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White's Perry Select Edition

What do I need to care for my boots?
>Old cotton t shirt (one for cleaning, another for applying conditioners)
>Horsehair brush ($10-15)
>Wooden shoe trees ($10-15)
>Light conditioner like Lexol/Bck4/renovateur
>Heavy conditioner (if you live in terrible snow/rain areas) Sno seal/Obernauf LP
>Don't forget that boots need time to dry properly, rotate them an

How do I deal with x stain?
>mud: allow it to dry then brush off
>salt: water and cloth as soon as possible
>saturated wet: allow the boot to dry for a full day, stuff with newspaper
>scuffs and scratches: buff vigorously with horsehair brush

>Should I buy turdsdays/soloshits/doc shitans?
No they are filled with synthetic materials aimed at instant comfort but will not hold up to actual use.
>b-b-but muh ecelebs on youtube said they're good
no. you will waste your time and money and still have uncomfortable footwear at the end of the day. spend the extra $100 and get something real.

Manufacturer Red Flags
>Unknown leather source
>Made in Chyna/Mexico/Indonesia

Boot Red Flags
>Dainite (Get vibram v-bar instead)
>Non gusseted tongues
>Excessive/unnecessary seams
>Combination/mixed material heels

Boot Brands NO
>Doc Shitters/Soloshitters
>any Whatsapp makers in the far east

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>s-s-shut up, m..mommy says my wingtips make me look like a big boy!!

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if you got turned into leather would you have loose grain?

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I'd be horse butt

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waxed flesh my nigger

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Chelsea boots are for the gays

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I just got some rustic brown Blundstone 585s. Pretty happy with them

Destroy me /fa/

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Pic for reference

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I don't dig chelseas, myself. But enjoy them.

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thank u bro

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Here are my boots

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No leather midsole on whites?

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Depends on the boot.

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Perry selects? I thought it was an upgraded Perry, but they still cut corners? It's basically still Red Wing tier?

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It has a leather lineman shank, so half a leather midsole to keep the front bendable.

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I really wish it had a leather midsole for $400. Red Wings are $300 and besides the shank and heel counter they seem the same.

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the 875s don't have a leather midsole retard

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Look into the Frank's Patriot if you want the best bang for your buck.

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Who said they did? Chill out.

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its a retarded comparison for crepe sole vs non crepe

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I don't know if I will ever fully embrace the PNW tranny/clown shoe. But if I ever do, thanks for the reccomendation.

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Leather to rubber does not bond as well as rubber to rubber. It’s not a problem if the outsole is stitched on, but the wedge sole design has the wedge sole being glued on, so the choice of a rubber midsole is necessary.

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(he's trying to force dumb shit)

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Absolutely is not "necessary" as Grant stone has wedge sole boots with leather midsoles.

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they use a much thinner wedge

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Okay, not necessary but the result of rubber to rubber bond is better.

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Two years after getting my first pair of John Lobbs, I finally got a pair of their boots.

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Much like wearing nice boots, selvedge is something you wear for yourself.
Nobody cares what you wear other than some autists on the internet.

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Okay. If my Grant Stone soles come off I'll concede the point to you. Otherwise...it's just sub par materials. A leather midsole would do more for a wedge sole boot than a shank would. They don't need a shank.

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SOVL and don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

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You dont need a shank at all on a wedge sole. There is no raised point to require support. People gotta stop mythologizing components.
Outside of the firm feeling, I don’t see how leather midsole is objectively better. If you want flexibility, rubber is better.

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is this too much wax?

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a smidge

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i want to cop so bad

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I'm not happy until I can light the shaft and let it burn like a candle.

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Damn what the fuck are those? I want them too. Cool as hell. If only the buckles were silver though. I've never seen boots like these.

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>they exist

Yoo what the hell? What's the ID on these?

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2006 ccp metal clasp boots, very grailed and expensive

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take a hairdryer and try melting in as much wax as possible
honestly the harder the wax the better for water resistance
once you're done put them outside in the cold or in the fridge so it sets up nice

after you put them on the next time once they are still cold try flexing the boot as much as possible
it's going to remove all the creases and wrinkles from the leather, i promise

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That's insane. They're my size too. Never spending 4k on some faggotass boots though. Like 1k I'm down.

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>4k boots
>rust on the clasps
Designer fashion is a fucking meme

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kinda jelly.

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>not knowing CCP
what happened to /fa/

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btg is the most boringchud thread on the board

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would love to see a full fit, have you been satisfied with the quality for the price?

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I'd be shell cordovan obviously

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It's interesting that he went from one of the most talked about designers in niche circles like /fa/ and SZ to almost never mentioned anymore but all his stuff is still very expensive and desirable apparently. I actually had a pair of high top drip sneakers but eventually sold them as they were more art than shoe.

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its always been a dadcore board

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Reddit invasion
/btg/ used to be artisanal, dark wear, milsurp heavy, now it’s all PNW firefighter larp.

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Wow very gay and ugly.

