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In your opinion, which luxury fashion brands are actually worth paying for? I'm speaking of brands such as YSL, Tom Ford, Gucci, Versace, etc.

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none of them

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Worth in what way?
Only Hermes and some chanel bags can be resold for a profit. LV, Dior and Gucci shit lose most of their value after you purchase it.
Other than that is up to you, none of those brands are particularly good value at all and are considered tacky nowadays because of the 'stealth wealth' trend

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None. You don't buy the brand, nitwit, you buy the piece. If the stars should align that you think one pop designer piece is genuinely nice looking then, yeah, buy it. That's a big IF though.

You always want to look for material, colour and chroma in your style.
I generally buy outfits. I know what the theme is, I know what shapes, colors and shades I can wear. I look for pieces that come close. I work from those pieces comparatively figuring out how I can wear two to three outfits with let's say three or four new pieces. I try to spend not more than 200-300 on a new piece.

Buying brands and just considering the brand is against everything effay.

materialistic neoslobmaxxed deathcel mindset.

Real Hermes bags are super niche and for women and if you're not a model or a super rich 70 yr old effay grandma I don't want to see you wearing one.

Reselling clothes is probably one of the most stupid things our century has brought forward. The only reason to sell or buy clothes is if you can't get a refund or if you're looking for something sold out at a store.

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only if it's on sale at a thrift store where I can switch price tags when I go into the changing room

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Prada make good shoes. Moncler easily the best jackets. You have to be careful because once these labels expanded into China, the quality went way down when compared to their clothing in the 90's.

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it's difficult when it comes to mainstream luxury because it is mostly used as a status symbol instead of a genuine expression of personal style. if I go to my local mall there's droves of women dressed unremarkably with no style coherency wearing Louis Vuitton neverfulls, there's not even an attempt at elegance

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out of the main luxury fashion brands the two i like are bottega and zegna. neither are really worth paying for, although zegna quality is actually pretty good (have some 25 year old shirts from my grandpa that still look brand new) and the handfeel of a lot of the fabrics they use is really nice. only buy on sale or seconod hand tho this shit is 80% marketing

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Literally none of them

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>In your opinion, which luxury fashion brands are actually worth paying for?
Emporio and Giorgio Armani
Brioni and Tom Ford if you wear suits


Rest is trash for gypsies.

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>25 year old
everything was better 25 years ago, that's unrelated to the brand

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Take your meds

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>eat big pharma candy
no thanks you pharmamaxxed goycel

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Louis vuitton has some beautiful dresses, Chanel too

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Was wondering why this thread annoyed me but you articulated it well. Super big luxury brands are bound to have some good pieces that work for you, and plenty that don't.

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it's all a fuckin ripoff at that level
the only expensive-tier brand I've ever fucked with is Yeezy, say what you want about that nigga but the man makes some extremely comfortable and durable shit. Most Yeezy clothes/shoes are cheap compared to the brands in OP's pic, though

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I'd kill myself if I ever saw someone wearing the exact same piece as me, samefags in fashion deserve death

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Like some other anons have said, you're better off buying the pieces that look good on you and not for the novelty of owning the brand. In my case some of these work well:
>Hugo Boss (brown label)
>Giorgio Armani
Again, styles and brand offerings will vary from person to person.

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dior maybe, unless their quality is now shit