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Jerry Seinfeld should have done implants years ago, no one would have known.
His baldness years will be remembered as the lowest point in his life.

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it's literally the same but he let it grow longer

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Yeah, it just became more dense and darker because he's eating more red meat, retard.

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>posts about "hair line"
>gets called out
>switches to "denser" and "darker" which have nothing to do with hair line
it's not more dense, it's just longer. it can give you the same illusion of being more full.
the lighting and angle on these pictures is completely different, he's still got brown hair with some grey in both. possibly he dyed it but who the fuck cares, because it has literally nothing to do with his hairline or going bald, which is what you are claiming. you have a double digit IQ.

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>"hair line"
Literally not said in the OP.

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>jew shilling fin

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It's the same, just longer

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looksmaxxed jerry feels wrong

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it's in the pic OP chose to post, and he talks about implants which obviously have not been done so ...??? as many have pointed out he just grew it out and dyed it

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is that what we're calling gracefully aging now?

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it's the same hairline. longer hair in second pic

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>lost ten or 15 pounds
>got a tan
>grew his hair out
>all this after having the same pasty, doughy dadcore look for the last 15 years
you can't tell me this wasn't an intentional scramble to look good for the cameras after having a three-quarter-life-crisis. you don't suddenly get way more attractive in your late sixties by doing the same old thing you've always done

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>takes better care of himself
>looks way better
again, why are you complaining?

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i'm not complaining. it's just jarring because it's at odds with his whole public image of the last 35 years. no, i obviously don't OBJECT to him putting more effort into his appearance.

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This, it's exactly the same. The only difference is he's tanner and went on ozempic