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Who makes some great khakis? I have tried a few brands and Dockers reins supreme imo but I am willing to try new things.

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Target brand

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Amazon Essentials / Goodthreads. ~$20-$30 cheap working pants available in every color, fit style, and sizing.

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While their overall stretch would be considered excessive by some, they stretch very nicely where it actually matters— around the waist. Their distinctive exposed stitching and appealing garment-dyed finish contribute to a cool and uniquely casual vibe. The price is nice too. Just note there a reasonable taper below the knee.

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I have tried Lee's. They start out nice but they dont holdup in the long run.
I have tried Dickies and they were horrible.
Walmart brand were pretty much the same as Lee.

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Those don't even look like chinos. They just look like jeans. Why does Levi even make chinos when they own Dockers? Would give them a go when I'm looking for something more casual though.

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These are Jack Donnelly. They are supposed to be heavy duty and good quality. Hoping someone can confirm or deny

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if you want the high-end stuff ($200) try Bill's khakis, or even better, get one on ebay

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Express (when on sale). Only pair that fits my ass perfectly off of the rack.

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Nice. I can tell just from the pictures those are nice pants. Shame they dont tell you more about what they are made of tho. I loath mostly-polyester stretch pants. They don't really feel like pants.

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Ohh, and they have a store in my city. Ill definitely take a look.

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Vintage banana republic are great

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Vintage PRL. High quality, dirt cheap, and abundant on eBay. Don’t get if looking for a modern slim fit thought. The cuts are very 80’s.

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those look nothing like jeans do you even know what makes a pair of trousers chinos and what makes them jeans?
just look at the front and back pockets easiest way to tell the difference.

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You are not your fucking chinos

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>its whats inside that counts
I feel you bro. But whats inside is a work in progress and doesn't happen in a day. Meanwhile Amazon offers free next day shipping.

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these are some of the best pants I have and I can't believe it
they're superior to meme expensive brands like Tommy, Boss or Hacket for a fraction of the price

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Nobody. Everything is slim fit, tapered, whatever other stupid cut and filled with stretch fabric. Same problem with jeans.

Nobody makes good clothes anymore.

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>Everything is slim fit
>Nobody makes good cloths
Pick one.
Just because your fat body cant wear them.

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wew, I'm sure glad nobody here is even aware of by far the BEST chinos/khakis inexistence, used or otherwise. I can sleep a little better knowing nobody here is going to fight me for 'em in the eBay auction marketplace haha

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I'd go to /tip/, there are maybe two reasonable recommendations in this whole thread
From what I remember Bill's was bought out and has been going downhill for a while. Looks like the founder started a new brand called pennbilt very recently but I don't know much about it.
Bought a M2 fit pair a while ago and was happy with it. Only reason I stopped wearing them was lifting making my quads bulbous, but I've heard good things about their wider M1 fit too so might try those. They're basically one of the default recommendations for khakis along with O'Connell's, Bill's (like I said I'm not sure about them currently), All American, and Orvis.

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One of the most depressing threads I’ve ever seen on /fa/. Why do people insist on talking about things they know nothing about? Buy chinos from these brands
>The Armoury
>Jack Donnelly
>Sid Mashburn
>Orvis (only the ultimate khaki)
Don’t buy anything with stretch in it. Don’t buy anything low rise. Don’t buy anything non-iron. Don’t buy meme colors until you know what you’re doing.

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Stop coping. Slim fit looks like shit. Your little form fitting pants make you look like a homosexual.

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this is a poorfag thread

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> /trad/ to the rescue to tell you how to dress like a senior citizen

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The best quality to price ratio is from Proper Cloth in my opinion.

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I know right. Women love guys that dress like their grandpa.

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Actually not bad. Whys does it seam like the lower the price the less of a tryhard faggot or retiree you look?

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>Form fitting
You should learn what the different fits mean.

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>Don’t buy anything with stretch in it. Don’t buy anything low rise. Don’t buy anything non-iron
I agreed with you up until this part. Different people have different tastes, and I'm saying this as someone who has the exact same taste as you

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>Why do people insist on talking about things they know nothing about?
to keep the thread alive until someone who knows arrives