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Has anyone here ever gotten plastic surgery?

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considering paranasal implants

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I got a chin implant February last year

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you might already know this, but be sure you don't also need general midface and orbital rim augmentation. If your upper maxilla as a whole is recessed, just augmenting the paranasal region might look a little uncanny. Just my 2 cents

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Would you recommend jaw surgery or a chin implant for me?

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your bite looks a little off, so optimally jaw surgery -> braces. I can't fully tell but if it's not too bad, you might be able to get away with just a genioplasty/implant. Get a custom one though man, don't cheap out when it comes to your face.

I also get the impression that your upper maxilla may also be recessed, so that might be a point in favour of DJS as well. If it isn't, disregard.

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No my maxilla is actually projected. I have a slightly long midface though.

You really think I could just do a genioplasty?

I got recommended lower jaw surgery with genioplasty but I'm concerned of looking worse before the surgery with braces.

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Long midface is tough to fix, but if it's mild, it's likely not half as bad of a problem one might assume.

It's hard to tell without seeing your entire face, as I have no idea what your ramus looks like or how your bite aligns and harmonizes with the rest of your face. In your situation, I PERSONALLY probably wouldn't go for just an implant/genio since your whole lower lip appears to sit behind the upper lip. If you had perfect occlusion with just a receded chin, I might be inclined to suggest otherwise.

I'm not sure I understand your last paragraph - are you suggesting you already had braces? If so, do you need decompensation? If you do need decompensation, yes, you will temporarily look worse, but the jaw surgery will almost certainly look better in the long run since you'll just be getting braces again after anyway.

If you mean you're just worried in general that jaw surgery will hurt your aesthetics, I mean... surgery always has that inherent risk, but the lower third looks better with more projection like 90% of the time imo. If it's a simple BSSO + genio, and as long as you pick a surgeon who actually knows something about aesthetics and isn't just concerned with functionality, I think you have a lot less of a chance to go wrong.

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Oof I have the same jaw anon, I'd like to think I'm fine even though I'm super fucking obsessed with my looks

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In general, a recessed chin is pretty bad on men, but some people can pull it off so long as the rest of their face makes up for it. Fixing a recessed chin will almost always improve your face though, imo.

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My midface ratio ranges from 0.93 to 0.97 from analysis so slightly long.

I'll clarify that I'm concerned about looking worse before surgery as my surgeon is recommending extracting two premolars for creating an overbite enough so that he can slide the lower jaw forward during surgery.

I'm worried my midface will get longer creating an overjet and my chin will look even more setback for the year prior to surgery.

Is that true?

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Yeah that ratio isn't the worst, especially a .97 is barely even that long.

Yeah, imo that'll almost certainly make it look worse in the short term. Emphasis on it being short term. On the plus side though, that means he's trying to get a better movement out of your lower jaw. I don't know how I feel about premolar extractions... personally I'd try to avoid them, but i'm not an expert in that realm for sure.

Who is your surgeon? Would it be covered by insurance? Personally I'd get a second opinion from another surgeon if you're not getting the work done via insurance.

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My surgeon is Dr caminiti in Toronto

I just worry my midface will get longer with the extractions and braces. Is it possible?

I'm wondering if I should just opt for a genioplasty. This guy got the surgeon I would go to for genioplasty.

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Forgot to mention it's covered by ontario health insurance

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I've read good things about that surgeon, so take that for what you will. He's not a known name in the blackpill surgery obsessed spaces (not that that's always a bad thing).

I suppose if you have bimaxilary protrusion then the extractions might make sense, but imo it will 100% get worse before it gets better. Longer midface? Probably not, but definitely it'd deflate your midface temporarily. Again, I'm not really well versed in the intricacies of extractions, so I shouldn't really comment on it too much.

If you think the problem is just your chin and that your occlusion is fine, go for the genio. I think the guy in your pic may be slightly jutting his jaw out, but I could be wrong. The genio would no doubt be an improvement. Would it be as good as full jaw surgery? Probably not, but if it's far enough to make you happy, the recovery and risk are far, far less.

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Alright thank you

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If it's covered, it might be worth it for the functional benefits alone. If you go that route, just make sure your surgeon knows how important the aesthetic elements are to you. Get his exact plan and find out how many mm he plans to advance you. Consult with other surgeons and get their thoughts on your case. It's pretty dope if you can get such an aesthetic improvement covered by OHIP, but definitely get second opinions all the same.

Might be worth asking for your xrays/scans too, so you can shop those around and get more opinions.

