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Anyone have experience with Schott shearling? Talk me into spending $1600 on this B3 jacket.

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I like the RAF fighter pilot repro better. It's $1520

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There is also a longer "dakota" B3 with racoon fur trim on the hood that isn't pilot cropped. I just don't like a normal b3s proportions.

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Who makes this? Is it also Schott?

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Yeah I kinda like this, I'll check it out.

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Cockpit usa. They make boomer-autistic military repros.

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How does Cockpit USA compare to Schott in terms of quality? Their prices are pretty comparable.

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They have good hardware, lining, consistency. The only thing to watch is the materials specs. They have a lot of pigskin and you have to look for horsehide and cowhide. With these, it will be a high quality repro you might see the lead actor wearing in a period film.

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How's their shearling compared to Schott? I'm looking at this jacket now that the other anon >>18071407
pointed it out.

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Idk. Email them as to what shearling grade it is. It doesn't say the seed grade or wool length on either schott or cockpit. Cockpit says "Sheepskin varies from production to production but you'll always receive the same craftmanship and warmth from Cockpit USA." Which means you could get a range based on their purchasing. I would guess a good year for sheep will have a low seed production because prices are lower and a shit year lets say a big disease year for sheep will have a higher seed because of the price.

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Is this for your resident evil 4 cosplay?

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I just bought something like this, but black from some mass market shit like uuuhhhh H&M or something for like 80 bucks or some shit, looks good

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lmao I bought it because it looked cool on leon
I'm this anon

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No actually your mom asked me to wear nothing but that jacket and cowboy boots.

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Buy it if you want look like a joke cartoon character. I would laugh at any "man" wearing that in public

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I think men wear whatever the fuck they want and don't care about other people's opinions.

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dont @ me unless you bench over 2 plate

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I can bench your mom so well over 2 plates

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You can't bench deez nuts tho

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You would laugh at a man wearing classic leather and fleece? Seems like these jackets are a nice fashion statement.

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Got my Schott x Filling pieces B3 off ebay BNWT for £350. Best jacket I've ever bought and well worth it for that price.

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I have two. An Eastman ANJ-4 and an Eastman RAF Irvin. I love them. They're very warm, I can wear them in subzero temperatures and still don't feel cold. They're big fashion statements, you will get a lot of looks, so if you aren't confident you can pull it off, I would look elsewhere. Eastman and Aero are probably the top of the line reproductions of WWII jackets, materials are awesome as well. Schott, Cockpit USA, and Aviation Leathercraft are all nice material, but a little more bulky and not as accurate to real WWII jackets (if you care). I personally would not buy any of these brands new. You can find used, hardly worn shearling for under $1000, sometimes get a good deal around $600.

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If youre thin and tall get an aviation leathercraft
Otherwise get an Eastman

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I reccomend lifting weights until you have at least 1/2/3/4 so your body isn't going to change much before buying a $1600 jacket.

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They make people look like Leon Kennedy, who is very cool.

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I hate remakes so much

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you can probably get one from a thrift store for a fraction of the price, and it will look like the previous owner had the adventures you want to have.

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>I would laugh at any "man" wearing that in public
you wouldn't, because you are just an insecure bitch
you would just go home and write about them on anonymous image boards

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I was looking at those two exact jackets today! I love them both. I was also looking at the AVI leather M-445A. Know anything about them?

Where did you buy yours?

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NTA, I have Avi's horsehide cossack jacket and for the price it's pretty hard to beat.

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I'm the guy that owns two Eastmans. AVI is relatively new and unknown, but I've heard some decent reviews on the M-445A and B-3. I really like the look of the m445, mildly tempted if I didn't already have the ANJ-4, but it being new and made in China, I'll personally hold off for a while.
If you really want the M445, Willis & Geiger made them for a while, quality is known, and they're somewhat cheap. Buzz Rickson made a version for a year, it's hard to find but they usually have awesome quality, at a very high price. Same goes for a company called "The Few". Both are mostly Japanese market, but occasionally pop up in English-speaking sites.
I buy off forums or eBay. Ebay cost more, but its less sketchy. Etsy always seems priced too high, Japanese sites never have a size for grown adults, and auction houses aren't consistent, but you can try those too.

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Thanks for the detailed reply. I'll keep an eye out. I definitely want to lose more weight before I commit. I do live in a very cold area and am also a pilot so sometimes larping with a cool coat would be fun. The RAF Irvin, M-445 and ANJ-4 are my top choices.

I did get a Threads of Apollo bomber jacket some years ago which is great quality for the price I paid, even if the design is not quite authentic. It is snug though

Hope to get more info on AVI but i'll keep an eye out for used Eastmans.

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bought a japanese made B-7 jacket
thought everyone was gonna laugh at the gangly white guy wearing a LARP looking jacket
it gets tons of compliments

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Shearling coats and jackets have at least quadrupled in price within the last 10 years thanks to the boom in popularity that came from Bane, Dunkirk, etc.
Do yourself a favor and spend a fraction of that 1600 on a different jacket.

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post pics, always wanted one but it doesn't get cold enough to justify it