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I have no shame about telling girls i think their shoes are the sexiest piece of clothing they wear, but there still seems to be a bunch of girls (and guys) who think footfags are creeps while boobfags are normal. Does anybody else stop to think that boobfags like boobs bc they miss sucking their own mothers tits? And do they stop to think that good feet are the sign of very good genes?

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there is no such thing as boob fetish

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>boob fetish
>t. retard

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>foot fetish
>post pic of shoes hiding feet

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What would you call it when guys like boobs? Boobs (notfetish) fetish?

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It’s called being a man. Are zoomers so disconnected from human biology that they think liking secondary sex characteristics is a fetish? Truly the most pozzed generation

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Why do you fantasize about sucking your mothers tits? Thats fucking worse than a fetish

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Those tits sustained me in my infancy. Now I fantasize about making my gf induce lactation and sucking her tits dry

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zoomers are so disconnected that they think primary sex characteristics (genitals) shouldn't matter in if you find someone attractive

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Women are repulsed by footfags because it hardly ever stops at just shoes or feet, first they want you to jerk them off with your feet, then they have you crushing food and then insects and the their nutsack barefoot or with high heels, "dipping" or just dangling shoes is enough to make footfags cum.
You need to reframe your attraction to women, say you like legs, ass, thighs because feet always come with legs just never hyperfixate on feet, it's fucking weird.

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>knows about insect crushing, dipping and dangling
Don't pretend as if you haven't coomed to all of these KEK

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a foot fetish is so vanilla compared to actual degenerate porn fetishes IMO. footfags do get weird with it like all the feet specific stuff like crushing but in general i like hot women's feet

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It's not degenerate

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>bathroom floor
disgusting. Im a huge footfag but I dont want them tainted with any foreign substance - I want to be able to sniff and lick pure hot girl foot sweat. this is also the reason I haven't already hired a hooker or bought used socks online - I can't stand the though of inhaling whatever dirty shit she's stepped in

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Sexual attraction to secondary sex characteristics is still fetishism. Technically, any nongenital feature can be the object of a fetish. You just don't know what fetish means

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All women have a foot fetish. Just a different kind of it

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im 6ft but doesnt this make people feel sick in their stomach? its just horrible and dehumanizing

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i have manlet friends that feel very badly about or pretend they dont. it sucks cuz they are good looking fit guys too.

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t. manlet

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This is genuinely one of the best posts I've ever read on /fa/ and I fully agree. I love anime feet but 3D feet are more often than not disgusting.

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>it hardly ever stops at just shoes or feet
yea they ruin it for the rest of us. i just want to massage my girls feet while we sit on the couch and occasionally cum on them when i want but once your start introducing food and crushing and other bullshit i'm out. even the foot fetish industry getting ruined by these fags. now foot dom shit is the norm for these OF girls.