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I want these SO BAD, why does Guidi cost 2 months of rent for boots, I'm going to get reps fuck it, this is outrageous I hate rich people

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cry about it and buy your cheap china shit faggot

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Or you could just, you know, buy actual hiking boots and not look like a flaming faggot.

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Diemme Roccia looks almost the same for a quarter of the price.

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you can get guidi reps for like 300 bucks these italians are scam artists

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Cmon, I get really wanting a piece that only a particular designer makes, but those are simply a basic vintage style hiking boots. You can easily buy a cheaper version

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>"hiking boots"
I hate fashion so much it's unreal

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Why does the existence of slightly more expensive things sends spergs into a seething frenzy ?

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>3 times more expensive than actual good hiking boots
>"slightly more expensive"
why does the welt look so shit on these anyhow?

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Those aren't even gyw, they're blake stitched.

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For anyone that wants "fashion" style hiking boots that are still well made, Goodyear welted and in different shades and leathers:


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>slightly more expensive

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>2 months rent
what 3rd world hovel do you live in? Here in glorious California a 1 bedroom apartment costs 2700 per month

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Stop being a faggot and buy Fracap boots instead maybe?

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>2 months rent
In Burgerland a small studio 1bed 1bath apartment for 1,400 would be on the cheap end.

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You should try and make friends with those who sell them, or look for deals that occur online and in person. Since the resale value of Guidis are high and low depending on models, scour everywhere. If you actively desire something, it will present an opportunity as you act towards acquiring it.

Personally speaking, Guidis are rather very plain, especially the PL2. I got a pair recently, and they’re very narrow, and have a lot of room for improvements. I’d personally just save your money, and contact Steinkogler for a custom MTO boot in Black Reverse Calf Leather for like $260USD. The reverse Horse leather on Guidis are thin, but not as structurally supportive as cow leather. Contact them and see if they use Perwanger, then ask for a roughout model of a leather boot model they have.

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>the standard for being a first worlder is high rent prices

its over for you

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>>18093962 how are you this knowledgeable I need to get like you, I've just searched Steinkogler and they look very promising this may be the road I take for these boots

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I've been practically manifesting/hunting for a pair of Guidis for about a year and a half now. Overall, it didn't really mean much. The shoes were very plain, and I think it's rather the desire itself that I desired. My old Steinkoglers/ FleiSS military surplus boots are much more cherished than the PL2s. Speaking of which, the PL2s basically have an inner half sole to fill in the space, to give the illusion of looking big. It's why all of the pairs you see online have that horizontal crease in the toe flex point. Most of the other Guidis are impractical, and fall apart. Speaking of which, I actually spoke to that seller about the eyelets; he said that they popped out, hence the reinforcement patches. Save your money and buy Steinkogler. FleiSS doesn't exist anymore, last I heard.

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curious about the FleiSS - do you have pictures anon - also, which Steinkoglers. Love Euro surplus boots. Also have owned a pair of retail guidis, and while I will say the construction is not the most incredible thing in the world that horse (especially culotta) is just incomparable to anything else.

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the crease at the toe is just from the toe cap being reinforced

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I've probably seen hobos styling better boots

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the standard for being a first worlder is being able to afford high rent prices. Not that that matters to me, I pay less to own my home

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"We are using Perwanger leather – for example our articles: 6603, 2898, 2897, 2211 – colours: petrol, berry, senf, grün, caramel, grau"


Seems like I can only get it on these models so ill hold off on the hiking boots but I do like their combat boots especially the 3851 model, By the way how did you get yours, they said they don't ship to the USA

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everyone on this fucking site is better than you somehow