it doesn't matter how seriously she does or doesn't take it
no amount of dedication will fix her face

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>shitty labels
>saint laurent campaign
stay mad

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but ur ugly arm chair fasionista doesn't know shit and dresses in asos

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most likely

Anyone got any good Kiko pictures? I've only got like 4.

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rdbool sdf

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its her lips. pouty and slanted upwards.

>it's just the shitty labels hiring her
>saint laurent paris
>cover of vogue
>huge love spread
>kara vs fucking karl

>it doesn't matter how seriously she does or doesn't take it
>no amount of dedication will fix her face
fuck off dude. sorry we dont meet your standards. things are overrated sometimes. let us enjoy it.

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>chanel, burberry, givency


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>wut is google

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>saint laurent campaign
>not shitty
pic related

i'm not sure what "arm chair fashionista" means (do you now have to work in fashion to call out a mediocre model?), but i don't wear asos

cara does work for asos tho lol


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hm that doesn't look like cara to me

>> No.6264606


>claims she doesn't go on tumblr
>has gifs like this

delusional girl why do i waste my time with someone who is so irrelevant and minuscule compared to myself

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>saint laurent paris

>cover of vogue
that isn't a label

>kara vs fucking karl
karl drove chanel into the ground

you don't know shit, you ain't shit

>let us enjoy it.
let me shit on it
it's the least you could do if you insist on shitting up every thread with her

nope, it's just another ugly model hired by saint laurent for their ugly collection
she's the daughter of a less ugly model IIRC
yet another testament to the fact that cara gets hired exclusively by labels that are easily swayed by whatever the agencies are pushing on them

>having an image that originated from tumblr means you tumblr
did you not see one of the many threads about that show?

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>huge love spread

urite, cara is gr8
how could i be so blind?

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cool bro

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Damn. Thats HUGE for sure.

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omg :3

cara ill catch it :3


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jk boo ilu

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Google usually has shitty or the generic Kiko pictures.

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Thanks m8, she's such a cutie

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what the hell, they all look the same right?

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Cara looks like a man, most of /fa/ is gay, Cara is /fa/'s favorite. A whole bunch of things just started making sense.

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i found someone better
i'm sorry anon
not really

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fucking every day of my life.

while skinny girls might be on magazine covers, it's still common to cry anorexic or say that they are unhealthy.
So, I guess in order to makeup for someone else who bullied them for being fat, they think it's okay to straight up tell me I need to eat more or ask me questions about my weight.

Never mind everything they say behind my back

>> No.6264825

>Cara is /fa/'s favorite
Yeah....no. Speak for yourself son.

>> No.6264828

Oh yeah that sexy manchin coupled with tiny plastic surgery nose and deep set eyes.

Do not want!

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m8, dnt diss my japan waifu or i'll knok u fokin wazzok

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im having so much fun now
i'm into girls too

>> No.6264834

why does she always have to make those retarded faces

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Thanks, I can see it now

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Because she's quirky, duh

>> No.6264852

see that grey on her tongue?

dehydrated with bad breath.

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mmmm tastes so good :D
much better kisser than you were

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what are you talking about?

>> No.6264901

My tongue's more grey and has red specs all around the perimeter of the tongue, am I going to die?

>> No.6264937

slothface/10 would cuddle with

>> No.6264941

Cara is the most perfect female ever and I'd rather hug her than have sex with thousands of chubby bitches...

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>> No.6264957

How new are you?

>> No.6264961

drug addiction adds to her perfectness

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who said shes addicted

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babbys first waifu

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> implying cara doesn't have sex appeal

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im sorry anon
we were so good together i just got lost
will you take me back plz

>> No.6265133

i enjoy cara as much as the next guy but this thread reeks more and more of desperation and escapism the more the numbers go up

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hey don't derail the thread

>> No.6265209
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I'll dump some

>> No.6265238

I'd saw my dick off to even so much as to brush past Cara's forearm.

>> No.6265282
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>> No.6265354
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Wow... Why do you idolise her? She's a human like the rest of us. She's not even that hot m8

>> No.6265368

Just because a handful of people post her all the time and same fag doesn't mean she's our favorite.

>> No.6265374
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>> No.6265529


>> No.6265576
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>> No.6265581
File: 991 KB, 500x700, cara-dance1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6265587
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>> No.6265594
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>Doesn't even have a thigh gap
Fat bitch

>> No.6265595

Daphne confirmed for awesome.

>> No.6265609
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>> No.6265616
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>> No.6265620
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That quote is funny but she's still one ugly fucker

>> No.6265623
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>> No.6265624
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>> No.6265635


sauce pls

>> No.6265636
File: 73 KB, 647x400, daph.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6265640
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>> No.6265642

She's a size 24 waist.

>> No.6265650
File: 141 KB, 800x1162, barb bein perfect.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wanna take this bitch 2 college.

>> No.6265651 [DELETED] 
File: 229 KB, 2000x1333, IMG_9881.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

get back on my wall daphne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.6265654
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So you wouldn't smash? Sure.

>> No.6265659
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>> No.6265660

ugly bitch

>> No.6265666
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still a fattie

>> No.6265669
File: 227 KB, 762x1024, perfect.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6265674
File: 315 KB, 700x896, Perfect_Hair_Color_For_Me_34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're joking right? She's ugly as fuck

>> No.6265676
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>> No.6265677
File: 326 KB, 470x705, shimmeringnigga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're lying to yourselves

>> No.6265683

what the fuck is wrong with her face

>> No.6265701

it looks like shes melting

>> No.6265733


>> No.6265739
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>> No.6265744

you think she'd do porn for 10mil?

>> No.6265752
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I doubt it, she's already raking in the cash and her family is incredibly wealthy. So money isn't really anything to her

>> No.6265756
File: 1.60 MB, 200x267, 1234567654345d.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

daphne is a dutch goddess

>> No.6265764

Yeah, and Zomby comes in and fucks her with his gold mask on fucking lel

>> No.6265775

I'd put my dick in Cara Delevingne.

>> No.6265802

>stating the obvious
yeah, better go back to /r9k/

>> No.6265821

mate i've never been on r9k.

>> No.6265902

If you had boobs like that it would really help balance out your man shoulders

>> No.6265968

I thought this was a 3d picture, so I just went for it and noticed that it was 2d with her chest glowing strangely. Disappointing.

>> No.6265980

Friggin zingerslinger here.

>> No.6266022
File: 416 KB, 1536x2048, 727915.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6266064

oh god.....

I just got back from NYC, don't make me do this...

>> No.6266092
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>> No.6266102
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>> No.6266137

So, she doesn't actually say this.
Toward the end.

>> No.6266145

That pic never happened

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