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they are no more gay than all the PNW boots posted here

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Why do people like cordovan so much

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used to be a low maintenance high durability leather

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It feels very luxurious and has a unique look. It's also super durable and ages well. I don't think it makes sense for all your shoes to be shell but I have a couple pairs and really like them. Money well spent IMO.

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I don't
I own a pair of boots in shell and almost never wear them

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why do you own them then

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Are there any good recommendations for a black 6" boot that's similar to Feldshuch Leights?

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i like it because the colors are really nice, and the rolls do look great. Im conflicted on the shine and price though.

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Idk, because of the way that it is. Why do people like diamonds so much? It has luster and it is beautiful.

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maybe one day i can pull it off

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Help me on this one.
I have 3 questions to ask and it's based on what I want from a pair of boots
1.) What TYPE of boots should I be looking for?
2.) What BRANDS should I be looking for?
3.) What's the PRICE range?

I don't do outdoor activity because I'm a nerd.
I prefer comfortability than durability because this is going to be my transition from sneakers to boots and the fact that I don't go outside or do any hard labor, there is no point for me to get a very hard boots even if I really do like the look of combat boots
MUST be in black
I want something that I can wear both casually and formally.

I know how broad this question might be but I intended so because boots.. boots are so damn difficult. you can't get cheap shit because it's suck but it isn't like I can just buy the top shelf stuff.

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>MUST be in black
why are you so boring

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If you're in the US buy grant stone or red wing or one of the cheap whites models and if you're in Europe buy Meermin
Anything cheaper than that is gonna be shit

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>1.) What TYPE of boots should I be looking for?
depends on your style
>2.) What BRANDS should I be looking for?
depends on your style
>3.) What's the PRICE range?
entry point at 350-400

>I prefer comfortability than durability
if you want absolute comfort nothing beats a double bottom handsewn moc with a crepe sole

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I like mine too for daily beaters. Mostly because I'm too lazy to tie my shoes before work. I hate waking up at 6am but the salary and benefits are great. I miss being a closing shift line cook degen sometimes.

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I think I can get a pair of used red wing around where I live. problem is I THOUGHT you anons hate red wing. and personally I hate how tanky it is and how ugly their outsole is.

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>problem is I THOUGHT you anons hate red wing

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i have a dozen black boots i love em

>> No.17986892

red wings are decent for the price
like you can't go any cheaper than that without red flags

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Red Wings are great. Quality boots and US made for as cheap as possible.

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Red Wing are easily available in Europe, either online (no customs, import taxes or VAT) or in physical stores at major cities.

I own three pairs of Red Wings and I love them all

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>I want something that I can wear both casually and formally.
So not a work boot style like Red Wing. Grant Stone is what you want. Black chromexcel Diesel boots with black sole. Get the natural color sole if you aren't worried about formality, it looks nicer.

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interested in this archive piece

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>that heel counter
>lineman patch
is it even leather under the zippers?

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>the absolute state of nigs
>considering finally offer tongues made from the same boot leather
>but not fully gusseted
how can they continue to casualize the absolute fuck out of their boot construction? if whites can do fully gusseted tongues from matching leather why tf can’t nigs?
fucking amateurs

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I just watched the video of Perry Selects being made in the factory and machines did everything, even lasted the boots. Humans just operate the machines.

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Shut up gay retard.

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matching tongue is a meme desu
I wish all my boots had a far slab of 4mm chromex ore something as the tongue

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my wescos that i got last week

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exactly you don’t need the matching tongue, especially if it means sacrificing the full gusset, but why can whites do it and nigs can’t?
Just like how whites and franks can do a wedge sole boot on the 55 and nigs can’t do that either

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impressive, very nice

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strike boot

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is it called that because they were on strike when it was lasted?

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Same. Gaziano & Girling have the best looking model imo

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is that utah calf?

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It’s their hatch grain

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i want these from the first boots pretty badly

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chill little chuddy

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service boot owners should fuck the twinkle toe lovers simple as

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>not even real python

Only a curry nigger would find something like this appealing

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But what if I have both?

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does anyone have any advice on where to find a pair of size 44 guidi backzips or laceup (reg or vibram) for sub $500? I got an incredible pair a few months ago but had to sell them because they were just barely too small. it seems homos on grailed are taxing on used pairs (even beat and broken pairs)

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They have a rep for clown shoe toeboxes that people love or hate but they are decent quality. You almost certainly hate them if you think they look tanky you want a dressier boot.

Assuming you are American and tilt toward dressier boots Grant Stone is the entry point, they have a huge range so something should catch your eye decent construction but their are shortcuts on quality and materials at this price range.

Oak Street Bookmakers are a step up and a excellent mid range boot

Beyond that you are looking at Alden or Viberg or maybe a European brand with the mark up but they are well beyond an entry level price.

Generally you are looking at Chelseas. Balmorals or Service boots as the most universal that can be dressed up or down and you probably want something like The Vibram V-bar outsole if you want a functional but dressier profile.

My recommendations are by no means exhaustive of quality boot makers avaliable to you, I've just recommended based on what im interpreting from your posts.

