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how do i fix my fucked up asymmetrical face?

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asymmetry is forgivable
s0ibeard is not

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Why are zoomi bois so obsessed with appearence like females? Get yourself a bloated muscular body, wtf, and conquer the world not pixels.

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every single person on earth has a asymmetrical face retard

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idk if youve noticed yet but you are gay

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>not bloatmaxxing
>never reach size levels naturally comparable to juiced up bodybuilder
That's all that motivates me, putting dudes on gear in shame in front of the barbell mirror. Eating 5000 calories a day and take all kinds of natural test enhancing sups.
On that level wtf should i care about face anomalies.
Sotd Cool Water

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if saving pictures of scantily clad buff guys in erotic poses makes me "gay" then sure, I'm "gay".

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very few people, if any are perfectly symmetrical, that is not how human development works.

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except you never post body, you just post gay porn you saved from tumblr. still wondering if youve noticed that you are in fact gay

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I like females and fembois, but i'm not considering myself as gay.

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so you just havent noticed yet

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I don't think that liking female features makes someone gay

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by seeing a therapist

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literally everyone has this
wait till you start noticing everyone's fucked up eye symmetry
one is lower/higher than the other one

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just an example from a pic from teevee
I dont think the fact that he's asymmetrical made any difference

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cute lips anon. lemme smooch

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Everyone's face is slightly asymmetrical so don't worry too much about it. Your phone camera is probably making your asymmetry look worse due to focal length fuckiness. It doesn't look that bad in real life. If you take a picture with a proper camera at the proper distance I guarantee you that your asymmetry will be a lot less prominent.
Some plastic surgeons say that perfect symmetry can make people look uncanny and that some asymmetry is attractive, but personally I think that's bullshit they tell people to make them feel better.
I hear mewing can fix facial asymmetry but I've also heard that is can cause facial asymmetry.

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based bloatposter

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>I think that's bullshit they tell people to make them feel better
Nah, I feel the same way. Asymmetry (to an extent) makes people unique, it gives them a flaw that makes them stand out. Scars are the same thing. People are generally repulsed by them, but they can also be viewed as charming; either immediately (think some hero-like guy), or in time (think a normal guy)

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by having a personality.

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10/10 post

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it's because your spine, gait, foot position, and bite are misaligned. Look into it, it is recoverable but it takes about a decade and an actual physician to guide you.

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stop watching qovestudio. reject demoralising posts.