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>she doesn't have a tight gap

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>tfw you have a thigh gap and your gf doesnt

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i would never date a girl who doesn't

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I'm over the thigh gap. I like the knee gap.

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i already told her to lose some fucking weight but she keeps eating candy and shit
fml i don't want to break up but she is getting fatter every month

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probably one of the hottest things on a girl

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>if I pretend to like anorexic girls /fa/ will approve of me!

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fat girl detected

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What was that? I can't hear you with your candy in your mouth

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>tfw i'm a guy and have a tg

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if i girl doesn't have a thigh gap i wouldnt speak to her


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why so mad fat girl?

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>I can't reading comprehension

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>I'm fat

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fuck off you fat piece of shit

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>im dumb

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>I'm fat

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ooonga boonga

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>i will never date a girl


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enjoy looking like a little bitch

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just because you sit on your computer all day eating junk food doesn't mean other girls can't be dedicated and care about their looks

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fat bitch detected

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lol i bet ur fat lmao

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...who doesn't like skinny girls?

Well except fat people.

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more like this you twig

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There's a difference between being skinny and looking like you were just freed from a gulag. This board fails to recognize such a fact.

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is that you tiny

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>putting socks in your boxers with yo chicken azz legs

Granted OP is pretty ridic skinny, doesn't make it any less attractive to me (there is a point where it isn't though).

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thats tinytrip you loser


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this is not /fit/
post a fit

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you do know he browses /fa/ do you?

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>not aiming for gulag-auschwitz aesthetics

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anyone have that one screenshot of that girl saying she's not fat and gets a bunch of replies?

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i bet u can't even wear skinnies lmao

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i bet you can't even lift a 10 lb dumbbell

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oh boy the irony.

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but that isn't him you fuck tard

tiny posts pics through mac webcam

also only trolls save pics are photo81 etc


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fat girls can have thigh gaps too, it's to do with hip width or some shit not just being skinny.

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Yep, I had one when I was 160 because I have huge hips.

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it's true.

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It's true. Not necessarily overweight but fat by 4chan's standards anyway.

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>fat girls could have thigh gaps too,

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see >>6189527

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>was 160
what are you now? 170? #lol #fatty

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pls be in london

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Do you guys seriously think a thigh gap has anything to do with your skinniness? It's much more about hip width... I've had one even at my largest because I have wide hips. A girl can be incredibly skinny and still have to sign of a gap.

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>when you fucking see it

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me 3rd from left

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>tfw i have a slightly chubby qt twee gf
>tfw i have to pretend to find skinny girls unattractive around her
>tfw she'd be perfect if she was skinny

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top fukin lel

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Try to drop hints or something m8. It would be a shame to waste that potential.

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just tell her

are you really this beta?

grown up people share our opinions, she may not accept it at first but don't worry - just don't bring it up too often. grown up people also realize our wrongs.

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wow faggot of the yeard award goes to you
"n-no im not even attracted to girls!! except u-u"

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Cara suffers from lack of gap.

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disgusting fat cunt

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You faggot, make sure that she sees you looking at skinny girls, tell her that in fact you really like it.
At first she'll be butthurt, and she might cry, and this is where you have to remain on your positions like a true alpha male.
Then she will either change to please you, or she will have to accept that you love skinny women, and you won't have to hide anymore.
She'll probably be afraid to lose you and therefore she'll be willing to do more stuff sexually, will treat you better.
Stop being pussywhipped

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being alpha is so cool :(

>> No.6189985

Or you can just make an effort to improve your own appearance and tell her it'd be fun if you were in this together. No feelings hurt + couple bonding time + You get to actually look like an alpha

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the coolest m8

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Not sure if referring to poster or to picture...

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fuck you for having a name for that

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>implying she wouldn't get frustrated as fuck if you told her to improve her own appearance
"What ??? Do you think that I look bad ?"
"n-no baby b-but"
Or you could look better than her, eyeflirt with other women when she's around, and make her jealous. Much better way to send the message

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HNNNG skinny girls

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number one with those trousers

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>Implying she isn't cute as fuck

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Why would she? Just don't talk about her appearance and say that you want her to help you out or whatever. If you eyeflirt with others she'll just break up with you and tell everyone you're a douche.

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>Implying she won't just leave him for the hoards of Beta males waiting in line to be her BF

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>Implying you're tall enough to even date her.
Fucking manlet

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oh noes

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I'm 6'1... She's like 5'8. Now if it was Karlie you would have a point

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>Implying you need to be tall to be with a model

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only if you want to keep your dignity, manlet.

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I'm not him: >>6190046
Just a random person stating a true fact

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Samefag harder

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>All my friends bitch about being fat
>None of them workout and they all eat terribly
It drives me insane, if you want to look good you have to at least put some effort in to it.

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>tfw only 5'11 but still taller than tall models
hight really isn't a big deal

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>Confirmed Self loathing manlet

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>tfw no gf with legs like these
why is it that most girls look like shit these days? am i just living in the wrong city?

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Are you retarded? Women are like 5'6 on average. The fact they're like 5" taller than the average is impressive. The male equivalent in the UK would be like 6'3.

>> No.6190119

Move out of Murrica

>> No.6190122

how do you kn-
oh right...

>> No.6190124

How 2 cop these legs without getting sick?

>> No.6190127


>only anorexic girls have thigh gap

stay fat amurika

>> No.6190133

Eat a lot of fibre

>> No.6190138

don't eat every second day
NO candy or junkfood
smoke and drink coffee when you're hungry

>> No.6190141

I said without getting sick

>> No.6190142

pls b in london

>> No.6190145

hey I'm on this diet

>> No.6190148

i do that and am not sick
i'm a guy btw

>> No.6190149

You can live without sweets or junkfood?