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What the fuck is up with euroids and their love of tacky embossed pebbling and hatching? It looks like shit, it removes actual character from the leathers they use and it ages and wears like shit.

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I don't know I like ropers.

>> No.17987606

Rope yourself

>> No.17987614

Don't tell me what to do.

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I don't do full fits. No good mirror and i think they are cringe. Quality seems to be there for sure relative to price. Unlike Crockett&Jones the welt is laid seamlessly while C&J grossly run into each other. C&J are half the price of Lobb's but still that's no excuse to have a welt that is put on like my Frye's. I took my John Lobb shoes into a punk show and slam danced with them. Went home after and buffed all the dirt and scuffs off them good as new which spoke volumes of the leather. This all being said, the leather is only as good as the person that takes care of them. Don't bother if you aren't planning to hydrate the leather and use a lil shoe cream here and there.

>> No.17987681

>see people recommending used shoes in another thread
>click into this one to check because I can't tell if people are just having a giggle
>it's real
can't you just get made in a third world country boots if you're too broke for $300? why is getting someone's foot fungus worth being able to impress other boot fetishists?

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Yeah I would never buy used boots. Especially because people try to sell them for $150 or more. I'd only buy boots that have been tried on or worn once or twice.

>> No.17987779

I bought a pair of whites that weren’t even broken in for $300, hand stitched in the same style and size I wanted too. Buying used is smart when taking a nuanced approach.

>> No.17987837

Didn't I say I'd buy used boots if they had only been worn once or twice? I'm down for a deal, but $150 dollars for worn-in boots is never a deal, and that's what I usually see on ebay.

>> No.17987838

If your boots have really deep creases, such as on the tongue, is it beneficial to push the creases out when you condition them? I noticed what looked like tiny holes all over when I pushed the creases out, but after a deep conditioning where I pushed every crease out and conditioned inside the crease, the holes are gone.

>> No.17987842

Didn’t I say you’re a faggot

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File: 2.79 MB, 4000x3000, 20240123_103335.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is me pushing the crease out before conditioning.

>> No.17987848
File: 2.71 MB, 4000x3000, 20240123_103418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And after. I had conditioned these recently, though, so that's why I ask if special attention to creases is important.

>> No.17987856

That’s just the grain of the leather, loosens up more in higher wear areas than other spots

>> No.17987860

So those are the actual pores in the animal's skin, right? I'm just concerned that those spots are less durable when the pores expand like that.

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They're hipster boots for boot nerds.

>> No.17987879

Fucking hate this guy's face. Generally the most worthless boot channel there is, too.

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Boots to pair with black leather coats?

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yes get every part of the leather if possible

>> No.17987961

brown boots

>> No.17987963

What's with youtubers and heavily edited cringe thumbnails?

>> No.17988031

Is it true that Loake are shoes for poor people or it's just elitists minority opinion?

>> No.17988042

if the insole of a boot is 28.5 cm and my feet are 27 cm would they fit ?

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I saw Crafty wearing it on SF and ordered Marks & Spencer "Japanese selvedge" made in Bangladesh. These are my first ever selvedge jeans. They're actually really nice.

Putting them on made me realize how flat my ass is, I really need to hit the gym

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For a pointy last it sounds about right.
For a round last it might be a bit too big.

>> No.17988070

seems somewhat in the middle
i think they aught to fit well enough then

>> No.17988075

stop thinking in 2d when feet are in 3d

>> No.17988078

i just don't want to order boots with unique sizing and get it wrong, this is the best measurement i think to use

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>> No.17988111

what kind of boot?
what last is it built on?

>> No.17988112

ccp tornado

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do people really go out in public like this

>> No.17988122

looks like a chisel toe, should be alright

>> No.17988127

ty i believe 3rd party insoles are popular anyways since the ccp ones are very slippery leather

>> No.17988135

Anyone ever try to find a belt of the same leather to match your favorite boots or is that turbo autismo?

>> No.17988146

im only doing that for one pair of dressy boots that i have

>> No.17988153

I try and get belts of roughly the same color as the boots. I wouldn't go as far as specifically matching leathers, as some variation takes away from the idea that you're trying way too hard.

>> No.17988158

roughly the same shade is acceptable

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File: 1.16 MB, 2128x2423, 20240123_212404.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can i save this? the brass eyelet is starting to tear off

>> No.17988168

not much you can do, the leather is literally tearing

>> No.17988173

thats alpha m tier fashion order. its like dudes who wear white sneakers without socks + cuffed shopping mall jeans + white t. (not saying it cant look good, but its ridiculous when people say it has to match otherwise you wont look as good)

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File: 371 KB, 1125x660, IMG_5597.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which pair is more effay?

>> No.17988206

i have museum boots and a museum leather belt, but it's the only one i have done that for.

>> No.17988207

They are beginner brand when it comes to british made goodyearwelt.
Intern, first time getting a good office job type of shoes

>> No.17988210

Gays shouldn't be wearing work boots.

>> No.17988218

Well, I gues I shouldn't pretend like I'm not new when it comes shoes anyways. Is dark brown 1880 Oxford with leather soles a good choice? I'm going brown loafers next.

