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everyone is welcome!
(no ur not)

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not going anywhere special today so yeh

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3.1 fillip flim

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fucking nice

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cant dig the sandals

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nice dudes, keep it going.

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sandals make the fit, man
you look like a waitress at a pub
get better shoes

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>No other sizes of this image found.
oh god no please

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it's okay, just found it in ffas waywt

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nike - band of outsiders - dior homme - raf simons

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Hoodie: G-Unit
T-Shirt: Givenchy
Pants: G-Unit
Shoes: G-Unit

I need my own board here. /swag/

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those raf's have so much character, nice fit

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damn son

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thanks! i just really hate that jacket, but it'll hold me over till i get enough funds for a rick ma-1

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Can't help thinking you could've sized down with the jacket. and those pants are a kooky shape.

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trousers are too long/big for you, the stacking doesnt look right

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nice rafs
dislike jacket and bad fit on trousers tho

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shut the fuck up.

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it's probably cos the MII xboxhueg hem, but since I dont wanna get rid of those jawnz i'll probably have them tapered soon.

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this shit sucks

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Would add a necklace, swap the shoes for some brogues or tassel loafers and wear tights. Also do something more interesting with your hair. It's nice but so plain you look like an English teacher.

Would also think about a thin leather belt.

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hahahah what

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naw. post a fit then maybe, MAYBE I will consider your opinion, otherwise your shit is moot son.

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the shirt looks like it has a really interesting texture. would you mind taking some closer up pics?

lookin comfy as fuck mane

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that fucking leg holy shit

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Being this casual

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this is the worst thing i've ever seen

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oh god please take off the fucking blazer

that is a girl's blazer wat r u doin

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im not gonna post a fit just to 'disprove' ur fit
all im sayin is it sucks

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Wearing a bathrobe out is baller.

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those trousers don't do anything for you

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that's right b, run like a lil bitch nigga bounce nigga fuccboi

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its a nice day so im goin out~

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I listened to you <3

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Forgot pic

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got the polo as a gift.
captcha: lesccum seen

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just as bad as your other fits

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Captcha: fucc boi

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..you got me.

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looks like you shat your pants bro

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Going to send you an e mail in a few minute

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Daaaaamn, those Rafs tho

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post feet i know you wanna bb ;)

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your hair looks unnatural

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lets see the back

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tres belle.

idk about the hair though.

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pls be in london

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>dat belt
lol r u a feg or sun shit lmao

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i like

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show feet

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going to be dyeing it brown soon

maybe later, but only for you ;)

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lmao stay thirsty /fa/

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ill gib u her skype for $40 paypal

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would allow to date me

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post email

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i feel like i've seen you irl before

what school do you go to?

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lmao is this a troll this guy looks like shit

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is this you?

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won't tell you the school name but it's one in Berkshire

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thanks bbbbbbbby ;-pp

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nope that's my friend though

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and this?

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mfw they fuck :3

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hey yes i remember u i go to ur school the head techer is a prick am i right lol? rmember when u gave me a whistle in the toilet that was cool maye u can suck on my dong again next week sometime i will smash ur back doors in u filthy little tease

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what you getting at?

>> No.6143832

i go to an all girls school, so this story is unlikely

>> No.6143833


seriously why do you want matt helders when you can have me instead i dont get it

>> No.6143835

come on skype doe im bored

>> No.6143836

i was just wondering because they look really similar and i wasn't sure if all of them are u
not hating

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ur a fUCboi
iim a sick kunt

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oh u little fucking teae u chat propa shit u wozza lad u fucking idiot i waited outside ur school remember lat week and we went to the forest and u sucked my dick dont lie becuz i recorded it and can upload it to piczo u little tease whore

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lol r u christian or sum shit lmao

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pls b in london

>> No.6143848


give me her skype please

>> No.6143850

ah okay, both of them are my friends

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>this thread
lmao the thirst

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i was gonna wear it with white cps but i have to wear black shoes to work :[

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didn't you say you're american?

>> No.6143855

40$ herbb

>> No.6143862

ur the cutest one :3

>> No.6143865


bros before hoes i will buy u a panda pop

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i wanted to wear it with white cps but i have to wear black footwear at work :[

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ur not on skype feg

>> No.6143873



can we get a janitor to ban pathetic fags

>> No.6143875

yaa i am i have two

you probs got me on the one i usually use for cam sex LOL

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>> No.6143883


matthelders alreay has a gf i woul not trust him he is a trickster

>> No.6143884

nope i'm from england

aww, stop it :)

>> No.6143886


yeah theres apparently several.

thats why plural.

