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Winter is here and I need a men's hat to keep my brain warm through the cold northern months. I've seen the Stormy Kromer recommended, but they look like it would be hard to fully cover your ears and I have a big head (size 8, 64 cm. Very hard to shop for) and I hear they run a bit small. I'm more worried about function than fashion. And I'm not a huge fan of beanies even though I'm forced into them because of my bulbous brain. If anyone has any recommendations I'd really appreciate it, otherwise general winter hat/gear thread.

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a trapper hat will keep your princess ears toasty warm

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This, but get a full shearling or some other fur.

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Have fun with your frost bit ears, tough guy. I was looking for something along these lines. Anyone know any place that sells quite large hats? Most of the time when I try these on they are too small for my big fat head

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>I'm more worried about function than fashion
>I'm not a huge fan of beanies
Anon, I...
why don't you like beanies? they're literally perfect for a big head since they van stretch

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forgot my measurement but im above size 8
filson sells a similar hat that fits my head
the low profile non winterized version fits better

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>non winterized
non lined i mean
its waxed its definitely a winter hat

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Yeah and I end up stuck with them most of the time because of them, but I find them to be kind of uncomfortable. Also there must be something weird about my that I find them to always slip off of my head more than more shaped hats

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Badger looking mf

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Really? I just looked on Filson's website and their largest size was 62" which my size 8 head is 64"

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Land's End Squall Winter hat is good if you want a warm hat without the bulk. It's a bit snug on my big head but otherwise comfortable. I found it plenty warm for the urban winters. I don't know what your actual needs are.

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Does anyone actually have a stormy Kroger? How do you like it?

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Get the Stormy Kromer snowdrift. It's one of the few winter hats that fits my massive head and the tie-down earflaps work great even in serious cold. The construction is top notch and it comes with a life time warranty. I also like supporting a company that actually does manufacturing in America.

That said, if you really need maximum warmth or will be dealing with high winds for a longer period of time, you might just go all in and get a trapper hat. Kromer makes one as well.

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Get a sheepskin ushanka

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Any specific recommendations?

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where do you live? Egli's Sheep Farm or Crown Cap if you're in Canada

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US, Michigan specifically if it matters

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The Canuck hat at Egli's is really nice, and it'd be like 75USD +shipping for you but there is probably some US options.

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Wool with gtx or teflon modern beret

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anything that's somewhat like the colovian fur helm?

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Protip: you're never, EVER supposed to let the flaps down. Doing so is a sign of weakness and lets people know that you're a soft cunt.

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a ushanka is not a trapper hat.
go be a commie sympathiser somewhere else.

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Nah nigga, the proper name is Turkislakki. Or Norsunvittu. Or Läkiläki. Or Lunt.
It's a sad state of affairs when everyone thinks of it as an inherently Rospig thing when the Red Army actually copied their caps from a captured Finnish m/39, not the other way around.

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no one cares, pinko,

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I've got two Outdoor Research pub caps (one in black the other in grey) that I like, they look classy, fold up easily into a pocket and they're good for urban winter wear as well as outdoor wear in normal conditions.

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Look up Mongolian hats

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>they look classy
c'mon man