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What's the male equivalent in both physique and fashion choice that would evoke this sense of boy-next-door subtle attractiveness?

Also give more examples, both male/female.

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Something like picrel but with a simple white t-shirt and jeans?

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how is that modest, i can see the full outline of her breasts and ankles

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Cute feet

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damn, you can imagine those bazoongas

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Fuck. I need more. Who is this semen demon?

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It’s probably something like this.

>attractive face
>something going on beyond the bounds of one’s physical appearance that adds an amount of interest (ie: high skill in a specific talent, genuine intelligence coupled with high social ability, complicated life circumstances, etc…)
>fashionable, yet understated commoner clothes that do not exist for the purpose of hiding/ accentuating your physique
>being in the right place, at the right time, for your charm points to be seen through

Only one of those things has anything to do with clothes, because women require extreme competence out of men for it to go anywhere.

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>women require extreme competence out of men for it to go anywhere.


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Stop fucking thirsting and contribute to the topic

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Probably some Paul Rudd looking jewish boy with kind eyes, average build, maybe glasses. Dresses like Schmidt from New Girl aka mfa tier from like 2013-16.

Basically just be average normal male, confident enough and nice enough. The kind of guy who greets his neighbors, has shit to do, isn't a slob and seem like a functional person. Just like the girl in your pic who is average af, wearing generic af neutral clothes, with the only outlier being her giant titties. If you want the male equivalent of her big titties, aside from the obvious big chest n arms, grow some glutes. mfa + a plump ass in some jeans, and those normal women will be thinking about doing horrible things to you.

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>huge tits and thick thighs, nice feet, great smile, decent face and pretty hair
you're retarded beyond belief

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>not using reading comprehension to derive context

NGMI bro

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Average does not mean bad. Average is good. She has common brown wavy hair. She has a common face. Normal smile. Her feet look normal. Her hands look normal. Nothing about those features is outstanding, but that does not mean she's not attractive. She is. She's attractive because she's so normal. Look up those images of average faces from different countries, all of those people are "average" and they're all "attractive". Humans gravitate towards averages in terms of what we find most attractive.

She got big legs and big titties. Maybe she's just overweight with favorable fat distribution. But those are her only outlier features. Get rid of her titties and thighs and she'll be just another one of those "cute" girls that fades into the background. Again, that is NOT a bad thing. The more average features you have, the better.

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male fashion advice reddit core - brown boots, indigo jeans, shirt and sweater.

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Average in america is pretty fucking terrible.

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She's way above average looking.

The average women's waist size is like 39". The average American woman looks like the creaturas you see in those Walmart meme pics.

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average with the prerequisite of having a healthy diet; so the average European, not American. To be a hamplanet is not normal for a human.

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would love to lovingly cradle her belly

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Here's some pics from my inspo folder (this one's from catalog albeit)

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And this one I made a thread on fit couple days ago

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She is sexy because she had huge booba

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Many such cases

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If those people ate normal amounts of food and did the bare minimum of self care, they'd probably look fine. I'm not american and I've never visited, so I can't comment on how people look there. But when I go to any decently sized Euro city, I'm always surprised by how thin and attractive people are. It's not like there's anything special about people living in cities or europeans, they just seem to care more about themselves.

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Step 1: Be born hot
Step 2: Dress modestly

That's literally it. This is the real answer.

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not until i know the name of this beautiful woman

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nah if she had a B cup, she'd still be sexy

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That's the reality of what we face in America. You can't help but become a misogynist because 90% of women you see are disgusting and it reflects poor character. aka they are "bad people".

Lack of self-control, self-medicating trauma with comfort-eating, self-delusions telling themselves it's okay and they're "healthy", etc.

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either stop the corn lobby from pumping everything with hfcs, or gtfo of American; a hamplanet is simply not normal and should not be the average

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God fucking nuke this planet

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Jfc I think I’m a fat fuck and I hate my body so I was skeptical that the avg waist is 39 when mine is 31 and I feel like everyone around me are skinny goddesses but it’s true wtf

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ive busted too many nuts to this today

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post tits

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Type “boobs” into the google search engine hope this helps

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Coke bottle figure , X figure is a meta hack

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>X figure is a meta hack

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Post soles

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Are you a grill or a mang? 31 waist is skinny for men

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NTA, but I might be able to translate
>X figure
A body that looks like an X. Wide sholders, wide hips, skiny waste.
Term that comes from video gaming. In competitive games, people talk about the meta, short for the meta game, as is the choices you make before a match even starts (what gear to use, how to position your forces, etc).
A term that came from literature, where it meant a bad but prolific writer, then was borrowed by programmers, where it meant some code that wasn't pretty but worked, and eventually common use where it means something very stupid but I'm to stupid to not think it's clever.

So basically OP means that women with shapely figures will attract attention, regardless of what they wear.

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The key is wear clothes that compliment your figure but are not excessively fitted or tight.
Now tell us who the goddess you posted is

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no idea, saw her on >>>/s/21901923

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Fit and athletic but not muscular with white t-shirt or blue oxford with rolled sleeves.