>> No.6143888

pls b in london

>> No.6143889


give me the other one then u feg i wanna chat wit u

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>these are the people that wear "IMA READ" caps

>> No.6143895

Does it hurt being so goddamn beautiful? Like is it physically painful?

>> No.6143897


god bless

>> No.6143898


pleae give me ur skype i want to buy u presesnts online mybe i can take u to odeon cinema and we can buy the iceblast Drink and watch a movi please plase please will u just ggive m the chance I WILL seriousy fulfill ur dreams wow please please please please i relaly am ur servant i will let u dominate me pease

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was too hot to wear a rick jacket b B)

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yeah basically just white tumblr kids. trying to be 'gangster' lol

>> No.6143909


hey i just earchd u on google maps please it only takes 2 hours to get to u please please please will u just respond to me

>> No.6143913

shes telling me on skype never to talk to her again

sorry br0

>> No.6143914

fuck off you creep

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>tfw she didn't post feet yet

>> No.6143926

shes so wack doe

>> No.6143927


what the fuck im actulLY Crying becuase honestly in just trry to be nice i want u to talk to me wohy i honestly dntn undertn plese we can play game u please JUST please give me chance u dont kno me i can be nice PLEASE

>> No.6143929

they are probably ugly anyways

>> No.6143931

her skype, for you, only 15 dollars.

>> No.6143936


ok well i can i hav paypal or somethin plase i just ally want to woe her i know poem and i write her one now paypl please

>> No.6143937

The only reason why girls are afraid to post their feet is because they think they're ugly
I still want to see them tho

>> No.6143939

add me on skype

everyone add me:)

might add u 2 the convo :PP

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i dont really want to speak to her haha fucking trolled

>> No.6143946

can we do this on tinychit pls?

>> No.6143948

>tfw I just want to see what people are wearing today but a pretty girl derailed the thread

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>> No.6143955

>>tfw I just want to see what people are wearing today
no you don't

>> No.6143958

what are you doing in a waywt thread then?

>> No.6143961

sorry, i only wanted opinions on what i'm wearing

>> No.6143963

Yeah you're right actually. Pretty girl drastically improved this thread

>> No.6143969

>mfw the only reason why i'm i this thread is to see her posting :3

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get out of my qtredheadgirl thread!

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hey guys matthelders give me her skype

its lumos.sora

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crew is ok if you're REALLY staying home
yeh the shirt looks interesting, but i'm rly not sure about it. in a perfect world we'd get a video of you walking with it on
shirt looks childish along with the hair and bad-fitting pants
get rid of the mustard cardy
really nice, tapered trousers are a must
awwww hahaha
but really, what are those pants? are you trying to do layering? more pics
the blue and black looks really terrible. I suggest non-jean pants, and also showing us what's under the jacket
okay honestly those pants are tights, and you're fucking with us
you look like every other teenager trying to be fashion w/ the lacoste &adidas
simply, void
>pls be in london
>let's see the back
good fit
i don't care what people say this is really cute
lookin good, want to see trousers

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>> No.6144010

based frog

>> No.6144018



>> No.6144022

shes telling me if someone gives me 300$ she'll post nudes and soles

>> No.6144023

>liking naked girls
lol r u a fag or sum shit lmao

>> No.6144025

post your paypal account i'll give you 50

>> No.6144030


you misread the posts i was replying to.

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in order for you to know that, you must also be an mfa cross poster

>> No.6144033

>/s/ - Sexy Beautiful Women

>> No.6144044

u woodnt berry that bitch?

>> No.6144047

fuck off you fat piece of shit

>> No.6144057


i go to MFA for "bring something from MFA" threads

this is how I know

>> No.6144063 [DELETED] 


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I remember you from the waywt thread earlier! The ring!
I like the shirt - it's pretty interesting.

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File: 2.21 MB, 4000x2664, IMG_0010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6144103

I'd wear a solid color shirt, and that jacket is disgusting, buttons on leather jackets will always look disgusting and it is too big.

>> No.6144109

bump this

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>> No.6144166

10/10 fit w2c hentai pyrex givenchy kanye HBA trill Dutch Oven

>> No.6144175

ur hair's cool
not so positive on the #LAYERLAYEREVERYWHAYER
but it looks good from here
w2c facetiousness??

