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Apex of fashion and human civilization. You cannot afford to live there.

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I own a condo here though

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And btw yes I'm shistposting alone on /fa/ on a friday night with an open bottle of wine, because I'm a freak with no friends, same as the rest of you

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The answer is simple.

We gentrify homelessness and push the current homeless population out of state or into the ocean.

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How do you gentrify homelessness? They're already homeless. You can't make things so expensive that they will be even more homeless. But the Supreme Court already solved the problem by bringing guns back. Things will even out, it's just going to take some time.

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what does that even mean
they're inventing new fabrics? ways of making clothes?
or just dressing like special snowflakes

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kek u look like a rat

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Be homeless in the cool train hobo Hooverville favela corrugated metal shack kind of way, not the schizophrenic drug addicted mentally retarded pants-shittinf kind of way.

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It's not about pricing the current homeless out. It's about bringing New Homeless in. Make homelessness a hip trend for a select crowd of people, and you'll easily find yourself rid of the people you never wanted in the first place.

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... ... ...

... ... ... ... ... GENIUS!

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it's really not that hard to live in nyc

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Tokyo is New York but not shit and a lot better

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I wish i could :(