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>on a bus
>qtp2t3.14 sitting staring your way
>see her
>she sees back
>pretend nothing happened
>catch her staring at you
>smile at her
>she dont smile back
that crushing feel...

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>on bus
>girl sits down next to me
>15 min in I fall asleep
>always do weird shit when I fall alseep like raise my hand and talk to myself
>wonder if i did this and how stupid i looked

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What's this?

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say it out loud

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Sound it out
If youre too dumb:
>cutie patootie

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cutie pie to the third

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actually its qtp2t3.14 aka cute patootie pie


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Rick Owens

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>on train
>girl stares at you
>dont know if its wether ur good looking or a weirdo
h-hold me /fa/

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haha lol

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You're supposed to give her the nastiest look like she's horribly offended you. It will haunt her for weeks.

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>be on the bus
>sitting down on one seat
>laptop bag on the other
>qt comes up to me
>oh sorry let me clear a spot for you
>she smiles
>i start wiping my face with my hands
>look of disgust on her face

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>be on the bus
>sitting down on one seat
>laptop bag on the other
>qt comes up to me
>oh sorry let me clear a spot for you to sit
>she smiles
>i start wiping my face with my hands
>look of disgust on her face

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lol this is soo true, some egos are very fragile

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had to change a word

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haha this get me every time!

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please enlighten me more
what are the results
why would i do it
she gon thinkim angry at her
and i dont even know her

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no, just disgusted, like you are the victim

like looking at you was so offensive and threatening, make her feel disgusting


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she's a qt3.14
i dont want to make her feel bad
or do i?
i dont know what's the procedure when interacting with females

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>get on bus
>its empty
>some 50 year old hambeast sitting alone in the back
>go and sit on the seat beside her
>pretend to fall asleep
>i am blocking her way
i hear her trying to get past me to get off
>she cant do it
>doesnt want to wake me up
>i pretend to sleep until my stop (10 stops after)
>i get off
>she stays on the bus for some reason
>i stand outside and i look at her and give her an evil smile
>she looks through the window as the bus leaves

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>be a BBW
>sitting alone at the back
>greasy autist gets on bus and sits next to me
>pretends to fall asleep but obviously awake
>need to get off but greasy autist still pretending to be asleep
>dont want to interact with it
>wait until he gets off
>look outside, autist is standing there giving me a goofy grin
>look through the window as the bus leaves

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>sitting next to a hambeast

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lol that's mean

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>have a car so no bus
>qt3.14 texting me again
>she wants my cock

Fuck /fa/ this is a full time job

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How to give nasty look?
post a video for example.

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in this case, who was the autist
>op post a fit so we can divulge in such reasoning

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>that fucking gif

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It made me laugh a bit, then I was less amused when I realized it was real.

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Same here, man
that slow progression to horror, good god

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>work as lifeguard
>other qt grill lifeguard bored
>starts jumping up and down off step into puddles
>see her doing it and start #lmao
>she hears me laugh and acts all embarrassed
>asks when im working next and checks when we'll be working together
>asks what im doing tonight

2 bad im 2 awkward 2 do nething

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u suk, she wnats the d

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>Get haircut, looking /fa/ as fuck
>Sitting on bus theres a few free seats most with only one person on them
>qt 3.14 girl gets on and sits next to me
>too beta to start a conversation.
>she gets off a bit later and I spend the rest of the ride thinking what if?.

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how 2 start convo w/ qtpi on bus??

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When you don't take risks, you spend your entire life wondering What If.

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>Blonde chick eyeing me up in train station.
>Her and her friend eventually find me on train, sit on seats to my right
>Consider the possibility they might just really want those seats in particular
>As I stand to get off train I hear one of them say "There he goes.."
>Ultimately do nothing.

My fits and hair weren't right that morning, I couldn't risk it. Any other day...shit.

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At least it would've felt no pain ;_;

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>My fits and hair weren't right that morning, I couldn't risk it. Any other day...shit.
totally m9, any other day...

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I can't stop watching.