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No I'm not disfigured from war or accidents and I'm not a fucking idiot.

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I have a GIANT nose. If I was a girl I'd prob have done it.

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I get told I should be a model, without any surgery.

I still feel ugly when I look at photos and surgery wont fix that.

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Is it a good idea to go outside of the us for this kind of stuff, specifically jaw surgeries? I have friends that have gone to Mexico and Thailand for dental work and other procedures

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Holy seethe
The reputation of the surgeon matters more than the location. In general, I think the US tends to be overpriced due to the outrageous hospital fees. You might be better off heading to Europe when it comes to Bimax (quite a few decent Italian surgeons iirc). Mexico and Thailand... I haven't heard of any phenomenal surgeons, but that definitely doesn't mean there aren't any good ones. I'd probably go look into Europe before I'd look into Mexico or Thailand

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I've gotten to a place of complete indifference and find it more amusing to force the masses to tolerate my putrid, disgusting malformed face over plastic surgery.

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Fuck off

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how do you deal with the fact that your children will still be ugly, even if you've "fixed" yourself?

imagine your child having the same features you hate in yourself.
could you imagine hating your child, simply because they have an odd nose? No?
then why do you hate yourself?

spend the money on therapy, and then surround yourself with people who love you even with that big ol schnozz of yours.

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Lookism is real and painful. Your type of comment is only the type of thing an average person can say. I don't think you know what's it's like to be a TRULY ugly person. My jaw is so deformed it's like someone took a cleaver to half of my face - never been able to even eat like a normal person, food falls out of my mouth on one side. I don't care about having children - I'm just tired of being deformed, and would like to be treated like a human being finally. Yeah, it'd be GREAT if someone loved me for my "big ol shnozz", but we can live in fantasy or live in reality. I have the power to improve this aspect of my life, so why wouldn't I?

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>thread is nothing but vain people talking ratios
>N-no I'm actually deformed!
you wouldn't be in here with all these vain people if you had an actual deformity that affected your body's mechanics, you liar.

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you don't know the first thing about me, retard

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why do people always make these comments, do you not interact with people / are you an orphan? ugly sibling syndrome exists, genetics are a gamble. some of them are browsing this board right now

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I'm scared of getting obsessed with my looks. Like these celebrities who get more and more surgeries and end up looking like complete fucking goblins (michael jackson for example). I'm afraid if i get my first minor surgery i won't be able to stop and get addicted to it

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Whatever you think that would fix in your life it won't

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>criticizing being vain
nigga you're on a FASHION board, where tf do you think you are? Literally everything here is either coom bait or vanity

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Yes. It's bullshit compared to orthodontic treatment.
Got both.

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Get braces. Fixes this shit easily.

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Midface = nose. It's impossible to fix it because you can't change the length of your nose vertically.

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>my surgeon is recommending extracting two premolars for creating an overbite enough so that he can slide the lower jaw forward during surgery.
Don't do it, get a new surgeon. You need counterclockwise rotation and you can keep all your teeth.

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orbital box osteonomy can improve the midface ratio by increasing the interpupillary distance. It's just very difficult to get that operation done since it's extremely dangerous and extremely rarely done for non-syndromatic patients.

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I had braces, for 4 years.

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Bullshit. Either you or your orthodontist is retarded.

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Should I get chin/Jaw surgery?

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Just genioplasty

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How many points can genioplasty improve a person's looks? People tell me I'm a 7.5 maybe an 8 on a good day. Can I become a solid 8 if I get chin surgery for my recessed chin?

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>not gym maxxing
>wasting 1000 of dollars instead a 30 bucks membership

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Left looks better. Right would be better if he got conservative/smaller implants

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>left looks better
>implying right had surgery, while it's actually gym maxxing
Oh nonono https://youtu.be/j71SRtp4UtA?si=DrIOLohD7z7EKUha

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genio would likely be enough for you. Your orbits look a little recessed, so maybe consider infras as well if thats something that bothers you. Good base though brother, you already look good man.

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That's not gym maxing, that's literally a well-known result of fillers lmao. Like when people talk about facial fillers, that exact picture is referenced - going to the gym is not going to add mass to your gonions kek

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Post a picture - some people can absolutely transform their faces. For others it could be negligible. Chances are, if you're recessed it'll improve you.

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I don't know about that shit

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Implants are easy to put in and take out

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Looks like two different people and if it isn't then has more to do with how the photos were taken than the jaw implant or whatever.

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Holy shit you're retarded, no gym is going to do that