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2 trill swagyolo 4 u

>> No.6144207

Top layer on the bottom half, i think they're shorts, look a bit weird in the fit, maybe some tighter shorts would look a bit better

>> No.6144239

I think I'm going to taper the shorts a bit and I need to get some real leggings.
I'm also probably going to wear it with some white Nike court tours instead of the rosches.

>> No.6144245


>Dutch Oven


>> No.6144279

where do you work?

>> No.6144283

show feet

>> No.6144533


>fuck someone got me

honestly breh, who cares.

>> No.6144545


it's okay bcuz your fits are good

but it will always hang over your head 8)

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This but with a black t shirt, did I Fuck up. Feels like I'm wearing to much black.

>> No.6144880

>I'm wearing to much black
not possible bruh

>> No.6144896

Cool, should I leave the jeans cuffed?

>> No.6144999

haha, yeah! thats me! you can catch me in some. and thanks, haha, i got it as a gift and have never worn it.

>> No.6145008

w2c that jacket m8?

>> No.6145024

I got mine at a levi's store.

>> No.6145039

is it on their online store? i dont see it

>> No.6145077
File: 131 KB, 480x640, IMG_20130417_171815_199.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sorry this isnt a full body pic. don't have a full length mirror. but yeah. I wore it with a plain pair of black boots. short black hair. natural makeup.

>> No.6145079


i'm not even going to tell you

because you already know

>> No.6145081


>those shoulder pads


>> No.6145082
File: 413 KB, 1045x2581, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6145085

dat stuffing

>> No.6145087


>> No.6145088

jesus christ

>> No.6145096
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yeah... that's me. here's another one I didn't post.

>> No.6145099

>librarian dress
>dad's braided belt
>converses key chain
>pose that extenuates boobs on purpose


>> No.6145102

also, this dress has no shoulder pads or stuffing or whatever.

>> No.6145108

my mom gave me that key chain. its awful I know. spare keys.

>> No.6145119

worse than gore

>> No.6145120

fatty-chan pls
that was never made to fit u bby

>> No.6145129

i'm actually so angry/10

>> No.6145164

>being this trolled

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dying thread

perfect time to post

>> No.6145194

Idk, saw it at myer too.

>> No.6145197

why are you tripping?

>> No.6145206

It's another qt, be cool this time guys.

>> No.6145208

why so that no one would shit on ur wack fit?? lel

ps pls be in london

>> No.6145219

>implying post-post-modernist vaguecore mixdrape swatching is wack

>> No.6145222

cardi pls
no cardi

>> No.6145224


You look nice.

>> No.6145234
File: 131 KB, 475x1077, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i shouldnt really be playing dressup i have to learn so much stuff in a few hours for my lab session

>> No.6145238


returning to dadcore I see

>> No.6145241

i'm experimenting
i dont want to go to dadcore
a dull coloured outdoors thing or something i dunno

>> No.6145249

is it just me or do your shoes look out of place

>> No.6145272


>> No.6145281

feels like that look is really overdone
looks good but same-y

>> No.6145284

Looks good to me, man. And not "dadcore" at all.

>> No.6145287 [DELETED] 
File: 306 KB, 360x640, julius.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

had a bit of a disaster day,

out of all the things I ordered that arrived only the Julius and Junya jackets fit. The yohji boots I got sent were way too small and the store sold the pair I actually ordered accidentally.... so my fucking boots/sneaker game is still fucked....

those rafs I was looking at from a friend of a friend... do not look real... fuuuuuu

>> No.6145297



>> No.6145304

What size of jackets u wear du?
U look about the same height as me

>> No.6145309
File: 97 KB, 388x1005, [3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what if i cuff the jeans

by experimenting i meant just trying to see what might work on me, not something new in general

>> No.6145334

I'm a size 2 in Julius (the jacket in pic) and a medium in Junya Watanabe. I'm about 5'10 (178cms)

>> No.6145347

better fluidity with the shoes, but I think the fit looks better with them uncuffed

>> No.6145349

unlucky about the boots
i'd be devastated
where is the white coming from around your hips?

>> No.6145351

yeah i'm thinking the same

>> No.6145353


that sheer fucking disappointment, iktf too well

>> No.6145423


Holy shit. Legs' status: non-existent.

Pls squat.

Seriously though, you look absolutely retarded. I would openly laugh at you if I saw you in public.

>> No.6145429

do you know where you are?

