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What's the best track suit a man can buy these days? I understand it's athleisure wear slop but I don't really care I want one anyway.

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The fear of god eternal wool nylon blend one
I dont like fear of god but a real tracksuit should be at least 50% wool like the originals and nobody else is making them except some Y3 ones that are wool and polyester

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U aint getting no bitches with this one LMAO

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The classic black Adidas Korn Tracksuit is my forte. It makes me look skinner but in an attractive way and highlights my face in a way I like seeing

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get a repro of 80s Sergio Tacchini, Ellesse or Fila

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>I understand it's athleisure wear slop
It isn't, it's comfy, stylish and gets you pussy/bussy.

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Would you look at the details of this outfit, 100/10.