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> last year too hammered too walk and saved by old gf
> proceed to spill out all my shitt about depression etc
> only one who knows this
> year goes by to now
> she no longer has a bf
> we start talking on fb a little and calls me on her birthday night too come over too this party
> too drunk and don't show up until everyone has left

she wants the d?

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dam nigga that sux. think of wht couldve happened

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Yes. Descartes.jpg

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Since when the fuck did /fa/ become /r9k/ or /adv/

This thread is so shit now. Its nothing but repetitive shit about rick owens, waywt and people whining about being depressed or gothninja shit

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my feels hurt :'(

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that's great
if u don't like it why don't u leave

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>on the bus, near the back, plenty of free seats
>qt3.14 gets on, sits on chair opposite mine
>don't make eye contact, but look at her whenever she is turned away
>something falls out of her lap onto the floor
>she reaches down to grab it, but as she gets back up, looks at me and smiles
>automatically avert eyes, flash a half-smile in the process
>sit on bus and uncomfortable try to look normal
>get off bus, never see her again

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>on the bus
>qt sitting somewhere in front of me
>I look at her
>she smiles at me
>turn around, don't know what to do
>immediately regret it, but self esteem too low to do anything
>get off bus, never see her again

I don't even know why this bothers me so much. I have a gf and stuff, but I just want to fuck other girls so badly. I know I won't, but I need that kind of acknowledgement. Desperately.

fuck you

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Wrong thread you faggot. This is a qt 3.14 bus feels thread, which have always been here. Check the archives.

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>In the train
>mp3 player on
>see a girl walking in, look at her
>we both smile
>she sits across from me
>stare out the window holding my mp3-player in my hand and playing with it the entire time
>both get out on the same station
>cycle home

Oh god.

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Cheating is bad, mmkay.

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>qt grill

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>tfw you see a girl on public transport and a film starts rolling in your head about all the time you could possibly spend together, imagining me cuddling her in the bath, holding her hand while eating icecream etc

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>attention to phone
>6th sense glance up c qt
>qt c me
>approach near
>attention to phone
>she nonchalantly flips hair n to hit me shoulder
>phone scrollin
>does it again
>w8s a while n does it again, this time brushed hips
>i ignor
>her bus
>phone scrollin

thus is life

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>riding on tram during rush hour
>got on one of the first stops so I'm sitting
>qt3.14 comes in and stands just right of me and holds to my seat
>I just look through the window untill my stop comes
>stand up and try to get out but can't because she is standing there
>I give her the meanest look and she moves
>go out feeling happy

That's how you do it

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>be singer
>promotion concert for musical coming up
>qt comes and asks if I want to sing total eclipse of the heart with her
>meet her at home to practice the song
>go out during break
>teases me with clit piercing
>tells me she has attempted suicide several times
>tells me she is borderline personality

>sing song together, do pretty well
>continues teasing me
>tell her I don't want more
>still teases me
>tfw you love borderline personality
>tfw you know you can't heal her
>tfw you have to keep her at distance to keep her close
>tfw she tells you about her affairs
>tfw she is still teasing me
>tfw we will still meet regularly for 8 months

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did you fuck her ?

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>go to bus
>its full
>theres standing blonde beauty with classy outfit and beautiful eyes
>she looks at me long time as im walking in
>stand next to her so i have her beside me
>bus rumblin and she rub her ass on mine a litlle
>same thing again and again, more and more
>my dick getting harder - just dont lose your spaghetti fool!
>turn around to look in her sexy blue eyes and check if she got some cream in her jeans
>its not she
>its teenage whale girl with disgusting glasses and hipster clothes
>smiling with blink in her eye, like i even would consider to give her my chocolate D
>blonde beauty stand next to her pretending she didn't see anything
>run away, wait for another bus
fucking suicidal m8

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y-you can't heal her anon, but you can help.

jjjust be there
do it anon
do it for me
do it for you

do it
for all of us

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>be girl on bus
>just want to go home
>weirdos are smiling at me and getting nervous whenever we happen to make eye contact

