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This stupid girl in my class thinks she's cute. Wearing stupid-ass weeaboo clothes, all pop-arty and shit. She's so fugly. Feel free to draw on her face as much as you like. I'll try to find pictures of her in her usual childish clothing.

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i don't think you know who the childish one is in this situation

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wow op

jealous much? females are so bitter and jealous

leave her alone you god damn bully!

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okay but she's ugly. Look at her

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Yeah, she looks pretty bland - not feeling the fat cheeks and always-double-chin she has going on, but what do you look like?

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the hell is wrong with you lol

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I'm half-asian, so people call me cute and stuff.
I'm pretty sure I'm prettier than that at least.

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post your face

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go away A

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did she steal ur bf?

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bullying doesn't make you cool!

fucking loser

grow up

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you're obviously jealous

shes hot af

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I'm the one on the right

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well she is but that doesn't take away from what a fag op is. he/she just wants circlejerky confirmation and is probably ugly as fuck and jealous that this other girl gets attention

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Post face, and butt, and feet

You will get all the validation you need from us and more

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she is so not though

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Would bang/10

Ontopic: Not your personal army

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I actually think the girl you posted is more attractive, and your both mediocre.

Enjoying only being a fetish pursuit for most guys

Nice moles and parenthesis by the way - you are going to have BRUTAL fucking wrinkles by the time you're 30

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Man, girl on the left looked so qt in the thumb

thanks for ruining my day

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girl in op is more attractive soz

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haro pukenon

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ok whatever :)

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seriously heres one and wtf is she doing

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are we gonna do this every time now?

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She's cute by real life standards. Sorry op.

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best one cuz you can't see her face

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DAMN OP POSTED HER FACE AND I MISSED IT?? anybody have the pic?

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>OP thinks she can escape

i don't think she's much better looking than the girl in OP

maybe after rhinoplasty

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you think im that stupid?
That's not me, but im guessing she's friends with ugly fatass, since i know they hang out.
I wouldn't put my picture on 4chan, you people are brutal. thanks for hating on ugly darky for me too though.

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yea girl OPs baggin on is way cuter

what happened girl? did she steal your man?

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damage control much?
and yes we do think youre that stupid

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wait- bignose is almost worse than fatty. she thinks she's real cute. ugly bitch.

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dem titties
she likes videogames too, would girlfriend

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both the op and the girl are disgusting apes

fuck off

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