>> No.6145430


Jesus christ how awful, MAKE IT GO AWAY

>> No.6145434

what is this leggings with shorts thing i see around here? i thought it was a joke at first but are you guys for real here? if so please enlighten me whats going on

>> No.6145455

Why is /fa/ the most pathetic board on 4chan? Its like you have never seen a girl before

>> No.6145456


w2c sweats?

>> No.6145457

it's just an interesting silhouette. incorporating casual, loose shorts like that into non-casual, non-athletic fits can be difficult but having that specific style coupled with leggings bridges the gap.

it looks a little weird at first, but you get used to it.

>> No.6145462

lol this guy always makes me giggle. i appreciate people that have nerve to try out the newest/weirdest trends but goofy as fuck. those dropcrotch pants....im speechless

>> No.6145465

is joke

>> No.6145467

how not to dropcrotch


>> No.6145475

well i realize mens fashions often follow women's trends everything from bellbottoms to skinny jeans....but leggings idk man...im trying sooo hard to understand
tho mifune outfit not totally hideous if disregard leggings

>> No.6145476

I think the jacket (whatever it is) looks good with the tank and jeans but the tank should be tucked way neater. Shoes like megaugly in that picture, the shininess is out of place, but you can't really tell what exactly they look like.

>> No.6145478

do you know where you are?

>> No.6145484

would u b my gurl plz

i dont bite ;D

>> No.6145509
File: 82 KB, 465x700, tumblr_mky33opEbg1s6ecygo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if he just wore socks that reached beneath the shorts, would you have found it so unusual?

>> No.6145516

>well i realize mens fashions often follow women's trends everything from bellbottoms to skinny jeans


>> No.6145523

i wouldnt personally wear it but i get the look youre going for. tho maybe lose cardigan idk if it works w the boots.

>> No.6145528


you guys are retards. he's obviously wearing a sweatshirt on his legs ala some trollpost earlier this week.

look closely

>> No.6145529

>i wouldnt personally wear it
Yeah no shit it wouldnt fit you

>> No.6145530

just a pattern ive noticed from oh idk studying the evolvement of fashion

>> No.6145532

omg mfw people consider me fat....

>> No.6145533


I need to find new boots to wear with Swingers. Any ideas? I have some full-length Memphis pants coming for fall and I really want new footwear, but haven't a clue where to start.

>> No.6145540


Where do you trace the trend for hiking-inspired footwear?

>> No.6145545
File: 44 KB, 640x480, Snapshot_20130512_17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i like my curves. not attention whoring i just need you people to fuck off w dissing my banging figure :)

>> No.6145550

big bish

>> No.6145556

tfw no gf

>> No.6145559

You are disgustingly fat - how can you look at yourself and be remotely pleased, let alone expect others to do so?

>> No.6145564

you talking bout the grungey ones??
punk inspired of course...
also im not sayin ALL womens fashion eventually lead to mens....but a lot...i mean look at these way too long undershirts that litterally look like skirts...wtf man...gotta draw the line somewhere

>> No.6145567

p nice figure
could be skinnier but 8/10 would bang
i'm proud

>> No.6145569

you need to forgive those who have hurt you in your life and move on man.

>> No.6145585

thankyou! bc for real i used to be skinny as fuck and people told me i was unhealthy lookin so i took measure to gain healthy curves and now i get more attention than ever IRL plus my BF loves it so all these haters who start bitchin "your fat" shit everytime are rediculous for real.

>> No.6145589

U look like every pleb girl at my hs yo

>> No.6145609

Okay, I forgive you for the permanent eye damage your folds have just caused me.

>> No.6145616

lol wtf are you doing on a fashion forum

you literally dress like a hooker

>> No.6145618

and im sure you look just like every inbred motherfucker from "Wrong Turn" so tone it down before you get ahead of yourself

>> No.6145621

did you just dis squids

>> No.6145632

lol yes i was going for the harlot look....also this isnt even all i wore numbnutts i dont play dress up for WAYWT...i just tryina show im not total fatass

>> No.6145639

where did you order the julius and junya from

>> No.6145642
File: 184 KB, 600x400, 774.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just keeping it on the low for now.