>> No.17988228

I own a pair of suede chukkas from TLB and they sent me a free belt from the same suede (black friday promotion).

The belt actually feels really good and substantial, I might do it again next time I order from them. But I'd have to pay.

>> No.17988235

Cheaney is around the same price but offer lifetime shoe care.

>> No.17988239

Oxfords look great in a suit, do you wear a suit to work every day?
If not, consider something else.

A lot of people wear loafers to the office all year round but imo suede loafers should be worn in summer only. If you go for normal leather I'd go for something with texture like grain and that's fine to wear all year round.
But getting the fit right on loafers is not easy, you should probably try to buy them in store.

>> No.17988242

I am looking for a leather belt now. Will probably go with a tan horsebutt, but not going for an exact match.

>> No.17988282

it's missinformation

>> No.17988283

qrd on cordovan leather?

>> No.17988285

maybe glue a packing panel and replace all the eyelets idk

>> No.17988287
File: 2.78 MB, 2270x3405, 20240123_151634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.17988288

More of a membrane that creases instead of rolls, high water resistance originally designed as work leather

>> No.17988299

It's tough
It lasts a very long time
It doesn't crease
You can just brush it to make it look very shiny again

It's generally very shiny
Because it doesn't crease it can look a little weird sometimes
It draws attention
You might feel awkward about wearing it if you are not willing to eat horse meat
You do feel a little awkward if people ask you what it is and you have to say horse
There's a bit of an odd feeling knowing a horse died for your shoes and it only produced enough ass membrane for your pair of shoes and no other

Because each horse produces limited quantities, it's common to get color variations between panels on a single pair of footwear. Probably made from two different horse asses.
It can stain from raindrops.

The above two points are more prominent on lighter colors.
Also this all applies to Horween shell. Non-Horween shell is usually a disaster. For all intensive purposes, there is only one tannery in the world that produces shell and that's in Chicago.

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File: 803 KB, 676x530, fff.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do they kill the horse for the leather of the meat primarly, or are they just race horses that need to get kill after an injury or something
I dont condone it at all but the shoes is already made and not buying it is a bit retarded
the weird creases are due to the fact that its horse leather? those are 75 bucks I might buy them

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File: 398 KB, 1536x2048, u5y1oczqjmdc1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This guy posted his handmade boots on reddit

bit of a wonky stitching and at the front it looks like the stitching is pulling the leather out of the last but it's pretty cool to be able to make something and wear it

>> No.17988312

Original they are made for razor strop, then adapted to dress shoes, never work leather.

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File: 128 KB, 864x1080, vd3csu681ku81.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're not killed for the leather but I eat beef and don't mind calfskin leather at all.
I don't eat horse meat so it's kinda weird to wear horse shoes.

Normal horse leather creases like all leather does. Shell doesn't crease because it's not a leather, it's a membrane under the leather.

Even normal leather will tend to roll instead of creasing if it's thick enough. For example Vibergs made from horse leather (not shell).
Pic related is Viberg in Maryam horsebutt. It's not shell and you can't really see any creases, just a few rolls.

>> No.17988315

I mainly wear a sweater vest/open turtleneck/jacket with shirt and a tie. Don't really wear suit.

>> No.17988320

It made 0 economic sense to kill horse just for the leather.
All leather are left over skin from the meat industry.

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File: 876 KB, 2048x1536, Uw0jbUX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another example - pic related is Whites in natural CXL after a year of wear.
CXL is not a horse leather, it's not even calfskin. It's made from cow. It's also known for terrible creasing.

Yet because Whites uses thick CXL it barely seems to crease.

Basically what I'm saying is that if you buy from a bootmaker who uses high quality leather (not necessarily thick but it helps), you can minimize creasing without having to pay out the ass for shell and without having very shiny shoes.

>> No.17988327

Are they Alden?
For 75 bucks you can't go wrong but if it's $75 and $200 for a resole maybe it starts to not be worth it

>> No.17988338
File: 1.06 MB, 4032x3024, Y026w9N.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to friend's house
>have to take off shoes
not my pic I found it on reddit but

>> No.17988340
File: 353 KB, 326x429, r.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they are Carmina Albaladejo for Mauro Volponi (Firenze)made in spain brand, just copied pasted it
the soles seems ok, the dude did not add a rubber band nor a metallic thingy
but the color is a bit weird and there are stains like pic rel
cannot see myself purchase an almost perfect product even if the price is 1/10 of a new one

>> No.17988345

do anons actually wear these ?

>> No.17988356

75 bucks for shell is once in a lifetime

>> No.17988360

Don't buy leather footwear if patina bothers you

>> No.17988370

is the round retarded stains called "patina"?
those are crocket and jones without laces for 75 bucks

how do I avoid my shoes to get old and developed round retarde stains, it looks like they are dirty

might consider it, then, the """patina""" really bothers me, and the creases are darker than the whole shoe

>> No.17988373
File: 465 KB, 446x461, retardedstains.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

forgot pic

>> No.17988381

I wouldn't buy either of these. Also I don't think stains are patina.
You could probably clean the oxfords. Shell tends to clean itself if you brush hard for a while but I just don't look them.

