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Idk the name for this kind of aesthetic. Uniqlocore? My gf isn't really into fashion but likes how I dress and wanted to try wearing more relaxed/comfy clothes that are still colour coordinated and flattering. She's 5'0, slim, Asian. Any brands I should look at? Post inspo too

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Do you want us to wipe your ass too? Sage

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>An on topic thread? In my /fa/? How dare you!?

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tell her to wear woman's clothes

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that doesn't look like a japanese woman

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That's probably why she's so pretty

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Cute and thin girl wearing a t-shirt, pleated chinos, and Chucks. Basic af, but looks good on her because she's cute and thin.

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Half the threads here now are
>*posts person wearing normal clothes*
>guys what is the name of this aesthetic? what’s the starter pack for this trend and what do you call it?
Why are zoomers like this
Not every little thing has a name you can easily search through hashtags on tiktok or whatever

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>>17916745 i like this style
post more similar pics and ill keep on bumping your thread

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Just wear pants and a t-shirt you label obsessed autistic retard

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looks like a portugal girl

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i hate when women wear anything but high heels.

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These are in no way normal clothes.

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Yeah the fact that he would think that indicates that he lacks the ability to parse the details of what hes looking at. Like he just looks at it and sees t-shirt, chinos, and belt, but not the cut or details that make it stand out from what a typical american girl wears. Not that the average american girl even wears chinos.

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>black shirt
>denim jacket
>pleated chinos
>white converse
Jesus Christ anon you see this in any fucking medium size city, you can't be THIS much of a fucking antisocial troglodyte

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This fit is boring and your gf probably dresses better, you just got tricked by the photography

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Chicano style

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No you don’t, also Ad hominem.

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>also Ad hominem
Can't handle the bants?

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You are fallaciously claiming that I’m wrong by insulting my character rather than my refuting my argument. Bad show.

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>My gf isn't really into fashion but likes how I dress and wanted to try wearing more relaxed/comfy clothes that are still colour coordinated and flattering. She's 5'0, slim, Asian. Any brands I should look at? Post inspo too
If your gf wants to dress like you because she likes how you dress why not shop the same brands you wear but in the women's section? Why don't you just shop the brands from the photo you just posted? Is it you or your gf that buys clothes because they're "color coordinated"?
Is your gf ugly? What slim asian girl in current year can't dress herself? Is she so short because she's also still in elementary school?

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ad hominem? no it's a genuine question anon. I saw 5 people dressed like this when I was visiting San Diego last month

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one I'm not even that same anon, two if you're gonna play sheriff about what type of language you're letting into your heart then you should at least be aware enough to tell that, inherently, it was not an Ad hominem attack because he contradicted the claim of the argument. third of all, why do you care if someone is using Ad hominem in the first place? It's an anonymous Internet forum where people like to troll. You could have called that guy a faggot or literally ignored him but you chose to act like a dweeb

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Look, if you’re going to get upset that adults want to have a rational debate, then maybe 4chan isn’t for you.
You’re argument was predicated on me being a “fucking antisocial troglodyte” which is attacks me directly, I’m a socially successful man so this does not describe me at all. And no, I have seen a woman dress with these kinds of clothes, and the clothes in the OP are not “normal” either.

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*I haven’t seen women dress

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you should look up the definition of words before you use them

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>southern california
That explains it. This look never spread to every city in the country.

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say what you want but the cholos really put that shit on