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>tfw jacking it to anjelica ebbi and notice that she's the perfect cara lookalike with eyes slightly crossed

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nigga you must be so desperate for dat sweet cara pussy, cause the cunt doesnt look like her at all

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>yfw you will never make sweet love to cara

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her bodys like exactly the same. a little blurry and her face looks similar.

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oh u fuck my mom is gonna be mad when i get home and she sees i looked up porn sites ffs u should hav warned me dick head

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u r 1 funy cunt, m8

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fuck off u nigger

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no u, fuccboi

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/fa/ in a nutshell

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u so clever and special snowflake.
ur post was so funny, i screencap to post evrywhere

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>she's the perfect cara lookalike

not at all m8

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