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How about some?

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I dunno, but my heart always aches whenever I see OP's pic.
>dat swan-like neck
>dem chocolate eyes
>dat fucking everything

>pic unrelated, but keytarded

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get your shit stright

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OP's girl is abso disgust.

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>tfw no qt 5'11" master race gf

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Is that a man?

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>my feels

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go back to fucking your butchy man-jawed scandis then you homo

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>posts a blonde whore
>calling other women ugly

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scandis are bland. i just don't like brown on brown. dark brown/black hair with blue/green eyes and pale skin is god tier.

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Ah, north Atlantic or kelt-nordic. Nobody likes brown eyes.

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>posts nonwhite
>implying that's a woman

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>poopeyes pls go

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Would you ever reject a woman solely based on the color of her eyes?

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found a good pic of what im talking about
exactly. imagine my disappointment with hazel. it's so close to being good, yet still shit. i need coloured contacts.

girl's name is Valery Kuklishyna btw

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>mfw I have...

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No, I'm just messing with you. Love u poopeyes. I'd pick blue or green over brown everytime though.

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mah nigga

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too damn qt. i need to take a walk

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>Fashionable European Females
She's Mexican, bro. Her name is Paulie Rojas

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>actually being eye racist
it's like i'm really on stormfront

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poopeyes pls go

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Blonde and brown is nice too. Or red and green. It's all about contrast.

Mixed-race and pale eyes is god-tier though .___.

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No, pretty much north Atlantic is qt master race. I'd post the link or pic but the Phenotype website got taken down.

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North Atlantic? Like, Iceland?

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No, like this. Icelanders are nordic.

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That guy looks fucking weird.

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He's hot.
Saw a blue eyed mixed race dude on the bus today.
That dark skin and pale eyes o.o

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sorry to ruin the fun here but nordic/norwegian girls are actually boring as fuck and they're actually quite fat and with wide shoulders
might just be me but blond hair blue eyes gets boring quick

brown hair dark eyes
hola senorita

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mmmm dem aquazurra heels, i think she did them up too tight though

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>retarded generalizations

sounds about right

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this is the most beautiful girl i hab ever seen

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This thread sparks my interest.

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>average girl in France thread

All those girls look parisian one

They are so boring, they all dress very well but all look the same fashion wise merde

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im moving to france

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