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WTF is this shit /fa/?! I'm not that into fashion but for some reason YouTube really wants to recommend me this and there's 100k watching live as barley clothed woman walk around with all their stuff bouncing (somehow allowed on YouTube without a mature rating). Can someone make this make sense to me? What's the point?

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Probably escorts for rich miami ethnics and jews with money

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seems satanic & when i clicked the models were all fat and below my standards in the face. at least they're white i guess.

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This is sexy alluring style.

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porn you moron. this differs from actually fashion week runways, even swimsuit week differs from this.

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Wake me up when it’s the scotch tape project

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bro when i clicked it was a 400lb woman waving katanas around

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These girls are hotter than hollywood celebrities. Tho sydney sweeney is up there

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Guy puts on shows for profit. Instagram thots do it for followers.

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I thought she was hot.

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christ almighty she could bear so many strong sons

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Typical jew Coomer shit that clout bitches do for attention