>> No.6145643

omg the abuse i get....yall lucky im drinking on benzos bc otherwise id rage full out war on each and everyone of you

>> No.6145648


>> No.6145651

gtfo, attention whore

>> No.6145653

>I'm just trying to prove I'm not a fatass
It didnt work

>> No.6145660


these r p cool
every1 else itt plz abort ur lives ty (✿◠‿◠)



lel no thats fat abort ur life

>> No.6145671

>being this trolled
stay fuccboi you little nigger fag

>> No.6145677

u forgot ur name, prodigy

>> No.6145683


Yeah i know right.. fucking devastated, took them out of the box and knew immediately that was wrong...the store had a size 7 and a size 10 left... out of a 50/50 mistake they sent me the wrong fucking pair... they were the perfect boots too, combat sole with a a double buckle from AW12...

sorry that i'm whinging so much, I do realise I sound so fucking spoilt but i have waited 3 weeks for them cause there was a week off for holiday in Japan and to have the boots AND the sneakers fall through is strangely heart breaking hahaa... shopping it like the only alleviation i have from work. Yep.


sorry again,

and the white is coming from a givenchy tank top, those longer at the back than front singlets. Love them for layering. I have one in black too.


said this better than I could. But I have always found the silhouette really interesting since I saw it on a Yohji show in AW07.

>> No.6145684

no really sure wish i could but im on assignment
gay fo sho. jealous fo sho. wishes he was feminineninjawithcurves

>> No.6145702
File: 264 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20130512_231825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry for shitty picture quality.

Shirt is Brookes Brothers
Vest is Jantzen
Zig Zags
Coat is RL

>> No.6145705

answer me question ya rude cunt

>> No.6145707

are you color blind or are you doing that on purpose

>> No.6145713


>maybe if i keep posting noone will think i caught feelings


>> No.6145717

like i said i appreciate what youre doing bc trendsetters not always succeed bc they try all kindsa shit and make it easier to filter out what really works and doesnt. really the industry needs people like you. i just still cant wrap head around it. thats pic on runway=woman. also runways are not rtw. theyr more like a art show...also men in knee-socks ehhh iffy as fuck too. im jus sayin.

>> No.6145731

touche. still trying to figure out color coordination for the coat. i assume you mean the levis, would i be alright with just some regular blue jeans?

>> No.6145737

U dress like a typical high school pleb

u basic

>> No.6145752

lol yes i dont dress crazy with dropcrotch pants and camoflauge jackets bc i have somewhat of prof i must maintain.....you gotta realize boy when you reach a certain age its simply not acceptable to dress certain ways if you want people to take you seriously

inb4 mom

yea i know im the oldest one here...most experience and most wise

>> No.6145767

bitch you're wearing a fuccing tank top with a skirt and tights
you are literally the most disgusting dresser I've seen here and DD really has that basement edge on you

stay basic

>> No.6145777

yes. that or really anything other than that shade of bile.

but the fit itself is really kinda basic

and not in a good way

>> No.6145782

>once you reach a certain age
>>dresses like a fucking high school dropout

>> No.6145785

god i feel so sorry for you

>> No.6145799
File: 89 KB, 610x610, shop-givenchy-spring-summer-2013-collection-luisaviaroma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


really happy there are more girls posting, ignore the hate and stick around for discussion.

since you acted like one yourself, you're not getting an answer.

I disagree with this

>>thats pic on runway=woman. also runways are not rtw. theyr more like a art show...also men in knee-socks ehhh iffy as fuck too. im jus sayin.

The whole point of RTW shows is to SELL clothing. Adding pageantry and an artistic impression does not negate the fact that it is a commercial venture.

You'll wrap your head around the look soon enough.

>> No.6145806

You are both trolling and being trolled immensely. Just hope you know it.

>> No.6145820

happy 2 make u happy qt3.14

>> No.6145826
File: 89 KB, 680x633, 1330570785745.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

never seen his face

>> No.6145829

damn well thankyou bringing me back to reality.
i was getting real concerned with this place

>> No.6145834

wow you're a sensitive bitch

>> No.6145841

qt3.14 is not a facial structure

it is a way of life

>> No.6145844

for real though, did you buy it from vertice, daad, darklands, ink, seven? i need to have all my julius sources covered.

>> No.6145858

did you not read my first post? I actually am extremely upset over the issues. Glad to see you tried to make amends by apologising... oh wait. Yeah good luck finding the awesome stores I know about. Cunt. :)

>> No.6145870

Seriously though, I hope more girls post fits. It's not to see something different.

came really close to posting then... soc lose...