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Exercise, eat right, you probably can't get these legs without getting sick.

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I meant the skipping food every two days part.
Every time I try to lose weight I have zero energy, migraines and nausea and I sleep for days.

>> No.6190175

don't eat breakfast
a salad or nothing for lunch
small meal for dinner

btw the NO candy and junk food means "NO" not "just a little bit"

>> No.6190182

Sounds like what I'm doing,
Where2cop energy and lack of nausea then?

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Drink a TON of water trust me it fills you up, but i wouldn't recommend skipping meals. really exercise helps.

>> No.6190192

do sports, drink more water and eat fruits

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go read the fit sticky, then start counting calories for the first 2 weeks or so.

>> No.6190196

Drink more caffeine.
Puke when you feel nauseous.

>> No.6190198

/fit/ sticky would probably make me gain weight...

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pls post more feet

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Oh god, this is the dumbest post I've read. Kill urself

>> No.6190206

But I'm wearing shitty flats today

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>> No.6190208

Well, when I started lifting my legs got a lot bigger really fast.

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Cara is an awful model but she has nice feet

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why would you start lifting if you want to lose weight?
why would you work out your legs ever?

>> No.6190217


If you're unable to understand basic english, then maybe. They do have a section for losing weight.

>> No.6190218

If you're going to be fit don't you want to make gains? I thought it was all about gaining muscle/being fit.

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Barefeet mode

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If they did, then you were eating more than you should. reread the sticky and actually read the part about how your body puts on and loses fat and muscle.

>> No.6190229

How about you read it before being completely retarded

>> No.6190231

i like feet in heels a lot more

>> No.6190233

Because /fit/ sticky: >>6190217

I didn't eat more, I actually lost some weight on the scale, my thighs and butt just got bigger. I expected that to happen but I didn't expect it to that extent if I ate less and only did legs once a week.

>> No.6190239

I lost weight though, my legs just got bigger? o.O

>> No.6190241

just work out your abs, chest and arms to ottermode
how is this hard to do?

>> No.6190255

That's what I've been doing. Original question though was how to get tiny legs without becoming too sick from being underweight.

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Yeah, me to

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not today bby

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>> No.6190306


That does sounds very odd, if you're on a calorie deficit diet then you shouldn't put on a lot of muscle, if any at all. might be the noobie gains that are spooking about.

either way, you don't have to lift if you just want to lose weight, that's only if you also want a stronger and tighter body. If you're just looking to loose weight then do cardio and eat a proper amount of calories for cutting. Also, strong legs/ass is attractive as fuck on women.

>> No.6190346

My question was about preventing the yucky side effects from being underweight: >>6190124

>> No.6190361

>Also, strong legs/ass is attractive as fuck on women.
no it isn't you pleb

>> No.6190362

Did you stretch your muscles afterwards?

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I personally prefer fit to thin, everyone has different preferences.

>> No.6190454


oh, I thought you meant, "how to get skinny without getting sick from bullshit diets"

>> No.6190460

inb4 some broscience about how stretching muscles has any impact on their inexplicable growth

>> No.6190467

that girls still rail thin

>> No.6190473

Dude, shes skinny as fuck

>> No.6190486

Oh, no, that's easy.

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>> No.6190533

it's probably mostly genetics, tbh.
I mean, obviously to be thin without being sick you'll have to eat well. Probably several small meals through out the day, but you've still got your own genetics to contend with.

You have other things to be proud of with your body type, I'm sure. Assuming you're healthy.

>> No.6190547

sounds like somebody is fat

>> No.6190570

Beta as fuck

>> No.6190616


Why would you want those? that's so bad, so little muscle mass.

I think the only way you could get something like that is by starving yourself. Or if you have shit tier genetics, and you're lanky as fuck. Though fit legs still look better.

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master race reporting in
i would willingly lick the dirty sweaty asshole of any girl with wide hips, big ass and small waist. triple points if asian

>> No.6190676

this thread was going good until some greasy neckbeard had to come along and start posting fat chicks

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Really? Whats considered fit for women?

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> He don't like booty

>> No.6190697

That ain't booty, those are thunderthighs.

>> No.6190714

yup, eat several small meals thorough the da,y that's my method and I feel pretty content with my food intake even though my overall dose must be pretty low. make sure the food you eat is nutritious though, get all your vitamins and stuff, otherwise you'll feel like shit.

>> No.6190724

You know wide hips are evolutionarily advantageous for women to have big strong babies. Therefore, it still matters

>> No.6190747


you can be fit and skinny you know

>> No.6190751

Yes, I'm just saying that for healthy people, thigh gaps have little to do with skinnyness.

>> No.6190780



Moar neckbeards in ill fitting suits?

>> No.6190789

I know this ;_;

>> No.6190837

not into the thigh gap, but go I love thighs so fucking much.

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Seriously it's not that hard fatties. Girl's these days are so fucking lazy and think they look cute being curvy. I always give girlfriends hints that they should have a thigh gap. They never listen and just eat their stupid vegan food thinking they will get skinnier.

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I know it disgusts me how women are proud of there unhealthy weight. I'm not saying being comfortable with your body is bad, but being proud of having no self restraint?

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>eating carbs

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I have a thigh gap

You have a thigh gap

We all have thigh gaps

Let's thigh gap together, ya cunts.

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r u fat lmao

>> No.6191080

The girl i that pic is just standing with her leg apart.... She doesn't have a thigh gap! Why? Because her hips are narrow.

>> No.6191096


are you retarded?

>> No.6191104

You can't deny that she's standing with her legs apart. Also, please refer to this gif: >>6189931

>> No.6191687

>Potatoes don't count

Potatoes are amazing, go fack ya self Harvard

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