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her feet make me so hard im trying not to cum thinking about them

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Yeah hence why I compare myself to other women

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wow, you should post the soles of your feet right now.

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This: /fit + no skimpy pose or flex, just naturally built and musculature is apparent when relaxed + kind, inviting presence (given off either with kind eyes or relaxed, nonchalant demeanor) + nips through shirt as the mere garnish of conventional sex appeal

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As for outfit, anything as long as it’s well fitting and shows off subtleties of a man’s physique. Other examples are: sweater revealing a bit of collarbone, cardigan/jacket to cover otherwise slutty wife beater, etc.

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Post yours first

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So basically: be buff enuff that it shows through relaxed comfy clothes so you don't look like a tryhard sexcore "look at my glutes" guy

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Yes. Modesty for men is not being a tryhard. It’s very unappealing

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id argue ur picrel >>18095203 is being a tryhard; only someone who's rly into fashion would dress like that

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Jesus. That outfit takes no effort other than color coordination. What is casual where you live?

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im not saying it takes more effort, im saying it takes someone with a fashion sense to put together something like that. Girl in op's pic's fashion sense is not on par with your picrel.

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>having a fashion sense is tryhard.
Are you American, by chance?

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maybe not tryhard, but certainly not generic.
Would you say op's picrel's fashion sense is on par as ur picrel's?

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Where do you live? Is it urban? Suburban? Rural? South, north, etc?
I’m American and what I posted is casually worn everywhere in my city.

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Op picrel is literally >>18095200 on a woman. Remove the necklace and bag from >>18095203 and it’s generic

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Hey if it makes you feel better, I'm 36 and yet people keep telling me I'm slender when in reality I always see a landwhale in the mirror by how overweight I am.

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>Pentan-2-amine enantiomers
What did he mean by this?

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I dont mean >>18095200, im talking about >>18095203;
- eccentric bag
- multiple rings on both hands
- bracelet/necklace
- sunglasses hung on belt loop
- unconventional shoes
- tattoo (ik it's not clothing, but it adds to the overall aesthetic)
- oversized zipperless leather jacket paired with high waist wide pants (current fashion meta)

Yes, it's not difficult to put together what he's wearing, but you can't deny that he's dressing in a very stylish way. I mean he's holding a bottle of cologne for gods sake, he's clearly going for an aesthetic posing in that pic.

OPs pic dresses like a 3rd year geology student. t-shirt and khakis, nothing more; both even different shades of brown.

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people are just gonna post fat trannie boobs if you keep bumping, op.

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Hmmm seems the pathetic beta trolls are shreaking harder than ever here.

Please go wash yourselves before coming here in the future.

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literally /thread

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literally same!!!! 5ft1, 130lbs. Ive been dieting for about a month and a half to hopefully look good for bikini season but im starting to have my doubts lol. I also workout out, recently its consistent but ive been doing it on and off for about 3 years. I feel like lard in a tube sock but when i walked downtown on a friday night lately, there were a bunch of girls all dolled up in curled hair and heels, but they were all fucking fat. not obese, but fat. I'm like 30% body fat, and feel like I need to shed another 20% of my overall weight to look good. Sad thing is, this only works in comparison to other people, because alone im still too flabby. Oh well, all i can do is count calories and workout, which is what ive been doing.... im in some sort of plateau rn and I just stopped birth control so im not really in peak shape rn

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Wow are her calves big? Or is it just the way she's sitting?

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This is the peak male. You may not like it, but it is true.

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The other night I had a dream where the mc mans the fuck up and violently sodomizes and strangles him while forcing the girl to watch

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Not that guy but I used to be 31 like 2 years ago in my thinspo phase, trying to get back into about 32 now
t. 34

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Meant to reply to this

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im a man, 5' 10'', 6.5inch penis, ~170lbs muscular build, i have a 29'' waist.

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Post pics that's uncanny thin

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Ok so first step is you get this face alright you following me?next step is wear the clothes you wear in your house, that's it

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the outfit isn’t sexy, she just has big tits. she’d be hot in any top that’s even remotely form-fitting. if a flat chested woman wore the same outfit she’d look like a man.

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good lord her feet are gigantic those are at least 45s

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are you stupid

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> naturally built
This is a 10+ yr strict routine physique…

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if you're resonably fit then just something like a t shirt and jeans, nothing too tight though.

can also go the 90s highschooler route. just watched this movie and liked the way marsden dressed in it. blue collar staples (thermal shirt, overshirt), layered and loose, untucked

obviously this works much better if you have the HEIGHT FRAME FACE

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maybe, but most guys can look better almost instantly from working out. musculature and vascularity will increase very quickly. never mind the long term muscle mass gains.

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Too bad she hates cock, thankfully it's a common norm-core phenotype.

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Literally can find women of this calibre at Wal-Mart.

God bless america.

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you mean picrel?

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and cute feet
you don't have to be a feet man to have a whole ensemble elevated by the bareness of some cute feet

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So the key is just to wear correct fitting clothes and not be a munter?

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means ugly bitch in br*tish

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do you guys think she did it at least once?