>> No.6145878


>> No.6145888
File: 453 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20130512_235510.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

right on. any suggestions on what i could do with it? if it makes a difference, my shitty phone doesn't really capture the full effect of the vest.

this is a close up of it.

>> No.6145895

i didnt post >>6145834
you're australian, one assumes you're not going to spit the dumby over being called cunt on anonymous image board.

>> No.6145906

imposter as usual. surprised only 1 tho.

>> No.6145913


I would tear that dress off you with my teeth.

>> No.6145914

o wait is this my buddy from yesterday that kept posting those shwag anon pics?

>> No.6145923
File: 108 KB, 660x791, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>doesn't get ripped on by mifune
>rides his dick

>> No.6145954

jelly bc you wanna ride his dick too eh?

>> No.6145973


Am I the only one wishing that the non-black tones were a shade or two different from what they are. Like...if the gray was a touch deeper or the white was more of an off-white, parchment-y tone. The super sharp color contrast just kind of bothers me and fucks up my eye.

>> No.6145984

Didn't see if anon's question was answered, but Fashionsauce is always a good resource for finding stockists.

>> No.6146000

sorry to break the flow of the discussion right now, but does anyone know a reversible way of tapering denim? I really like these jeans, but if I ever decide to sell them, I'd rather not have the price cut in half due to them being tailored.

I was thinking maybe darts starting at the top of the calf, going down the ankle.

>> No.6146005

You better be sorry for more than the picture quality.

>> No.6146010


You just don't cut the allowance that you take it. Frankly, dude, just have them taken in. Not worth the hassle of leaving the fabric in there and you might even find a buyer who prefers a more tapered cut.

And on top of that, you really shouldn't buy a jean if you don't know if you want to keep it anyway, so maybe shop around a little more for a jean that has a fit you already like.

>> No.6146034
File: 7 KB, 216x516, dart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah I bought these because of the detailing and stuff- but I didn't know that the MII dior homme fit differently than the MIJ cuts (larger hem).

i actually maybe think a dart would be another cool detailing, like just straight on the back and then I'd go over it with suture stitching or something.

>> No.6146048
File: 7 KB, 180x180, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can this be a feels thread now?

I gotta feeling called that feel when no gf.

Please leave a comment if u know that feel.

Don't forget to like my post subscribe to this channel, ty.

>> No.6146050

ur shit disby

>> No.6146068

i gotta learn how2 tripcode...but do i care enough? idk....i hate you btw

>> No.6146071


I can't recall offhand for a functional stitch like that, but it's basically like a whipstitch and if you want to do it, go for it. It'll always remind me of John Varvatos and I don't think it's a particularly cohesive way to detail some Dior jeans, so I think it's a pretty bad idea.

And if you just taper them so they fit more like MIJs, don't you think you could sell them to someone looking for an MIJ fit anyway? I don't understand your resistance to just having it done right with a good, professional finish.

>> No.6146082

idk if ive ever even heard of reversible tapering but im sure if theres a will theres a way tho it may not looks too fresh.....also some consignment shops take altered jeans if in good condition so you may be able to get rid of em.
post fit with those jeans

>> No.6146090

oh, sorry, i forgot that you can't really see all the paneling and whatnot on the pic, but there's patches and shit all over the back (much less sleek than the front) so feel like it would fit with the aesthetic.

That's also true, haha, I just don't have a reliable tailor near me anymore... a dart I'd be fine with doing at home, I just don't want to accidentally fuck up when taking it in or something.


>> No.6146091


I hope u respond to me bcuz I am fan.

>> No.6146095
File: 436 KB, 640x480, BJ_ci9iCQAAEE4t.png large.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6146096

>not wearing dunks
>no cape
>shitty fit

>> No.6146136

damn yeah they dont look v good w hightops but maybe diff shoes?...also idk if you should keep in general....up close detailing is too much....if they were more of a classic garment there be no question but its theyr not.

>> No.6146314

That's actually a really fair call hahaha, i think we use the word cunt per capita more than anyone else on the planet.

I completely agree, the black of the jacket is completely different from the undershirt which is different from the shorts, which is different from the leggings. It's kinda hard to tell from an iphone photo in poor lighting.

The jacket itself has a lot of texture and the shorts are a jersey cotton weave which is also great.

The white tank though is pretty much white as can be

>> No.6146452

Holy shit, I hate this place so much.

>> No.6147066

Gray military shirt
Off-white slub henley
Black leather belt with nickel buckle
Dark wash indigo jeans
Black Chucks

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