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How do you get your hair to look like this?

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be a famous actor with a very expensive team of hairstylists on call.

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hair gel?

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Being an a-list celebrity with great genes, and a Hollywood crew of stylists/wardrobe departments.

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is the hairstyle still doable if someone is thinning at the temples? or would it look bad?

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He literally describes his entire morning routine

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Tucker looks like that nigga looks like

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If it's just a bit receded, it could still look like that, especially if you move your parting towards the center, and comb back from that. Hair will still cover most of the receding temples with it combed back, but not too hard.

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just dry it that way after shower
if you got thick hair, it'll stay that way without you doing anything

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Just get over yourself and deal with the cringe of showing this picture to your hair stylist. I had this cut for a while, and showed my stylist a pic of Patrick Bateman every single time.
Yeah, she prob thought I was a psycho autist, but it was worth it cuz it came out perfect almost every time and looked great. And this was at fucking Great Clips. It's an easy haircut that most stylists will know how to do.
That said, it probably helped that I have the same hair type as Christian Bale (slightly wavy). if you don't, it might not look exactly the same, or you might need more styling to replicate it.

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Grow out, comb back

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How do I know if I’m going to get girls through the awkward phase

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Go to my barber (though I'll still have a slightly better haircut)

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If you don't have a jawline cut out of glass I wouldn't recommend this hairstyle

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>if you’re ugly don’t try to be less ugly

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if you're ugly this hairstyle will make it worse

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Mousse is what most '80s yuppie men used IRL. I recommend Suave wave mousse, it's what I use, to similar effect.

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Use a blow dryer on warm and if your hair is ok it'll naturally kinda do that, you can also put some product in if it's not compliant.

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this guy gets it

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Go to Marcus's barber and ask for the slightly better