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To wear over a suit I need a good quality, no polyester crap, black overcoat. UK based and budget less than £500.

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Don't wear black, get a navy one. For your budget, look at Charles Tyrwhitt or Hawes and Curtis.

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Thanks but it's for a black pinstripe suit so I don't think navy will go

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>it's for a black pinstripe suit
my bad, do whatever you want then, just steal a coat from a homeless guy

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get second-hand.
you can get something that cost a gorillian dollars new and contains no garbage that some dude barely wore because it was too dressy for him most of the time.

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You sound like you wear several coats at the same time

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Well how much would a good one cost and where would you find it?

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Try a Hockerty tailored coat. You can choose your own material/colour to suit the occasion and it's priced at £300-400.

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i thrifted one for 20 bucks. its a 100% wool peacoat from the us navy. i got it dry cleaned and its as good as new.

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Not op
If you aren't a man let, you can't find a good coat second hand.

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You wear coat, nigga?