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How yall feel bout KTT?

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No one? :fly:

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>How yall feel bout KTT?
who the fuck is ktt?
i kno about kitt from knight rider but who the fuck is this nigger?

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is it kendrick the tamar or what the fuck?

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Yo chill man. KTT is a forum not the fresh ass dude in the pic. :fly:

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in terms of the "fashion & style" section

terrible forum populated by black teenagers shouting at each other and asking how kanye gets his mad stacks and w2c rare jordans

>250 page pyrex thread

now go back to your shithole, new slave

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what the fuck is this stupid shit?
fly the fuck off back to your nigger ass forums, faggot

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>hurrdurr :fly: :fly: :work: :kanyeshrug: so meta

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BBS codes for smileys
it bleeds into the real life lexicon of everyone on KTT because black people have a limited vocabulary to start with

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Very bad. You guys need to stop coming here.

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Theres more white people on KTT but okay.

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Again there are more white people on ktt than black.

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i said
go back to your shithole, new slave

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White people always tryna put a hispanic man down...smh

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lol i post on KTT sometimes

they made a thread saying "we should raid 4chan" in response to this pic i made

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i get it now
this is looking increasingly accurate tinny lmao
OP probably looks exactly like this

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Lol you're that dude jamiesucks or something right?! That shit was hilarious ass fuck yo.

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ktt users have no sense of style beyond which logos kanye and asap are wearing on their clothes this month and nobody wants them here.

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the worst thing was this pic started getting posted on fbs and stuff and i saw it in my newsfeed from some random streetwear page with like 60+ comments

some guy had written "KTT fam we made it"

>not understanding it's an insult to KTT

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Nope only lame ass niggas dress like that.

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>we should raid 4chan

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post a fit

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your waywt is pathetic lmao
look at the "fit of the day"
do you know how hard that would get ripped on any forum not populated exclusively by hypebeasts

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True true most of the fits are a little hypebeasty but you cant lie some of the fits are on point.

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Call me yung swagu :datass:

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lmao tinfoil's fit is the best in the thread
no shots tinny you're my nigga
but you'd think there would be some KTT rep going on but i guess not :yeezyshrug:

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top lel

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I dont really think its the best but okay.

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dopeman hunter you crossposter i see you

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Hood By Air man KTT started that!

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smh tbh

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KTT in a nutshell is a bunch of spastic cunts moaning about the price of retro'd jays even tho they're like 100-200. also bickering about which piece of shit foams looks less shit than the others

cheap ass fuccbois get off my board

also b sales posts there fucking waste of oxygen why has no one robbed that cunt yet

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You right bout the jordan thing but almost everyone on that site agrees foams are ugly af. And yeah B.Sales is bitchmade swallower but he doesnt even post on KTT.

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he does mayne

well maybe not these days, def last yr

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Yupp erry body hates that nigga anyways.

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> tfw you go to KTT

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ktt isnt even black

or white

just fat hispanic mexicans

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Well, it's easy. It's a game of choices.

I hate /fa/ with a passion, because the standard of fashion here is black curtains and black skirts. You know, goofninja shit. So much for fashion.

But i hate KTT even more, because it's full of niggers / wiggers.

In fact, we should burn the two boards with nuclear fire. First one would be KTT though.

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fuck off i rate NIKE TALK above that place

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yeah they should all be wearing classy stuff like my ferodas.

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Welp, i was waiting for some shit like that, but not so soon.

>wut ur not wearin rick owens raf simons or the new niggerXhappymerchant brand ? lel back to ur fedora neckbeard XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Terminate yourself. You incarnate the cancer of this board.

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listen to this prime idiot

u bet you just LITERALLY JUST JUST LITERALLY JUST came to this board using buzzwords u picked up 5 minutes ago

fuck off man ur boring

i mean u are actually boring lol

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go slit your wrists you fat shit

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Yes i'm a very boring person.

Also i was reading your post, and suddenly i realized something : since this board is basically full of niggers ( which is a shame really, the thought of niggers rating white people in the WAYWT makes me sick ) you must be one of them.

Your posts are way too retarded, they look way too much like some shit a nigger would spout.

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nigger nigger nigger XD fucking epic aRYAN masterace XD u Fucking GOYIM hahahaehhehee FUCKING JIDG xxddddd fucking epic memes FROM my fav board /pol/ heheheh!!! fucking EPIC I AM i listen to lINKEAN park whil i slit my wrists n shout at my MOm!!! mom u ARE AN ASSHOLE!! im goint to RUN away and leave u u fucing BITCH!!! my dad LEFT me fuck him i dont need him !!!! MOM DAD!! IM NOT A SLAVE!!! my life is so bad so emetional like yung gud shorty omg mom U FUCKING BITCH jUST Leave me alone!!! MOM, IM GOING to hot topic I WONT BE BAK TILL DINNER time FUCK UUU fuck UUU MOM U FUCKING BITCH!!!! u fucking bitch MOm!!! WHy cant hitler of won the war !! XD!! fucking NIGGERS! fuck them niggers!! fucking hitler i wish i was in the hitlerjugend os much!! THATs the hitler YOUTH for u feminine maN!!, I AMm so epic and manly n and i have an epic Beardb beucase im manly!! FUCK OFF MMOM GET OUT MY ROOM I TOLD U I DONT want CHICKEN NUGGETS N CHIPS for dinner U BITCH!!! FUCK OFF MOM IM GOING TO BLOCKBUSTERS TO RENT AN XBOX gme!! U BITCH !!!

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IAHH aint fat

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>nigger detected

Only a nigger ( btw what are you doing on /fa/ since you are basically more close to a monkey to a human, are you expecting to look good one day with your awful stench and shitskin ? ) would get mad like that.

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You should leave this place. You don't belong here.

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a black guy obviously stuck his superior cock into your mothers tight white vagina

and she loved it lmao

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>mfw a black guy fucked your mum while you was in the next room

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lmao bro so epic :')


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