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No, when I do I'll end up as the bad guy either way and she will toy with me. Read up on borderline. In this case 4chan is right "don't stick your dick in crazy"

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s-stop... please... it's bad enough already

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>be waiting at train station
>out of every single seat, qt decides to sit next to me
>me: "hi"
>her "hello" *smiles*
>sit next to each other for 15 minutes and dont say a word
>we get on train
>we sit away from each other
>get off at same spot
>as girl walks past me she says "i like your shirt by the way"
>she walks off
>think "fuck this" and chase after her
>talk for 15 minutes and i get her number
>text her next night and she says "oh lol sorry hope you don't get the wrong idea, i have a bf"

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>doing some shopping
>qt3.14 walks in
>sees me
>make eye contact
>she follows me around a bit without making it too obvious
>i pay and leave

>qt3.14 gets on bus
>eye contact is go
>she sits across from me
>i put my headphones in and sit quietly untill my stop

this shit happens everyday, how do i fix it?

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my feels are in orbit

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at least you tried

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yeah +1 for that

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You just fucking talk to her, in spite of the very real possibility of rejection.
You talk to her, because you're sick of living your life in a loop of mediocrity.
You talk to her, because you're bored, nothing's happening in your life and it's high time you stirred up some shit.
You talk to her, because the worst that can happen is NOT being rejected. The worst that can happen is not knowing what you're truly capable of. What might be.
So you get rejected? Big fucking deal. You're not going to be punished. You've faced your fear. You know a little more about yourself for having done so.

And the next time? It gets easier. And easier. And easier.

FFS man, I've copped several numbers like this. Bus, train, whatever. Feel your heart pounding in your chest, then get up and make that move. Slip into the role like you were born to play it. Study body language if you need to.

Trying. That's all there is to it. It's always better to fail than it is to keep reinforcing the fear. And who knows? You might even get laid. Who gives a shit if you get brushed off? You'll probably never see her again.
The universe is laying out its myriad riches for you on a golden platter, and you're afraid to take what should be yours. Fuck that. Force yourself to try. If you fail, pay attention to how insignificant it all is in the long run, and try again. You level up every time.

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I don't know that feel but I can feel that feel

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It's just a numbers game, brother.
Keep at it. More important is that you took control of the situation like a man ought to. Respect is due for that.

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yeah, it also gave me a shit load of confidence. gonna wear the shirt more often too.

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oh lord right in the feels.

>> No.5940707

aw fuck.
Experience this at least 3 times a day at uni

>> No.5940709

i know this, and i tell myself this, and i would tell anyone else this same advice

but shits hard yo, im not even shy, i just cant bring myself to talk to random girls unless there is a reason for us to talk

but thanks

>> No.5940712

Make a reason

>> No.5940713

>i just cant bring myself to talk to random girls unless there is a reason for us to talk

This, how the fuck do you start? Especially if there's some sort of barrier to go through e.g. there's been silence for a while, or you need to reposition yourself to get to her or a combination of those.
I'd find it weird if a girl looked at me from across the bus, suddenly walked up to me and just said "Hi".

>> No.5940714

i will try my best

this shits retarded
i laughed the whole way through

>> No.5940718


in relation to all this, does different culture matter?

i feel that in america or wherever, people are a lot more friendly and this may be acceptable

but im from uk, and this is far from normal to talk to random girls on the bus or whatever

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>always do weird shit when I fall alseep like raise my hand and talk to myself
>always do weird shit when I fall alseep like raise my hand and talk to myself
>always do weird shit when I fall alseep like raise my hand and talk to myself
>always do weird shit when I fall alseep like raise my hand and talk to myself

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>girl adds me on facebook, never spoken to me before but in same class
>start talking a bit
>start texting
>meet up goes really well
>meet up second time...mentions she has a boyfriend

>> No.5940739

fucking girls....

