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If I wanted to hypotetically wear skirts but not in a trap/femboy/trans way, actually as a male, which way should I go?
To be clear it's not some faggy stuff, I actually need it to dance without sweating too much.

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Wait, are you gay or trans?

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you couldn't
>dance without sweating too much
wear running shorts

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>wear running shorts
that's just fucking ugly though

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you could try wearing a kilt. If youre getting it for dancing or exercise go with a sport kilt.

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it's kinda too much for me, I was hoping to find something that doesn't stand out as much

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Kilts are fucking gay, only weirdos wear that shit outside of a traditional setting.

Something like your picture would work, but only if your upper body and face are hyper masculine and not in a gay way (but it'll still be a bit gay)

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If you're not Scottish then you're shit out of luck, kilts are the only acceptable form of skirts for men and non-scottish people wearing them are weird

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If you want it for dancing why not try hakama? Those are very wide pants. Should help with sweating and are easy to move in since they are used as martial arts dress. If youre still dead set on wearing a dress just embrace your faggotry and dont try ti hide it.

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wear this and claim that your real name is Johnaigh MacSmiddochan

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english people with country estates (and "scottish" heritage) wear them all the time

hell, I am German and I have 5% scottish ancestry for some reason. I'd wear a kilt.

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get some baggy weight lifters pants my bro they're so 90s & totally in right now

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I wear sirwals already and they're still too hot
I actually dance anon I don't awkwardly trample

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Ukrainian hopak dance pants

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Cossacks trousers

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>Be 17th century Scottish highlander
>Work as crofter for wealthy landowner.
>Be less profitable than sheep
>Get evicted and replaced by sheep
>Get no support from clan
>Get sent to seacoast to collect kelp
>Advances in chemistry destroy demand for kelp
>Get shipped off to Quebec
>Don't speak French
>Somehow have American kids
>Descendants don't do to bad
>Meanwhile your former land lord is conspiring with the mills to sell bullshit man dresses with fake clan history to lowland and English learners.
>Fast forward another 200 years.
>Jews invent 23&me and genealogy dot com.
>Descendants find out there 0.00001% Scottish.
>Buy overpriced blankets and knee high socks to dress like women
Feels bad man

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*English larpers. New phone hasn't been trained...

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What kind of a fudge packing faggot wears a belt over lungi? The entire point of a lungi is to be able to wear a piece of cloth as a skirt just by wrapping it around your waist as tight as you want it to be, and then folding it near the waist to fix it in place.

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Forgot picrel.

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Sorry, hun, but I think you got something wrong. My ancestors stolen women from Scotland and brought them back to Scandinavia. M'kay. I will appropriate Scottish culture and I will support English major league football even though I hate the English too. The Scottish are just easier victims bwahahahaahaha

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Just don't dipshit. You bring all.of us down.

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I was just pointing out that the whole thing is ironic bullshit. Kick the highlanders off the land and sell their kids the wool off the sheep that replaced them.
But let's be honest, if these guys were as strong and independent as they are alleged to be, they wouldn't have been kicked off their "ancestral lands" that they'd been squatting on by a couple of hired goons.
Personally, I've worn kilts, and they offer no practical advantage over wide leg shorts. You get the same effect without the baggage.

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Get jacked, learn a martial art and become a businessman

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Of course I forgot my image