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you are cloak/cape maxxing, aren't you anon?

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fascism has failed every time it was tried

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every time it was tried so far

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Hell Yeah dude!

>implying you need to be a fascist to look cool

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R8 his fit

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Not explicitly cloakmaxxing but i like wearing open cardigans and overshirts that are so long they feel like cloaks

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pretty fukn sick anon. post more

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Heroes don't wear capes!

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I wear an overcoat most of the time when I go out and sometimes it flaps around in the wind like a cape. I think this is partly because I’m an autist and I like having the pressure/weight on my shoulders. I think it’s less the cloak itself and more the silhouette it creates. If you want something similar just get an overcoat. A good wool one will only cost around £150.

Btw overcoat maxing will look ridiculous if you do not at least a shirt or fisherman’s jumper underneath it. Wearing an overcoat with a t-shirt just looks silly.

Cardigans are very comfy

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Germans have nothing to do with it.

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But you guys said America is fascist?

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I was trolling eBay for an extra large wool blanket I could use for a larpcloak. No luck. Everything's too small. I don't want the one on Amazon that would be big enough because it's reclaimed wool from India and I don't want cancer.

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if I get around to installing a dual carriage zipper on this.

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nooo, that wasn't real fascism. it was at best national socialism. it'll work this time. for realzies this time.

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I just bought one a few days ago. I'd like to buy another, one for keeping as a blanket and another for doing a more trailored cloak conversion. They're not too hard to find, maybe Australia and Kiwiland just have lots of old wool blankets though.

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interesting. post more?

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brought a cape poncho thing because I thought it'd look cool. sort of does. but it only zips from the bottom (and outside) so it's either constantly falling off or I can't look at my watch or phone. but I'm lazy and shit at sewing so I've yet to make I usable.

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>It failed because a lot of golen countries declared war to them
So Democracy and USA failed in hands of Vietnam.

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OP will be dealt with

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>red army femoid
If only God had granted Wrangel another 10k willing men

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Sadly not autistic enough yet, though I do wear great and trench coats

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god isn't real. you can try to insult her but the fact of the matter is she smoked 309 of you dweebs and lived

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Can I get a full rundown on what exactly the man in the front is wearing/accessories?

Especially the type of hat.

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Based OP, trannoids (will never be women) are fucking BOILING MAD! Recommend me a good brand, and I will start wearing them.

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>fell for commie propaganda

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For what I'd pay to have it shipped, I could just buy new. I wanted to keep it under $100. I got to be careful. If I let myself spend too much on meme fits, is 6 be broke on no time.
Sometimes it's just better to obsess about something and not do it. That's free.

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capes serve zero realistic function and are almost a total waste of resources, sort of like most of you on /fa/!

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People from all around the world have wore cloaks/capes/something similar for millennia and it wasn’t just to look effay, Anon.
They keep you warm(You’re basically wearing a comfy blanket!) and can double as a raincoat. They’re a very practical piece of clothing for long trips.
But it also explains why they fell into mere fashion items then obscurity. Not many people have to travel on foot or horseback for long periods of time theses days.

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Bring it back, zoomies. I’m too old and fat, but there’s still time for you

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yeah we've worn cloaks for thousands of years. longer. coats replaced cloaks because of industrial speed sewing and production but they remain extremely practical and I think they're stylish as well

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italian faggots

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