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I was born with a small overbite. I refused to brush my teeth ages 8-12, and never wore my retainer, which sanded my teeth down over time somehow. this causes my lower face to look absolutely fucking tiny. i have braces to fix my teeth, and that has a small bump behind my top 2 teeth that hits the bottom 2 teeth, making my jaw about 3-4 mm down. not only this, but my two front teeth are angled backwards. The rubber bands will fix this, but once my braces are off, my jaw will be 3-4 mm smaller again, and it still looks recessed. I if i move my jaw forward and fix Im 6'3, and have the perfect face to model other than this defect according to a few (pretty mean) modeling scouts. pic attached is a super shitty an inaccurate drawing, im looking for the pre-brace photo as of right now.
anyways, on the the question. s there a surgery/implant that can fix this? It would need to make my grinded-down teeth bigger and move my jaw forward. (potentially not on the jaw thing, i still have a few years left on braces)

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would this be better for /adv/?

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An oral surgeon can fix an overbite if that's what you mean

Ask your orthodontist about jaw surgery

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Just out of curiosity did you send your photos to these model scouts or did they find you either irl or through social media?