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Hey /fa/, any tips to tame my wild beastbrows besides plucking the down sides?

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Shave them off.

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Very helpful, good sir. Thanks.

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If you want, you can make them lighter by getting a very fine comb and pulling the hairs so they stand straight out through the teeth of the comb, and then clip that hair with small scissors, like cuticle scissors or something.

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i suppose you can use a trimmer. i'm a male and that's what i do. just take a 1/4 inch over them

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whatever your do just tame them a little, thick eyebrows looks nice especially on light eyes like yours

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Keep them.....

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How many centimeters is that? Sorry, Europe here.

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Oh yeah, for sure, but I'm just wondering if I should trim the ends or the part closest to the nose or anything.

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actually, i meant a 1/8 inch, not a quarter. An eighth would be a number 1, which I believe is standard (it's the smallest clipper length)

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Are you from london ?

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brow gel
they look nice, brow gel only helps to keep them in place.

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ur eyebrows are ur best feature keep them

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Everyone in this thread loves dick, i refuse to listen.

Shave them OP

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dont ever shave/pluck your eyebrows it'll look terrible, kepp them like that.
also, there is no need to include your mail in the post, so you may want to leave the email field blank :)
youre from the netherlands, arent you ?

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Good idea, thanks.

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another vote to shave them of

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dont listen to these guys, thick brows look the best

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I did? Oh shit. Thanks for telling.
Why yes I am; how could you tell?

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leave them as-is
It's natural qt

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Everything looks good on a model, but I get your point.

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i could tell from your name :)

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Ah yes, should've made the connection.

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post a fit please

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Fit? Sorry, newfag.

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outfit :)

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Stop being a faggot.

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get a load of this fuccboi, what are you usually dressed in?

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newfag sorry

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dick simmons raf ovens uzually whut im drssd in

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>inb4 not enough rick to post a fit

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legitimate think this is a dude

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you have an underbite, dont you?

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ha well..ur fucked up

just entered ur email into a gay network sight under '18 year old muscular twink'

enjoy the MILLIONS of emails

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this is not /b/ fuccboi

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why did you do that?

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the eyebrows look good, all they need is a little trimming at the top and brushing

dat chin on the other hand

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>implying he was serious

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becuz its laff and i wuz bord

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i would not shorten them in their length and they are far enough away from each other

Also 10/10 Face wish you lived in my country...

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Thank you!

Actually 1 mm overbite.

Be right there!

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OP should dye her hair dark.

Let's see the back, pls be in london, etc.

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nah her hair is fine m8

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I see no issue with them. The best advice in this thread is probably >>6217499

You could ask /cgl/ however, there's a lot more women (and drama) over there.

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wild beastbrows go well with your face
just make sure the weight isn't so concentrated around that area and go easy with eye makeup or whatnot, also you are pale and have freckles so that dark color of lipstick is too big of a contrast imo

captcha ofhowde londiniis

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Okay, I'll keep it in mind, thanks.

Liver. I'm a comfortfag.

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No lipstick, just my stupid lips. But yeah, I understand.
Why the sage though?

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Just keep your eyebrows, really, they look fine/good. Why are you even worrying about them?

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just saged another thread and 4got to take off name

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I. Like ur brows
Cute gurrlz with thick brows are godtier nig

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don't listen to these fags. trim them

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i get mine waxed, then you can pluck it as it grows in.
Also eyebrow gel helps to keep it going the same direction, other than that they look fine.

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Moar Cara

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get that monkey out of here

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What monkey?

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This reminds me that of that time I saw that excelent zoolander movie

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>Nederlandse meisjes op /fa/


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lets see the back

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I often get the tip 'trim yer brows' so I wondered 'what if', but I think I'll just trim how >>6217661 said and some etebrow gel after all.


Wie is die fuccboi nou?

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u r fuccgirl

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post feet

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My feet are godawful.

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pls be in Rotterdam

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pls be in Eindhoven

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pls be in Amsterdam

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pls be in rohan

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Calling samefag on the three.