>> No.17988408

Chicken grease
Pissing on your own boots
Scratches and dings

Are all patina

>> No.17988413

the brown are out of question, the cordovan ones are making me think twice but mainly because it's a good bargain, not because of them looking good

>> No.17988438

>Be me
>Taking a piss at home
>Stream is strong
>Drops of water splash out of toilet
>Hit left boot
>Quickly stains
>Never goes away
>Smile every time I see it

The life of owning a leather that stains easily.

>> No.17988443

>not pissing in the sink

>> No.17988458

he should just keep it low with the spi. The second row of stitches are super wonky, would have been better with one.

>> No.17988466

Yup, this is what fit my description the best I think. How would you really describe this type of shoes? is there a "word" for this particular style? so I can looking into it in a more deeper levels (if that make sense)

>> No.17988468

service boot

>> No.17988493

yes, thank you, good boy.

>> No.17988527

business idea
shell 875

>> No.17988568
File: 887 KB, 882x1078, jkwestern.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

someone needs to cut these in half so i can see if they have arch support and shit

>> No.17988584
File: 12 KB, 225x225, images.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any thoughts on Grinders boots? They're from the UK, a friend of mine has a pair and they seem pretty nice
pic related

>> No.17988585

Brown suede or you'll look like you are going to shoot up a primary school

>> No.17988638

Buy 650 dollar work boots. Can’t wear them every day. Daily reminder.

>> No.17988648

and yet a $600,000 car needs more maintenance than a $20,000 car
daily reminder that you're retarded

>> No.17988662

That’s a fallacy. People tbay spend money on things are more invested and want tk maintain them properly

>> No.17988681

nothing stops you

>> No.17988683

>want tk maintain them properly
>maintain them properly
yes, it's proper boot maintenance to ensure they're dry before the next wear, sometimes people rotate pairs to achieve this
this is the case whether wearing 700 dollar boots or 250 dollar boots. people wearing the latter just don't care and throw them away once theyre thrashed
thanks for proving my point :^)

>> No.17988684
File: 1.39 MB, 3466x1979, IMG_6436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buy more $650 boots then you can wear a different pair each day

>> No.17988685

because of the "dont wear two days in a row"?

>> No.17988696

You can. Wear your 100$ sneakers every single day for a year and then tell me how they hold up.

>> No.17988710

They get less comfortable and the foam breaks down for sure. But the footbed doesn’t curl up and warp to the point that I can’t barely fit my foot in after a month from new.

>> No.17988711
File: 287 KB, 1280x720, 1680501127903753.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this little bitch still crying

>> No.17988714

>the footbed doesn’t curl up and warp to the point that I can’t barely fit my foot in after a month from new.
Literally never happened to me and I wore the same pair of leather shoes on a daily basis for ten years straight.
Shoe trees should prevent that, even if I didn't use them on the aforementioned shoes.
On which boots did you have that isdue?

>> No.17988726

Redwing moc toe.

>> No.17988731
File: 2.81 MB, 1500x940, pnwboot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek those dont even have a midsole do they?
no comparison to a PNW boot

>> No.17988732

>yeah I’m over 6’ in shoes

>> No.17988735

Dont see how that’s relevant to footbed warp and curl

>> No.17988737
File: 166 KB, 696x827, 1700297730466150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the funny thing i remember the exact same thing happening to a r*dditor about his IRs, he wore em daily and RW told him basically he's a giant retard and the boots are fucked

and then when he seethed about it on r*ddit everyone called him a retard too

>> No.17988741

because in the redwings the footbed is just the leather insole. that's the whole footbed
so if that doesn't dry out between wears it will warp and curl

>> No.17988746

So you’re telling me I can wear nigs or whites daily without this issue? If nicks has more leather above the footbed, wouldn’t it still curl without drying? I’m not understanding this aspect.

>> No.17988749

>So you’re telling me I can wear nigs or whites daily without this issue?
not sure how tf you trashed a pair is a month tbhfam but you should rotate pairs if possible and at minimum air them out for at least an hr after taking them off them use either shoe trees or desiccant packs or a combination of both to help remove moisture and keep their shape

>> No.17988755

Construction work. 12 hours a day hard labor. I’m considering nicks builder pros but I don’t want to risk this happening again. I know I should rotate. I didn’t at the time. It still bothers me like I said originally that you can’t wear 600 dollar boots daily. I don’t care if they last 30 percent longer rotating. I only want one pair. And nicks and redwing and whites never mention rotating or shoe trees on their websites.

>> No.17988756

Maybe my feet sweat more than the average person on top of this as well? Not really sure. It doesn’t make sense which is why I’m bitching. I still expected two years out of these redwings at the least. For 330 bucks or whatever that’s fine. But that’s not what I’m getting not even close.

>> No.17988758

>Construction work. 12 hours a day hard labor.
>I’m considering nicks builder pros
>It still bothers me like I said originally that you can’t wear 600 dollar boots daily.
Why don't you just buy two pairs of Frank's patriot?

