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>wear white t-shirt
>puffy nips shows through
>wear tight undershirt underneath to hide it
>now the undershirt shows through
You just can't win can you?

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lose weight

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I'm /fit/, it's just slight gyno that needs surgery

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have you tried taking nolva or clomid first? you might not need surgery

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yeah i know those might work i just cant be bothered to get it

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there's no scenario where it's harder to get those than surgery

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i never implied otherwise

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so you're just intentionally choosing the more difficult and expensive option. thanks for clarifying.

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Get some heavyweight t-shirts. That's what I do to cover up my puffy porn star nips (male)

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Lower your prolactin. Generally this involves doing stock healthy shit better and more often but also stop jacking it so much, take vitamin e

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White t-shirts are honestly not worth it to wear, any other color would be better

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white always see through. buy something thicker like loopwheeled or just wear gray

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How exactly is clomid or Nolvadex going to make you gyno go away (it cant). Once the breast tissue is there clomid or Nolvadex aren't going to break it down. All it will do is potentially prevent your gyno from getting worse.

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What would hypothetically happen if a woman were to get those? Her tits would disappear right?

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they're called SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator). i don't know exactly how it works but they're used by bodybuilders for two things: preventing/shrinking gyno, and increasing endogenous sex hormone production after a cycle to prevent the crash. i've used clomid myself and it totally eliminated my gyno and and shot my T levels off the charts
it doesn't make the breast tissue go away but it does shrink it to the point that it's imperceptible, which is good enough.
women do use it as a fertility drug occasionally (it fixes women's fucked up hormone levels just like men's). like i said, it does cause breast tissue shrinkage, but a woman's natural hormones would counterbalance the effects. even if her breasts shrank a bit they would grow back to their normal size once the SERMs clear her system. titty tissue isn't static, it shrinks and grows continuously in response to whatever hormones its subjected to. that's why treating gyno is a regular recurring thing for a lot of bodybuilders. if course, if you shrink the gyno AND remove the original cause, it won't grow back.

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Remove what doesn't bring you joy

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why do men even have nipples anyways? other mammal species don't, and i think we'll probably look better without them anyways

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they do but theyre very small and you cant see them
i can feel my cats eight nipples and he had some fat ass nuts before we snipped him

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>other mammal species don't
You don’t have pets do you?

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you are retarded

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my prob is my nips are always too hard, i try to wear a white undershirt to flatten out my rockin hard test fueled nips but I just have to either live with it or rock that shit around town

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male lizards don't have nipples and they're mammals

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That's what I do. I hate having my nips poke through T-shirts. I've found that 100% cotton heavyweight tees from 3Fit theory are decently priced and work great. If you have a regular tee that's dark enough you can always wear a wife beater under the tee as well.

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>3Fit theory
have to go through a retarded trial where they send you shirts and you send 2 back
no thanks

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Wear a what?

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Anon, your elementary school reps

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>>wear white t-shirt
>>puffy nips shows through
That actually based, wtf are you talking about, have sex bro

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did you encounter any major side effects? seems like all these wonder drugs make your dick fall off or something.

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>now the undershirt shows through
So what, you stupid fucking retard? Are you some woman brained faggot who thinks a visible undershirt is like a bra showing through? No wonder you have puffy nipples.