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Still too nervous to buy actual feminine clothes as a masc presenting guy in public since I live in the south. I wanted to see what was the cutest fem outfit I could make strictly out of male clothing I already own.

I repurposed a pattern tshirt into a cute little blue leopard print wrap skirt + a hoodie into a tight lilac croptop.

What do y’all qts think? I know the color scheme conflicts a little but I’m dyeing the top black to match tomorrow!

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looks like shit fag

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thx bby <3

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shut up before I kiss you on the lips, retard

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nooooo i promise i’ll behave

i’ll still take that kiss tho ( ˶ˆ꒳ˆ˵ )

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Nah, you look rlly cute like that. Got a disc?

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awww thank uu sir ˃̵ᴗ˂̵ i love being a little cutie for you

unfortunately no discord I’m always such a shy little boy and I get so nervous in voice interactions , but we could def figure out another way to chat if ur interested <3

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Needs work, OP, especially the colors. Those prints are dastardly. Could work with the top black, though. Pretty cool that you're tailoring it on your own.
Have you considered making some running shorts?

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Nta, but most other messenger apps have call feature, doesn't mean you *have* to use it. May as well make the jump to Discord :3

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Agreed, this color scheme was pretty accidental since I just took two random clothes I don’t use anymore that were nice fabric. Black crop top would turn it into a proper outfit I’m thinking, I’ll post when I dye it.
>Pretty cool that you’re tailoring it on your own
Thx, I actually have no experience with sewing whatsoever. I winged it and used a needle and thread (don’t have a machine) to tighten up the crop top in the back since it was a pretty loose hoodie. I don’t even know any correct stitches so I just did what felt right from what I’ve seen in movies and whatnot

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Oof. Must be some pretty rough stitching, then. Mind posting it for shits and giggles?

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Oh yeah that doesn't look good lol. Still, it works. Keep practicing, it's a good skill to have.

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Haha ya it’s kinda thrown together, ig I figured once it’s dyed black they’ll blend in anyways

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Aside from crop top and skirt, what other outfits do you think you could make?

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what the fuck is this piece of shit i am calling for a total shutdown on gay people until we can figure out whats going on

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Fuck, I need to rail a femboy like OP one day.

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nta but i tried to make a vintage garter belt once with scraps from old tshirt
it was ok but loose in some places because i didn't have elastic for the hems

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No offense but these shirts were pretty faggy to begin with. A leopard pattern for a t shirt? As a guy? Not hating, but if you think you are on the dl with clothes like that, no you are not.

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Crops should contrast your skin, anon

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What looks good on a twink looks good on most other slim guys. You'll look way cuter by not trying so hard.

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OP have you considered posting in the fragrance general? I think you would fit right in.