>> No.17988759
File: 52 KB, 125x125, 1617475495745.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>everyone here tells me Danner sucks
>get gifted a pair
>It's good

>> No.17988761

i mean it's no different than wearing a single pair of jeans every day
the more you wear them the more wear on them

>> No.17988763
File: 70 KB, 1058x786, 1694274646217531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you know what to do

>> No.17988770

Yeah but footbed curl is not wearable. Like I said I don’t care if they last 30 percent shorter than if I rotate. But non wearable or at best uncomfortable boots at over 300 bucks in a few months is not acceptable

>> No.17988772

Because I don’t want 10 inch height or whatever they are. Makes it harder to bend down. And I need to have a wedgesole for my trade. If they made a 6 inch boot with a wedgesole for that price I would definitely consider it.

>> No.17988774

you know what happens when you don't change the oil in your car and you know what happens when you don't take care of your boots so try to take care of your boot
>i'm considering builder pros
>i don't want 10 inch height
>i need to have a wedgesole
bro are you literally fucking retarded? the builder pro is a 10" boot with lugged sole
also franks rainier is a 6" boot with a wedge sole buy that, take care of it and fuck off

>> No.17988782

dont the pnw brands blake stitch the insole to solve this

>> No.17988847

You can custom order shit with both the builder pro and any of franks boots EXCEPT THE PATRIOT. And the reasoning is completely understandable it’s the reason for the cheap pricing. But that won’t work for me. A CUSTOM ranier or builder pro would BUT they’re both around 600. And now I’m stuck with a 600 dollar bolt you can’t wear daily. And your oil analogy does not apply to boots.

>> No.17988914

That is not what the blake stitch is for.

>> No.17989020
File: 72 KB, 1200x800, el-torino-black-bisonunmarked-172544_1200x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this considered a tranny heel by our resident posters?

>> No.17989034

go back retard

>> No.17989050

As others have pointed out, the issue seems to be you didn't let your boots dry enough between wears. I wear my boots for days in a row but I don't get them as moist as you do, apparently.
Also Red Wings aren't 600 but we disgress.
Get yourself some cedar shoe trees, they will absorb moisture and help prevent excessive curling. Let your boots airdry, not close to a heat source, for about an hour, maybe more if they're too wet, and then put them on shoe trees.
Also consider Whites Perry, which are also a moc toe with wedge soles and cost about the same as Red Wings, but are by all accounts better.

>> No.17989052

I wear my Iron Rangers on an almost daily basis and haven't had any issues so far. Redditors tend to overcondition and overclean their boots by a huge lot, so that's something to factor in. As a general rule, never take what any redditor says at face value.

>> No.17989056

>Avatarfag redditor complaining about his fellow redditor
Like pottery

>> No.17989075

It's considered a tranny boot in general. Go to waywt and see for yourself.

>> No.17989344

Overconditioning them can cause footbed issues?

>> No.17989352

Not footbed issues, but can damage the leather. What I mean is that redditors do a lot of stupid shit to their boots and any advice of experience they share should be taken with a grain of salt.
Leather is an organic material and as such behaves differently than synthetic. Apply common sense, don't let leather get to dry or too wet, remove dirt and stuff that can be abrasive to your boots as often as neccessary and any pair of leather shoes should last you a long time. Moreso if they're high quality.

>> No.17989506
File: 67 KB, 600x800, high-lace-up-shoe-in-leather-with-vibram-rubber-sole_16185.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Too poor for these

>> No.17989523

Work more hours.

>> No.17989526

Where I live only old people wear those.

>> No.17989541

You live in SF.

>> No.17989547

>using apple products
>in the year of our lord MMXXIV

>> No.17989609


>> No.17989616
File: 14 KB, 252x287, 1662576090859795.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate when people use the word "mount" about footwear.

You're not mounting your boots. Fuck off.

>> No.17989629
File: 42 KB, 700x390, 1690635248637319.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Cavour sale
>90% wool 10% cashmere sweater: 140€ (was 280€)
>100% cashmere sweater: 275€ (was 550€)
is cashmere made of cash

>> No.17989633
File: 200 KB, 2356x965, k63hj77.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

R&H has new vibergs

>> No.17989634
File: 170 KB, 2347x986, zmGPaQn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They still have these available in my size

I have thought about them a few times but never pulled the trigger

>> No.17989636

this is nice

>> No.17989638
File: 186 KB, 2360x946, zlrVYsm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Keep in mind R&H photos are quite dark.
So the boots will be lighter in color in real life.

For example this is their brown CXL Viberg photo. We've all seen brown CXL, it's lighter than this.

>> No.17989660

I've literally never heard that

>> No.17989732
File: 822 KB, 1030x1604, A56B16CA-AB34-4FC0-982E-008FC64C7BBB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I‘m looking at some used cordovan chukkas from Alden. Price is ~250€. Thoughts?

>> No.17989753

cordovan at 250 is always good.

