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What's the /fa/ consensus on these things?

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They work as you expect them to, unlike niggas like you. What consensus are you looking for? Is your IQ higher than your age?

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>best for its job
>make faggots seethe
what's not to like?

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If you can’t grow a decent beard, then this is an effective way to cope. Just make sure you’ve got a strong jawline and cheekbones.

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The kind where you twist the bottom of the handle and the top opens like a hinge are better because you can just open the top up part of the way and run it under the tap to clear the hair out of it. The kind in your pic is better if you have the sink full or a cup of water to dunk it in to unclog it. They're usually better quality than the hinge kind but I still prefer the hinge kind because it's easier to unclog.

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been using them with astra and feather blades in the shower without any other product whatsoever, just water and a sharp blade. I do one against the grain and that's it, no bumps or anything and baby smooth skin.

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I bought a Merkur 34c, 300 blades and an alum block four years ago. I shave everyday and still have around 200 blades and half the alum block left. Total cost ~$70 and I've still got another five years at least on these blades and alum. My only regular expense is barbasol but that's dirt cheap and lasts a long time, so excluding shaving cream, I'll have spent under $100 for ten years of shaving daily. Double edge razors also don't irritate my skin or give me razor burn like cartridge razors do.

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Shaving is reddit . Just keep a stubble

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My hair is blond so stubble looks dirty on me.

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A lot cheaper than those disposable multiple blade corporate tranny shit made to drain your wallet and works remarkably better.

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I like it, much more affordable over the long run. Still unsure if I'm using the proper blade angle however.

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I like my single-edge razor

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>doesnt irritate my skin like cartridge razors
>cheap as fuck
>handle lasts forever. basically buy it for life
>less waste if you care about that sort of thing
>non plastic, non chinesium
>not a very close shave, might need two passes for an actually clean shave
>definitely slower shaving even with practice
>harder learning curve but eventually this isnt a problem

im not changing anytime soon

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I usually get a cleaner shave with these.
However it is indeed a lot slower and harder to do properly without cutting yourself.

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geometry of the handle matters but ive never found one thats as close as the a cartridge. i just do two passes with my safety razor. its slow but gets a close shave without any irritation

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Reddit thinks having a big beard makes up for being a cuckold THOUGH so they don't shave ever HOWEVER

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I question how people who claim you can't get a close shave with a DE razor manage to function in society.

Here's how to make the shave idiot proof if you're new:
1: Get pic related: The Leaf Twig razor. It orients the blade like a Mach 3 so you already know how to hold it. It's not the most aggressive razor out there but it's easy to use while you learn.
2: Get Gillette Silver Blue or Astra Superior Platinum blades. Everyone's face and taste in blades are different but these are a great combo of sharp and smooth.
3: Get a shave stick, it's soap you rub on your face and then lather with a brush. Spieck, La Toja, and Lea are all cheap, slick and lather incredibly easily even in hard water.
4: Get a cheap brush to work the larger up
5: Get a good, unscented balm or aftershave. I prefer aftershave because it helps clean and seal any nicks, but if you're a pussy and can't handle 10 seconds of sting,get a balm.
6: Shave normally. If you want baby butt smooth skin, do 3 passes. Once with the grain, once across, once against.

Boom, you're set. You can go fast as fuck with this razor, blades are cheap, the soap is cheap and fast to leather, and slapping on the aftershave to nourish your skin takes seconds. Takes way less than 10 minutes to shave, I can do it in a little over 5 if I'm rushing. You'll have smooth skin, no irritation and won't be having to constantly buy shoddily made razors or use drug store foam that dries and irritates your skin.

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just bought one because im being frugal and i'm in the middle of getting used to it. i don't mind it. i need better foam, i don't think the spray stuff is for this type of razor

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You don't need a better foam, you need soap. Foam is absolute shit both for your skin and performance wise for a close cut. Find this soap on Amazon, or get Spieck or La Toja. They're cheap, you rub them on your face then hit them with a brush to larger. They're all slick,smooth and give a better cushion than any foam.

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>let me guess, you NEED more?

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What's a good safety razor under $50?
Vikings blade is a piece of shit

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Ive had a Van Der hagen since 2017 and its fine. I got it at walgreens for like $20

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Maggard brand razors, copies of Merkur (I think) but I had one for about six years before I got my Leaf.


Get this handle, pick a couple heads and try them out. You can get a handle and four heads for under 50.

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Any vintage Gillette.

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This is the reason why I started using safety razors

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>This is the reason why I started using safety razors
you know they were invented by Gillette, right?

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Yeah, 120 years ago. Come on.

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I must be retarded then because I tried one we had lying around (probably belonged to my father 15 years ago) and it fucked up my entire neck. I can use a normal razor knife just fine. Is there a trick to it? Like the angle?

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they were literally invented to make you spend money on blades instead of sharpening the same one over and over again
pure consumerism shit, just like your ad

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The particular model on your picture is garbage. Get a Merkur Futur clone like the Ming Shi 2000S

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Those are good choices, but let's not forget that Turkish Delight made with tallow which is Arko

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Yes, but also use a fresh blade. The best choices available were either Russian domestic brands imported through ebay or such via intermediaries, or Persona brand made in Israel (other Persona brands made elsewhere are apparently not as good).

A dull blade or a shitty one meant for scrapping paint (Seagull brand from China, for instance) is gonna fyu no matter what.