this is why its hard for guys, all the hot ones are bitches

time to go for a 5/10, sighhh

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I like being rejected when I approach a woman

it lets me know her sense of judgment is off

>> No.5940758

thats probably the best way to look at it

just laugh when you get rejected and tell her she is a stupid bitch

>you dont actually try and talk to girls though

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>coming back from from friends uni
>look like shit
>waiting for train, qt sits on bench next to me
>train arrives, get on
>qt sits next to me again
>think nothing of it
>have a two hour train journey just listening to music, looking out the window
>about to leave train, qt gets up to collect luggage, turns around and looks at me
>have bad eye sight so I'm squinting like an idiot
>she smiles and gets off


>> No.5940762

this happens to me a lot

except i dont squint, i just stare back with a blank expression and they probably get scared

>> No.5940768

i actually talked with some american customer once about this, she was new to Norway and said hi to people on the buss and shitt and they though she was crazy
nobody talks on the buss/tube unless its someone you know
People in norway is rather cold in general

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fuck that actually hurt me

>> No.5940775

>i just stare back with a blank expression and they probably get scared

holy shit this, at uni I pass some girls I sorta know and just walk past until the last second and its to late so I just mutter something

>> No.5940783

yea exactly

if i said hi to random people here on the street or the bus or train or whatever, they would just stare at me and think there is something wrong with me, even though i would just be being friendly

i guess some really lonely girls wouldnt mind, but the majority would think i was a creep, thats just here anyway, im probably discussing this with americans who are like, yea no problem just go up to girls, they dont mind

society is fucked up

>> No.5940784

In the Netherlands we are stoic as fuck.

>> No.5940785

why do u niggas want people to talk to u on the bus
ya boi just tryna get home

>> No.5940786

im getting better at this though, if they make eye contact i try to do a half smile thing, not a full on beamer so i look like a creep, but just something subtle

just try and get it into your head and practice it next time your out, soon you will just do it normally

>> No.5940787


like unfriendly?

>> No.5940790

the bus is a metaphor for life

>> No.5940791

>be girl on bus
>meet guy on bus
>hook up with guy on bus
>hook up for a few weeks
>calls my house, sister answers, starts to creep her out
>was under age at the time
>threatened to call police
>never meet again
>year later i see him at a gas station
>his gf at the time sees him talking to me
>breaks up with him
> i lol and run away

>> No.5940794

terrible story

not sure if you made that up to be funny or if its true

if its true, you are immature and stupid

>> No.5940795

we all just tryna get home

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I've never watched this before

>> No.5940800

same here in Germany. People usually feel attacked here if you talk to them without a real reason.

>> No.5940805


>> No.5940808

ive been told so many times i look german

>blonde, hitler youth
>sharpish features

do you think i intimidate people?

i also got told by some guy he would rather fight my friend who is twice the size of me, muscle wise

>> No.5940811

Yeah unfriendly, mostly to strangers. Very much in our own world an there's a bit of a "me first culture".

You can see it with the loading and unloading of the train. Proper etiquette is to let the people going off first, and then go on. This is not what happens, which means you can make yourself as broad as possible and socially acceptably bump into someone.
But still, shit grinds my gears.

>> No.5940817

i guess here its different still

people are more scared of eachother, its not acceptable to talk to random people for no reason, on the train or whatever, people will stand back and let everyone else walk on first and wont want to be the first to do something

quite interesting to study mannerisms of different cultures to see how different we all are

>> No.5940832

you're doing it wrong.
i approach random people all the time and i'm considered scary looking.
maybe it's the region you're living in.

>> No.5940856

Yes, it is a regional thing. There are regions with nice/cool people in Germany. The Ruhrgebiet is not one of those, though. I grew up in a more rural region and people were horrible there as well. But it's just a tendency, you can find nice people everywhere. Don't really want to use this as an excuse for my general awkwardness.

>> No.5940917

u make her feel bad so u don't feel bad and clog up 4cham with r9k tier threads
idiots lol
suree...another day....
>yfw u realize ur shit fit that day gave them courage to find u attractive
c'mon mayne ;_;
think of her as a Rick/Srulli/Givenchy piece that will never be sold again after this season and u have to cop it asap/

>> No.5940948

ew she's not 4 me ,ugly

>> No.5940955

germany too ,why are nordic/germanic places like this?