>> No.17989755

Make sure the sizing is right. I have to size down half a size on shell loafers compared to suede. No clue if their shell chukkas also run large.

>> No.17989756

Anything to look out for? Ways I can get scammed?

>> No.17989757

I have indys in 11 though they are a touch large. These are 10,5, so that should be great then?

>> No.17989764

What boots are the blue ones? Nice collection btw

>> No.17989765

pretty good

ask specifically what last the chukka is on

>> No.17989767

I have no idea. They have made a lot of different chukkas over the years. You need to figure out the last and then you can use resources around the internet to figure out the sizing.

>> No.17989849


>> No.17989998

Least gay pnw boot that’s not a moctoe. Go.

>> No.17990012
File: 1021 KB, 1746x1308, IMG_6409.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not sure if you mean the gray suede ones or navy suede ones but both are special make-up Alden Indys.

If they’re on the Barrie last go with the same sizes as the Trubalance. The Barrie is not as roomy but the heel to ball length is the same.

>> No.17990258
File: 1.19 MB, 3000x4000, 1684776826494445.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>putting a logger heel on your red wing boots
>on a last that was not built for a giant heel
the people on reddit keep topping themselves.

>> No.17990320 [DELETED] 

Just got back from rock climbing, it's so over, my new friend is in a situationship with the girl I have a crush on.
I will move on from this and find a new crush.
I should just ask the girl out from work but I have no idea how much older she is compared to me.
She might be like 5 years or 10 years older.
Maybe even the same age but I kinda doubt it, she looks really young but she kinda has an old soul vibe.

>> No.17990321

Probably costed more to pay a cobbler than it would have been to buy a Frank's Patriot.

>> No.17990323

My thoughts exactly. A resole like that is going to cost the same as a brand new pair of Red Wings, or a Patriot.

>> No.17990329

If you really want shell and can't afford it then sure. But my advice is to just save up until you can afford what you want in terms of shell boots. Nothing worse than spending $250 on a pair of shoes just to end up disappointed every time you look at them (as in, if they aren't exactly what you want. plus they are used)

>> No.17990343

and you'd have a proper last, he must be sliding around with the heel raised like that.

>> No.17990344

Yup, toes are probably squished up into the front.

>> No.17990426

Inside the shoe is a B/D. Does that mean barry last, d width?

>> No.17990452
File: 40 KB, 645x645, Red_Wing_Truhiker_5_inch_Hiker_Arbeitsst-1038-GCVTU_ZOOM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you size down on Red Wings TruHiker line (pic related)? My Red Wing size for Iron Rangers is UK 11,5.

>> No.17990456


>> No.17990488

Can’t decide on brown or redwood JKs. Pls help.

>> No.17990498

>scratch-free black toolbox in a black nu-truck in a mall parking lot
Top kek, bootfag larpers in a nutshell

>> No.17990499


>> No.17990500

No one buys a 600k car thinking it's more durable than a 20k car
But people buy $650 boots thinking they are more durable than $200 boots, yet are afraid to actually wear them as often as someone wears $200 boots

>> No.17990502

My AF1 highs have lasted 5 years of almost daily wear
Construction work

>> No.17990562

>Construction work
the fact that it was allowed means it wasnt real construction

>> No.17990572

>construction in forces
helping your uncle put up a fence once when you were in high school isn’t construction

>> No.17990630

I call bullshit. Those things all fuck your shoes up, especially skating. Grip tape eats shoes. Unless you've just done those things a few times in those 5 years. Why are we talking about the durability of sneakers, anyway? AF1s don't have any special durability that any other sneaker wouldn't have.

>> No.17990633

Wait but that's wrong. Sneakers CAN be worn every day, unlike boots. Sneakers breathe way more, and being wet doesn't actually degrade the material if not dried correctly.

>> No.17990637

>my shoes lasted 5 years skating
Poseur ass

>> No.17990656

1460's, true to size or size down?

>> No.17990668

Size down

>> No.17990671


>> No.17990676

aldens are the only ones who do this but they mark their width twice, one is a ball measurement the other is heel, so your chukka is b width in the heel, d width in the ball

>> No.17990677
File: 571 KB, 548x517, 1691851463781763.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hey why don't you post pics of them

>> No.17990693

size clown

>> No.17990697

Just purchased my first real pair of boots this holiday season (Wolverine 1000 Originals, brown). What's the best way to take care of these guys during the winter season? Where I am there is plenty of snow and salt laying around from the last two weeks. No idea on how to care for leather so I'd like to make sure I don't fuck up these boots within a month.

>> No.17990702

with the leather sole? good luck

>> No.17990717

KYS Avatarfag

>> No.17990718


>> No.17990720
File: 79 KB, 1024x1024, 1700003405528477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>using images on an IMAGEBOARD = avatarfagging
lol, lmao

>> No.17990753

Are shoe trees really necessary? I have some boots for 2 years and I notice them creasing a bit, they are from suede and nubuk. Should I get some wood trees or it’s too late? I also have like 2 pairs of mocassins

>> No.17990754

they help

>> No.17990766
File: 2.14 MB, 4032x3024, 1C87CC12-3F6C-4A8B-8AEC-8F736135AA72.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic related

>> No.17990775

>Be the same faggot using the same image
A newfag to boost, kill yourself and film it.

