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Do shoe trees actually work?

I want to know if they reduce or prevent creasing in leather shoes.

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FYI this is a shoe tree

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oh wow really i had no idea

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yes, they work

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Yes. Use them if your leather shoes are worth anything. Stopping creasing in leather is impossible; shoe trees absorb moisture and maintain the shoe's shape.

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the notion that they stop creasing is some made up MFA bull shit. Unless your trees are specifically made to fit your shoe, then some kind of creasing is inevitable.

Use them to absorb sweat and maintain a bit of shape. Sand them when the cedar smell has died down

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I really like the creasing of shoes; adds character and a personal touch to them.

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>preventing creases

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Boots are cool as fuck when battered but fancy shoes are not.

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those aren't crease though
they're ripples

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Yes, I want to minimise the wear marks on the vamps.

Apparently shoe trees are good for this, but I;ve heard from other places that all their really good for is moisture control

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>not being ramshackle classy
do u even

use trees, rotate em, and polish em every month
theyll b fine

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Is it me or do those look like shit?

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it's just you mate

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w2c? those are glorious

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p sure dey carpe or augusta

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yes. i only use them on my allen edmonds, and don't bother with any of my other shoes

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