>> No.5940986

britain too

but why would you want to say hi to people on the bus
fuckin weirdo
also we only clap when someone drops something in a pub

>> No.5941015

>Work in a pub in kings cross.
>This happens
>Tirade of customers clap and pat you on the back
Murders used to be a common occurrence in kings cross, i might just bring that trend back

>> No.5941029


>> No.5941036

i dnt get this ey

>> No.5941042

>think of her as a Rick/Srulli/Givenchy piece that will never be sold again after this season and u have to cop it asap/
Nice way of looking at it, but that still doesn't solve this:

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Lol you plebs ride the bus?

>> No.5941056

fuckit im not the UN.btw how do u guys meet people then
brb to give u a better answer,gotta buy some lemons :p

>> No.5941104


Same overhere in Belgium. If you randomly talk to people they assume you're some kind of creep.

>> No.5941149

"you stupid fucking bitch"
i hear this works everytime

>> No.5941194

anyone got a cop on he's shooz?

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>final class for day at uni
>6 pm
>everyone else separates into their friend groups, chatting and laughing
>say hi to a few people i know, but don't join them
>it's grey, cold and miserable outside
>get to my bus stop
>put Illinois on my iPod just as bus arrives
>get on, and make eye contact with a qtp2t
>I've met her before
>even held hands with her
>pretend I don't recognise her and sit down on other side of bus
>draw a picture of a man standing in the ocean at sunset in my notepad
>every now and then look up to see if she's looking at me
>she's too busy with her phone
>get off the bus before she does
>tfw tripping over your own feet in front of qt

why won't girls fall in love with me on the bus?

>> No.5941236

You're the spaceguy, aren't you?

Well, how do I bring myself to do this if I live in a small city where people know each other and stuff like this spreads quickly?

If I get rejected too often I'll just be labeled a creep, won't I?

>> No.5941248

this entire thing is stupid as fuck

either do it or don't and don't dare dream about her

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>> No.5941262

because that's what alpha males do in the animal kingdom
reproduce with every apt female they find

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>> No.5941333

Same in Switzerland.

Fuck this I'm moving to murrika.

>> No.5941340

>make out with girl at some club
>give her my number
>4 weeks later she texts me
>she says she has a bf but wants to dump him
>tell her to leave that dumfuck and come with me
>she says im really cool but aint that cute
i dont even remember her face but i bet she was a fucking mexican

>> No.5941354

fuccboi general?

fuccboi general.

>implying dressing up in ocbds and dbs is going to magically change everything for you

>> No.5941389
File: 266 KB, 1280x990, Trust_The_Future.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What makes you a creep is essentially imagining a level of intimacy that doesn't exist, or not being able to read nonverbal cues, not knowing when to back off.
What matters is knowing where other people's boundaries are and respecting them.
You don't go around nipping at their heels, you go around confident and comfortable with yourself while paying attention to wealth of nonverbal communication that all people output constantly. When the opportunity arises, shit... I don't know how to put this, but you can feel it in the air. You can read it in body language but I think it's a lot easier to just get a feel for the unspoken on that subtle level that you can't really quantify.
Where the hell do you live? There's nothing wrong with interacting with people. There's nothing wrong with talking to girls. They're human beings. Just keep it light and entertaining until you can get a lock on where things are headed. Above all else, don't be intimidated, you're better than that.

It's hard to give you concrete answers here, because that requires me to completely analyze my own approach, an act which loses a lot of in the process of translation. You can't overanalyze this sort of thing, you have to let it flow out of you. You have to learn your own unique way of doing things, and sorry to say it but the best way to do that is through failure.

Stay positive and put yourself out into the world. It's a numbers game in the end, and if you actually have some kind of a life from time to time you'll be exposed to more people. Practice talking to people, practice getting smiles out of them that are genuine.
Stop worrying about other people's opinions. They're all wrapped up in their own bullshit anyway. NOBODY CARES.