>> No.17990776

ok i actually bought ccp drip tornado's wew

>> No.17990791

>get on the car to run some errands
>wearing my 875s
>halway through the gas pedal gets stuck speeding up like crazy
>has happened before so keep cool and stick my foot under the pedal to unstuck it and avoid crashing into trucks
>had to do that several times
>the toe on my right boot is now all scratched and rolled
Fuck this gay earth. For the record, that fuckery with the gas pedal was supposed to be taken care off, don't know what's causing it.

>> No.17990798
File: 617 KB, 1079x956, Screenshot_20240125_190257_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pic of the damage. Any way of fixing this?

>> No.17990800

not much other than using a thumb to smooth it over a little

>> No.17990808
File: 353 KB, 811x780, Screenshot_20240125_191523_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, it doesn't look that bad after running my thumb over the scratches and a vigorous brushing. You gotta love this oily leather.

>> No.17990809

They're not necessary but will definitely help with long-term durability. You can also just have one or two pairs of trees and rotate them, you don't need to leave them in all the time when the shoes aren't being worn. After you take off the shoes, let them air out for 30 minutes to an hour then put trees in.

For what it's worth I have a pair of shoe trees for every decent pair of leather shoes I own.

>> No.17990872

I really like the red wing oro leather but I hate the last their moc toes are built on I have a pair of 877s but they’re just too narrow in the toe box

>> No.17990883

That's nothing. In a few months you're going to be looking for rocks to kick to get patina like that. I see you already fixed it. Do you have a horse hair brush? That is pretty much the essential tool for buffing boots.

>> No.17990890
File: 23 KB, 612x455, istockphoto-159738333-612x612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I made a terrible mistake: I let my waterproof boots dry next to a radiator after getting them wet from the inside.
I took out the insoles and washed them thoroughly to dry properly.
Now I'm thinking what to do with the boots' internals.
How do I make them clean? How do I eliminate this nasty artifact of nature and make sure it doesn't grow there again?

>> No.17990901

well fuck me then

>> No.17990903

First cleaning attempt:
Poured a few ml of 70% alcohol into the left boot.
Rubbed the insides of the right boot with alcohol-soaked cloth.

I'll check tomorrow if it works. Rubbing did nothing, the mold looks unaffected.

>> No.17990936
File: 1.79 MB, 2024x2947, 20240107_114334.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They are a little loose and it bugs me.

I own dress shoes from the same brand and the same last and they fit me great.
Is it because it's suede so it's a little loose?
Is it because it's a chukka with very few tightening points?

Anyway I'll probably add an insole.

>> No.17990946

vinegar and water. rub the affected areas, then dry them off. If the mold is still there keep applying the vinegar and water and letting it dry until it's gone, and then probably condition the parts that you had to clean.

>> No.17990980

they do make a difference. I was looking at my suede boots this morning thinking that the rolls were kinda fat but desu I don't care enough to spend money on a wooden foot

>> No.17991010

Thanks, was referring to the navy ones. They're fucking beautiful

>> No.17991032

I don't think they're too narrow in the toe box but definitely a bit narrower than expected from a moc. I considered going up half a size from my Iron Rangers, but I was afraid I'd get tons of heel slip.

>Do you have a horse hair brush?
I have several brishes that were gifted to me when I got into boots. I honestly don't know whether their horsehair or something else. I used the brush with the stiffer and coarser hairs to fix it, and it took just seconds. Both the oro legacy and the oil tan leather of the Iron Rangers respond pretty well to brushing, you can make them look almost brand new in a minute. I wanted to let them patina for a while to see how it develops, but as soon as there some scratching or pullup I have to brush them.

>> No.17991040

Sneak some clear or brown silicone in there so it only shows from the inside.

Like, a $5 tube of silicone from hardware store. Same shit is “Shoe Goo”

>> No.17991043

All the same style little bootlettes


>> No.17991310

there is nothing wrong with finding a last/style that works and sticking to it

>> No.17991342

Yes unless you’re wearing cheap disposable shoes.

>> No.17991345


>> No.17991395

Has anyone tried Redback boots? Everyone seems to agree that they are better quality than blundstones, but the soles are so ugly

>> No.17991438

not those anons but I am boring, pls rec me something interesting I just want good lifetime boots

>> No.17991443

Nothing lasts forever, but a pair of nicks will last pretty close to it

>> No.17991445

buy franks boots

>> No.17991467

bottom left -- Paraboot Avignon?

>> No.17991494

>pair of nicks
overpriced muh leather

>> No.17991507

grant stone brass boot

>> No.17991510

NEW: >>17991509
NEW: >>17991509
NEW: >>17991509

>> No.17991730

Wash both boots with a shoe brush and ordinary soap
Dry in a cool place
Condition and wax

>> No.17991847

brush out with horse hair brush
simple as

>> No.17992881

Boots are lame dude