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I didn't come on /fa/ for a week, needed to focus on more important things, and Jesus H. Christ that was the best week ever. Seriously, just go one week and you'll realize how much of an autismal shit hole this place really is. Just came on to share, won't be coming back for awhile if ever.

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>mfw it's literally the same people posting on /fa/ everyday
What is addiction/boredom?

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im with you on that one. might as well ditch this shite hole i dunno why im even namefagging. yall faggots keep suckin dat ricky dick lmao #peace #dadcore4lyf

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I just come here like once a month

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W2C m8?

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that was me for /b/ anon
>but not /fa/, never /fa/
>once you're here, you're here for ever.jpeg

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whats the appeal of /fa/ to you? im here literally just for the laffs

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im here so i can pretend i have friends :(

i live a shitty life to beh honest nothing i have i earned and i do nothing all day

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and yet you make fun of people like berry who at least dress well

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thats not even sieg you newfaf

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>tfw trapped on 4chan for eternity

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hailey dresses like a homeless bag lady

no shot 2 women that dressed well in the past: tommorrow and curlgurl

no shit dressed like normal women but knew fit

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>tfw you wouldn't know what to do without /fa/

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