>> No.5941393

and surpise, surpise, it's the same in sweden
we don't talk to strangers unless necessary, and even then it's usually cold and brief

>> No.5941406

>mfw reading
>The universe is laying out its myriad riches for you on a golden platter, and you're afraid to take what should be yours.

ilu spacenigga your posts always make me smile

>> No.5941411
File: 20 KB, 325x322, thumbsup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shiet had goosebumps and shit didn't even post the pic sorta hit my nerves bruh

>> No.5941438
File: 128 KB, 1024x1024, City_Lights.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's what's up man, go for yours, take it.

Our ancestors didn't spend 6 million years striving for the unnameable so we could languish in mediocrity because we're afraid of being rejected.

Yielding to fear only breeds more fear. Look what this anon said: >>5940677

>It gave me a shit load of confidence

And he can build on that. He's a better man for having taken the risk.

>> No.5941449
File: 18 KB, 264x234, corundum.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah, wasn't necessarily talking about girls but I mean other parts of my life lol

I actually met some fine qt3.14 in lecture the other day and we exchanged information and shit.

But I mean other things; I have a pretty damned good idea for a new (hashoil) smoking device I am going to work on getting patented/marketed

>> No.5941462
File: 944 KB, 500x373, Fleet_Flock.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking good work, brother. Keep it up.

Talking to girls is just a microcosm of this whole shebang - you can apply that proactive attitude to anything. Keep rising above...

>> No.5941482
File: 494 KB, 1280x1918, tumblr_mecv9wWAl41r4siolo1_r1_1280[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah was actually getting p distracted b/c she had such a nice body and was sitting with her legs open facing me and had leggings on

>how I felt

>> No.5941501

this is why i come here. thanks man this really made my day.

>> No.5941503

As several people have mentioned, I live in one of those european countries where talking to random strangers on the bus/street/train is considered weird.

I will start doing this when I move into a bigger city though.

>> No.5941506

denmark too

>> No.5941536
File: 997 KB, 500x281, Megacity_Landing.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you just made mine, brother. Live well.

Might've been intentional, you know...

You don't need to ground your approach entirely in extended conversations. Practice making people really smile, even in mundane day-to-day situations like retail transactions. Will yourself to shine a little brighter than all the rest. Learn what you can do, nonverbally, to open people up. Project confidence and ignore self doubts. When you hit that big city you'll be halfway there.

>> No.5941631

I live in a big city (well, for Dutch standards that is), it's like we're all bubblepeople trying to mind our own bussiness.
I try to give strangers smiles and generally exude confidence and happiness, and the only people that respond to it are Arabs and Polish people. Sometimes it works with a qt3.14, but then you've already passed her.

>> No.5941774

You guy's are a bunch of sweethearts

Keep talking to people, don't expect too much from a total stranger and it will happen for you

>> No.5941811

>tfw every monday I need to take the same train from the same station as a qtpt3.14
>tfw it's fairly obvious we are both attracted to each-other
>smiles, getting in on the same coupe, standing across from each-other when there isn't room to sit while exchanging glances, both laughing at weird occurances in the train
>Both listening to music though, all the time
>tfw it's been three weeks now
>tfw if I do something now it's bound to be awkward

>> No.5941822

im anon
what r u lisning 2
wow really i lov dat band 2
(altrnevky i dnt knwo them what kdn of msuci do tey plaey?
alternyly 2: im rlly into GENRE do u liek GENRE?)
c u 2morrow

>> No.5941825

>we meaning you
Good luck with that asocial personality, faggot we're not all like that

>> No.5941829

What if you're just reading too deeply into things and she doesn't find you attractive at all

>> No.5941833

>take out earphones
hey what are you listening to?
>doesn't hear me
>She takes out earphones
>awkward, fumbling over words whatever everything oh god im crying now the conductors coming she screams rape oh god what now

>> No.5941836


Oh and there's that

>> No.5941840

Just sit next to her and ask her name and what she is listening to. If it's pleb-core you know to stop caring.

