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what are some good t-shirt brands for mostly plain tees but are high quality and not 300$ a pop
also no plastic
ive tried carhart (wip and normal)

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the highest quality tees in the world:
germany - https://merzbschwanen.com/
japan - https://www.loopwheeler.co.jp/
they're the only two companies in the world operating a loopwheeling machine, no one else can make tees as good. all high end brands that aren't ripping you off have merz b schwanen or loopwheeler make their tees for them. just go direct. they're about 60-120 bucks per tee. very thick, very soft, and the collars hold up to years and years of washes without deforming.

the second highest quality tees in the world:
chink heavyweight tees. they're a solid 30-50% thicker than western "heavyweight" tees, and softer. not as nice as merz/loopwheeler but very cheap

heritage/pre war type styles:
bpcall https://world.taobao.com/dianpu/33275933.htm <-- best one, torso on the short side
bob dong kino henleys https://bobdong.taobao.com
co-tt-on 木白巾 https://world.taobao.com/dianpu/166125443.htm <-- best one with long/tuck length torsos
sauce zhan https://world.taobao.com/dianpu/68744670.htm
bronson https://bronsonshop.com https://world.taobao.com/dianpu/112282887.htm

modern fashion styles:
arket: https://world.taobao.com/dianpu/590357399.htm
cos: https://world.taobao.com/dianpu/200155482.htm

i want cheap tees and i'm also too dumb to learn how to use taobao:
uniqlo supima tees. twice the price and not as good, but they are the best thing you will ever find at a mall.

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Only Loopwheeler. Merz Schwanen have their light T at only 155g | 5,5oz, and their heaviest at 245g | 8,6oz. The latter isn't bad, but not anything to write home about on its own.

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This is one of the times I genuinely wish I was shorter. I just want a loophwheel shirt that's 30 inches long goddamnit

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thanks king, gonna try merzbscwanen out, they look nice as fuck

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the co-tt-on tees off taobao are probably going to be the closest thing you'll find.