>> No.6218286

pls just wax them

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stop calling samefags sir detective

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pls be in Nijmegen

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Honestly I wouldn't touch them, it helps you stand out (in a good way)

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a 0.1% effort. tahst all you need.

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pls be in rotterdam zuid

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top lel

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+ for that Cara look can use a darker powder + a brush like this

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I love your eyebrows. So hawt.

>> No.6218375

So, trim the tops and eyebrow gel and what >>6218364 advises?

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pls be in toronto

>tfw no qts with thick eyebrows in toronto

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pls be in London

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please be in chicago

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Je bezoekt /fa/ en je weet niet wat een fuccboi is?

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Eerste keer hier.

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um your brows are cool and make your eyes really pop. If you thinned them honestly it would look like shit.

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Hoe kom je er bij om hier te vragen om advies te vragen dan? Browse je wel op andere boards? Oh en:

>pic related

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No, more like what >>6218348 did to them in PS. Still the hugeness, but more refined.

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Ik dacht dat /fa/ dan ook wel iets van beauty zou weten.
Maar wat is nou precies een fuccboi? Een mannelijke camwhore ofzo?

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Genoeg; van /mlp/ tot /ic/.

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nope eerder een sukkeltje ofzo,
als je hier blijft hangen kom je er wel achter

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Maar goed, dank je.

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Ok maar neem vooral niks te serieus hier. Een fuccboi is een gastje dat er graag goed uit wil zien in de kleren die de posters hier mooi vinden (zwart, zwart en te groot), maar er eigenlijk gewoon gay uitziet.


>nederlandse meisjes browsing /mlp/

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Wel veel Nederlanders hier. Ga eens wat doen op zaterdagavond gvd.

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>champions league final

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Dutch never fails to crack me up. Just look at it.

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>mfw I actually live in Dortmund.

Everybody is sad

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Ben je al 16?

M'n vrienden hadden een schuurfeest maar ik kan niet zuipen door m'n zomer cut. En naar badr hari kijken. Baas.

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/fa/ : het enige board waar de nederlanders zich een BEETJE gedragen. En je wenkbrauwen zijn niks om wakker over te liggen.

>> No.6218610


Shit man, waar ben jij uit het turf getrokken.

>> No.6218629

Pick one. Nederlander zijn betekent gierig zijn.

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18 jaar,
VWO 6 jeweetzelluf

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Nee joh, ik neem het hele interwebs ondertussen met een korreltje zout.
Ik kom ook alleen maar in /mlp/ voor de updates en discussies, niks geen clopthreads.

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Nederlanders kunnen wel zwaar clusterfucken, overal. Er hoeft maar een iemand te vertellen dat hij Hollands is, en bam, alle kast-Nederlanders komen naar buiten.

>> No.6218678

Jaa klopt, maar een nederdraad op /b/ is nog steeds 100x erger dan nederlanders die een thread hijacken

>> No.6218713

Die komen toch vooral op /soc/ voor? Alle nederdraden 404'en toch binnen een halfuur op /b/.

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Ik hoop dat je zakt, fuccboi.

>> No.6218730

Zou wel kunnen, ik zit op beide niet echt vaak haha.

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>tfw she will fucked by some pussy predator that lurks /soc/, /b/ and /fa/ in less than a week

I know there are schmucks here who visit /fa/ only to see girls post. I'm one of them, however I don't come here to predator on them, I only like the interesting looks, it makes me feel fuzzy

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this is all you need to do

>> No.6219396

vwo 6 ah zemmel

>> No.6219569

brows look fine also underage ban

>> No.6219601

treat 'em mean keep 'em keen eh, Miffy? Nice.

>> No.6219618

lol I don't see how any of the was mean.

>> No.6219636

>implying underage girls aren't always welcome on 4chan

>> No.6219664


fucking LEL'd so hard

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>> No.6219866

keep 'em

>> No.6219870

epic post /b/ro

>> No.6219965

Do this. I like them.

>> No.6221171

who cares about that anymore

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natural eyebrows are great

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