>> No.5941846

>be 2 months ago
>get qt gf
>nothing serious, we hang out a few times a week
>she's super chill and not clingy at all
>out of nowhere she freaks out over text at 1am, gets super intense and tells me she loves me
>wtf do I do
I thought this one would be simple T_T

>> No.5941848

A bitch like that is the type you cut off contact from nigga

>> No.5941855

if she sees u walkgn 2wards hr she iwl taik her buds off u dmg niga
at lst u make a frend n tlkd 2 sombdy it wl b ezr nxt tiem nw

>> No.5941857

she wz drnk m9
drnk or high chll n nd2worry

>> No.5941858
File: 32 KB, 320x320, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're just words. They don't have to mean anything.

>> No.5941866

We're usually already next to or across from eachother

>> No.5941871

>The next time you know she'll be there
>Dress extra nicely that day
>Look your very best
>Smell good
>Wear your nicest fedora
>Stand in her general area for a bit
>Exert confidence
>Walk away
>Just stand in a different area and act as if you're casually waiting for the train
>Glance over to her inconspicuously

If she's still staring in your direction, she might need that D nigga.

>> No.5941874

1am what day?
probably drunk texting
doesn't mean that the feelings are not there though

>> No.5941889

But if I lie and tell her I love her too, then she'll think that our relationship is on a different level than it actually is and she'll get all clingy and shit. I can't even handle a relationship like that right now, especially with someone so insecure.

Just last night. She didn't seem drunk, her typing was fine.

>> No.5941903
File: 254 KB, 837x1245, Golden_Mountains.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't EVER tell a girl you love her if you don't mean it.
Be honest. Or at least partially honest.
Tell her that you're not there yet but that the possibility exists. You owe it to yourself and to her, lest you get caught in that dead end loop of people-pleasing that never fails to eat you from the inside out, ultimately poisoning the relationship.

>> No.5941916

lie. it works every time.

>> No.5941924

Yeah, that's basically what I said. She said it kind of in the middle of a string of texts and I just told her that we should take a day to chill out a bit and that we'd talk when we hang out tomorrow. Hopefully she calms down by then and we can work out what our relationship is.

>> No.5941931
File: 537 KB, 781x1024, Connections.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good man.

>> No.5941932

wow hw fkn beta r u wow
jst tlk 2 her
sit nxt 2 her
c hr
n say hi
hw fkn hrd is it

>> No.5941947

r u a ngr

>> No.5941948


>> No.5941955
File: 59 KB, 555x333, waiting for the bus in Finland.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, Finland too. You don't talk to strangers, keep the mirin to a minimum and if possible, try to keep your personal space uninvided.

>> No.5941962

It's a combination of the cultural thing and the feeling that the chance to do this and not be weird has past.
The first time I saw here it wasn't an instant major atraction, more of a "oh shes qt" kind of deal, but now she's growing on me.

>> No.5941966

oh god that sounds a bit stalkerish, like those guys who start to fantasize about a certain qt each day more and more and then build some sort of familiarity and love in their head.
That's not what this is, her style and has grown on me in the past month.

>> No.5941968

So white Americans and Aussies are the only nice white people in the world now? It must be easy to cover your sperglords since you don't talk to people anyway.

>> No.5941971
File: 55 KB, 616x452, Waiting-for-the-bus-like-a-swede1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lel neighbors act alike

>> No.5941974

That's called a crush. It's best not to have those.

>> No.5941982

Ah thanks, that was the word I was searching for. Yeah, those are/can be nasty.

>> No.5941987
File: 163 KB, 582x587, fucking nice.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get on bus
>two seats free
>one is qt, other is old man
>pick the old man

>> No.5942005

Old men have cool stories, young women don't. Good choice.

>> No.5942015

why do they do this?

>> No.5942020

read the posts

>> No.5942050

It looks incredibly silly from that perspective, but the main gist is that when you're approaching the bus stop with people, you stay a little distance from them because of personal space issues. It then goes off like a domino with the next person doing the same, and ends up looking really retarded from birdview.

