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Why is this thing so overrated in the frag community?

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Sold my full bottle bois imperial amd bought Cedrat Boise Intense, was it my deal of my life?

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Almost as overrated as Sauvage and its flankers.

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Girls love it and I love girls

Simple as is

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the frag community does not exist. every person wearing the same frag as me is my enemy

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it's excellent on a technical level and fits everyone and every occasion. In that way it's like Prada L'homme. the reason you think it's boring is because it's very popular.

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relatively cheap, easy to get and versatile in that you can wear it both formally and casually.

Its well recieved because its normie popular, but I agree its waaay overrated. Then again thats why everyone asks whoevers wearing it "Hows 2009?"

thats the problem though, its like as basic bitch as you can get and as such you just smell like everyone else and dont stand out in the crowd.

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I appreciate it for the masterpiece it is but it's honestly too cloying for me and gives me fancy vibes that my personality doesn't really mix well with.

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the vast, vast, vast majority of people don't wear fragrance. If you 'smell it everywhere' you are in a particular group/workspace/community. The moment you step away you will be the only one who smells this way, and you will stand out. Most people, especially at the end of the day, smell like either nothing, their previous meal, or sweat.

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Just wear axe or old spice

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stop being a contrarian nigger. sometimes things are popular because they're good. bleu is optimal for church and family gatherings.

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Bought a sample to see why the hype was, not really amped on it.

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And it smells like sweet bubble gum with aquatic notes, by default it's a high schooler scent, nothing for a dude like me who's into his 30s and who's having sex.

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It's not. I actually can't think of a single fragrance with a more appropriate reputation within fragcom. It's the only time they've ever been unanimously correct about something. Nobody says this is the best fragrance. Nobody says this is the worst fragrance. Nobody says they are disgusting by this fragrance. It is the most versatile, inoffensive and kind of boring fragrance ever made.

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Is this good stuff or will I smell like aa teenage boy that is trying too hard? I'm 31.

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smells like shower gel to me

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It's cute, I wear it when I go visit my mum because she likes lavender :)

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oh, I thought this as Tom Ford Beau De Jour oops

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diary remmember that using fragance is a meme


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girls/women are the ones that love bleu, sausage and aventus. They can get you compliments that range from little girls who have just discovered smell to random old ladies calling you handsome in the street. It's mostly the faggots here the ones having a needless perfume war to pick up chics with the rarest aroma when you can just alter those 3 and smell like a god for women.

and i know it feels good when a girl recognizes that your are wearing a niche expensive as fuck fragrance they cant seem to comprehend but nothing makes them as crazy as the first 3.

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this smells like fucking shit

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>and i know it feels good when a girl recognizes that your are wearing a niche expensive as fuck fragrance they cant seem to comprehend but nothing makes them as crazy as the first 3.
this is why flankers are the way to go. you get the benefits of popular frags and it's different enough that they'll notice.

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>thats the problem though, its like as basic bitch as you can get and as such you just smell like everyone else and dont stand out in the crowd.
Mental illness. Take note of this individual who has certainly spent exorbitant amounts of money and time on garbage niche frags turning him into a social outcast freak so that he can feel special.

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Vera Dijkman? I followed this bitch on snap but she disappeared a few years ago. She had a jooocy ass

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parfum is better

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She's with a dude that demands she step away from the hoe life, and he's loaded so she obliges. Doesn't realize what she has because she's always just seen herself as another piece of meat instead of top tier joocy poocy.

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Jesus life would be easier if I was gay hnnnnnnng

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I’d say that gayness makes Jesus life harder

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You're 31 not 21 you can wear whatever you want, nobody cares.

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desu this is one of the best ways to go. Weirdly enough my family recently has gotten in a way more favourable economic position where we can now buy any luxury item we'd like yet many of the women have gone wild for arabic knockoffs since they smell virtually the same but more powerfull, sometimes more refined and with a longer lasting fixation.

In the last family reunion women were speaking wonders about these perfumes and basically how anyone who didn't even consider buying them is an idiot as well as how some specific scents were better than the originals (they were shitting on LeLabo to be precise but were praising a santal knockoff).

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Idk if it's my skin but after 30 minutes I can't smell it on me at all

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because the r is silent

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oui oui
non. Aventus seems to be more appealing to men than it is to women. That's not to say you spray it on and dudes start wanting to fuck you, but a lot of men want to know it is so they can buy it for themselves. Reactions from women are more mixed.

Here's a video of one of Olivier Creed's former Afghan dancing boys talking about how people reacted to Aventus when they would come into the boutique. It's actually one the only honest and unbiased reviews of the brand I've seen on youtube


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Sometimes I think stuff is named by god because of how neat and tidy it all is. You can tell that's perfume because it just sounds like it is in hell. You're in hell. Try some perfume with 666 in the barcode number and girls will like you in hell. Girls aren't real in hell, so that wasn't true, but you can still try little buddy bud.

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I like it but I find that it fades out pretty fuckin fast for as expensive a bottle as it is.

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>I personally wear Club de Nuit
Even the limited edition for $70 is a comically better value than Aventus

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because niggers think they will be liked more if they smell like nerve gas

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>>18081369 better at being synthetic nerve gas

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Because esls wear it

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I bought this one for my bf :)
(We are hetero couple)

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Which Bleu is the best ? Eau de parfum, Parfum, or Eau de toilette ?

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This one. this is the best blue fragrance. It's brighter, it's happier, it's more alive. It fits every occasion and it's both clean and dressy and also fun and sweet. It's a classic fougere with sweet notes. It's $35 at discounters and should be $115.

If you MUST get a Bleu, get the EdP. I actually prefer the EdT because it's lighter, but the general consensus is EdP. Though the best thing to do is walk into any Macy's and just smell them.

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This, it pulls a lot of compliments from women.
Edp by far, second parfum

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Why EdP specifically? I really liked the smell of Parfum. Which is best for the coming warmer months? Is Parfum really a 'winter' scent? What about daytime