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Anyone have those pics from the other day of Cara Delevingne's nasty yellow teeth?

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She doesn't have gross teeth in that picture...

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she's also heavily photoshopped in that picture they could have done her teeth as well.

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Question: Would you drink a cup of beer if it had been soaked in her panties and wrung out in a cup?

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fvk i wanna cream her cunt so bad

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you could skip the cup man.

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she is british so yellow teeth are to be expected. other than that shes hot.

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Can we stop fucking posting this cunts face? In EVERY picture she's always making some retarded expression. It's really annoying.

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Looks like a man...

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lol this is so cute i just set it as desktop background

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so pretty~~~~

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Knock it off you faggot.

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she is very expressive

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This, the amount of tea/coffee the british drink it is only the norm to have yellow teeth. This shit ain't even a stereotype.

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Yeah she is pretty which is why she's the model and you're the 30 something y/o lurking /fa/

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no she's a model because she was born into a rich as fuck family

I mean she's cute but if she was born to a lower-class family now way in hell she'd be a model

funny though, all that money they have, and no toothpaste. British people, why you so silly?

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Read >>6084129

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ur a fukin cunt m8, evry1 has bad pics

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>no she's a model because she was born into a rich as fuck family

Uhm, this isn't true. Fucking retard.

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so then why do most professional pics have their teeth whitened?

also, I know muricans that drink a liter+ of coke per day, with white teeth. Its not what they drink, its that they dont clean their teeth. nasty as fuck.

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They don't bleach them, if they didn't clean them then they wouldn't have teeth at all.

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my type of woman

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teeth naturally have a yellow tint to them.

If they are white as fuck it's clear they had something done to them

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Inspiring. Its as if beauty is natural to this being. Such childish androgynous confidence.
This is what I hope the model of the future humanity is

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google "Delevingne family", they're chums with the royals, date boy band members, went to expensive private schools, etc

their family may not be "billionaire" status rich, but they were born into the elite of Britain

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yeah it is, wiki her you fucking faggot fuccboi shit

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>angsty 20somethings crying about a random tumblr/model bitch

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STFU you goddamn hipster shit. May the future belong to Johnny Bravo copies in Supreme clothes that can procreate with artificial wombs.

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yeah, my teeth have a natural yellow "tinge" to them not a natural covering of yellow crayon. My teeth aren't "whiter than glue" white like celebs (which looks creepy), but they are still orders of magnitude whiter than the average brits.

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Holy fuck you stupid of pieces of shit fucking cunt.

Lets go back to what you said...

>She's only a model because of her rich family

So you're saying she has NO chance of being a model if she didn't have a rich family.


Yes she has a rich family? so what? She would still be a model.

Honestly, it just perplexes me sometimes why you bother to type these ridiculously posts when you know fuck all.

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I'm british and I brush my teeth twice a day, use mouth wash in the mornings yet my teeth go yellow over the year. I get my teeth whitened once a year and so do a lot of others over here. It has to be something us British do because no other country is known for yellow teeth unless every other country is discreetly getting their teeth whitened.

Anyway, it is normal for us Brits to have yellow teeth, always has been. It isn't because we have hygiene issues otherwise my teeth would stay white. As I said a lot of us get our teeth whitened but as it's £250 a time loads of others don't bother.

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because you niggas always drinking tea with crumpets or drinking coffee and smoking

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Yes it is
her family were really wealthy and she went to an expensive private school

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oh god the one with lagerfeld

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too bad she has ugly feet

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I said that already...

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huh, thats interesting. A lot of Americans in middle/upper class families get their teeth bleached once, when they get their braces removed. Other than that, no, its not a common procedure (though former smokers sometimes get it)

I figured the coke than Americans guzzle would be far worse than the tea Brits drink, perhaps not? Maybe y'all really do have some whack ass genetics.

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I think it's cool her teeth are natural.. to many celebrities with chalk for teeth..

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and ugly knees

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you're one dumb nigger

there are millions of girls that fit those requirements. Most of them are not models.

Most models come from moderately wealthy, if not obscenely rich families.

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Or maybe it's the tap water in Britain

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I'm not telling you that
There are millions of people with modelling looks. She could have easily been a model, it's not as if it is actually hard to become one. The only reason she is as successful as she is though is because her family could afford to pay for everything while she was on her way to success, and her family are very well connected with the elite who actually gave her the success.

If they were broke, that wouldn't have happened.

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Money and a tour through an expensive private education gives you connections. Being around other rich people gives you connections. If there's one thing I've seen in the music industry, it's that connections are often more important than talent.
I don't have any feelings on Ms. Delvingne one way or another, but I'm willing to bet there are scores of equally or better qualified women throughout the globe who will never have the life she does because they lack the money and the connections.

You also see this trend with a lot of artists. Being wealthy and knowing the right people gives you the opportunity to spend your days navel gazing, attending parties and creating art without worrying about how you're going to pay the rent or being forced to choose between visiting the doctor or eating for the week.

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damien hirst is a hack btw
was rly disappointed to learn that miuccia prada is an avid collector

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also i think you'll get a kick out of this shit someone just posted on another board

>"Kids with funny clothing and green hair are weak.
They are targets for criminals and scams. It's a beacon of vulnerability

>Do you not realize this? Can you not see that there are always going to be violent and opportunistic people born on this planet, and that they're part of every society?

>Or is everyone supposed to be mild-mannered and respectful? Because that's not the case, and I think you know that. You're living in an upper-class fantasy.

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>people claiming most brits have bad teeth compared to americans
>no evidence

yeah okay amerifats. stay in your dream world.

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She is.

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Haha, why are you so mad? Yes, she still could have been a model if she had not had the connections or wealth but it certainly helped her reach the point she is at now. Without her family connections she wouldn't nearly be as famous as she is.

sage for yet another cara thread

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British do have yellow teeth though, not bad teeth, just yellow. I'm a Brit and saying this btw, it's because we aren't fake.

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Well I disagree. None of my friends have yellow teeth, I cant think of anyone I know that does. Maybe you just live in a very deprived area where they don't care much

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Hirst *was* a hack, he had assistants doing paintings he was putting his own name on. Plus his shit is corny. I did enjoy seeing all the dead animals at the Brooklyn Museum, tho.
Collecting Hirst is somewhere up there with 900,000 alligator skin hoodies, imo.

People are so fucking weak and scared, Twerk bb. It really depresses the shit out of me sometimes, just seeing all these kids being so afraid of standing out in any way. God, who lives their life like that? Yearning to blend in and trying to make sure others share the baseless fear that drives their own lame ass to mediocrity. Ugh.


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>karl's face when
fucking lol

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nah mate brush your teeth.

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>Cup of beer

I would do it if it was a cup of her piss

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lel, post moar. need to build up my folder

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Twice a day, post a pic of your teeth Simon Cowel.
About 2/3rds of people I know have teeth like Cara in this pic >>6084110
The others have either worse or have had UV or Bleaching done at some point. My teeth are the same as Caras, I think you're lying m8.

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what, did he stop being a hack?
god, those animals, that shit is straight out of a chain sea food restaurant

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I think he died last year.
But that's not necessarily an escape from hackery.

What was the animal show called again?

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11/10 would take out for dinner

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wikipedia still lists him as alive
didnt really care to scroll down and check the name of the waminals

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Yeah, she's a certified hottie

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nah his wife died last year

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ohhh, thanks for the heads up.

It was 'Sensation'
Not that you care, of course!

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she hot as fuk

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That's probably the best picture of her dayum. Yeah it's the PS version

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nice meme1!!! xd

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