>> No.5942059

this is unhealthy

>> No.5942064

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

>> No.5942066

>sitting on the bus
>only old and/or fat people sit next 2 me

>> No.5942072

Because qts drop the spaghetti when they see you.

>> No.5942098

Tfw never use public transport ever because of threads like these

>> No.5942105

that's a nice way to think.

>> No.5942114

>tfw car

>you will never be beta on a bus

>> No.5942122

>Girl talks to me on Facebook.
>Talking becomes flirting.
>"I've actually had the biggest crush on you for the longest time anon."
>We make plans to chill.
>Hit it off.
>See each other multiple times a week and talk all the time.
>Make out, cuddle, etc.
>After three weeks of this I ask her out.
>"I have a boyfriend, anon. I thought you knew that."

Pretty sure women are retarded.

>> No.5942123

u almost had it mister
we're all gunna make it

>> No.5942130

>all the hot ones are bitches
pretty sure ur a douche lel

>> No.5942131
File: 112 KB, 520x779, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw living in the west

Cars and sun. No layers for you.

>> No.5942138

why are women so heartless ;_;

>> No.5942139

>Brushing teeth.
>Shit is getting foamy and all up in your beard.
>Try navigate it away from beard.
>Ends up falling on chest and dick.

morning general.

>> No.5942143

hahah that's awful

>> No.5942158

Become a misogynist. It lets you start thinking of women as they really are.

Look up the black Phillip show on youtube.

>> No.5942164

>talk to girl on fb
>make plans 2 go out this sunday
>not sure if i really wanna go now
i mean shes hot but thats it and i know i wont get laid and will probably have to spend a couple hundred dollars just 2 eat and talk 2 her

>> No.5942169

post pics of her here after she makes you cry

>> No.5942177

just "forget" your wallet and make her pay
standard procedure

>> No.5942178

anon dont cry 4 no bitch
not anymore

>> No.5942181

Could you stop typing like a 13 year-old nigger?

>> No.5942183

then post pics of her now

pls, im lonely

>> No.5942189

You never know, man. Stay positive. It's just a date, but one date leads to another and eventually dates lead to poundtown.

>> No.5942198

gd post + 1 I like this don't stop posting

>> No.5942213

This is only true if you know the girl is geniunely interested in you.
A lot of women actually just go on dates in the interest of getting free meals.

>> No.5942214
File: 41 KB, 720x720, 75290_560004650692215_1321677209_n[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i no man im gon anyways but im not really optimistic abt it
I can write and beautify my sentences with aesthetic words, but why would I do it when you still understand?

>> No.5942218

You think it's different in America?

I take the train to NYC every morning and everyone is silent the whole time. All my years taking the train I've probably seen one person start a convo with someone they didn't know.

>> No.5942226

Thanks friend, n e more?

>> No.5942230

Because it makes it easier for us and it´s more satisifying to write something beautiful and aesthetic.
Why would you dress nicely? You'll still be dressed when you just put some wallmart clothes on.

>> No.5942248
File: 28 KB, 308x720, 396597_354711591221523_1545879536_n[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ye bro hr fb is fll of shit lel
y is it mr stisfyin werds r just werds n im nt wring a book
funfct: i dnt dress ncley evryday only whn gng >>>/out/ w/ my frnd whn i g 2 wrk i drss rlly drudgeish

>> No.5942250

>tfw cant post about light shirts and shorts during winter

>> No.5942253

>be hanging out with girl ive had a long history with but never done anything
>watching movies at kickback and everyone elses goes somewhere else and just me and her
>realize that if I don't do anything I will be that feel guy always wondering what if
>kiss her
>she says "lets go to [the hosts] room"
>we cuddle and make out and talk

I think I've finally overcame my fear of trying.

>> No.5942281

So you're taking a lackluster approach to everything?

>> No.5942292

nice, keep at it bro

>> No.5942297
File: 13 KB, 633x758, 1364172525361.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm very proud of you anon, you've surmounted that feel, you are on your way to a better life style, see that light at the end of the read?
It's bliss, and it's waiting for you.

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