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just got accepted into med school. post some backpacks.

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Just buy a bagjack

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yeah trying to stay within the 100-150 USD range

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backpacks are for nerd faggots and soldiers. get a briefcase or a laptop bag you troglodyte

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you say that because you probably resent that your parents bought you walmart backpacks

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yeah you're totally not gonna look like an idiot bringing a fucking briefcase to university. It'll pair great with your fedora trust me lmao

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Get a nice leather briefcase. If not, maybe something like this.

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Wrong pic, kek. Like this I mean. You should get the Solovairs too, I guess...

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just bought this, lightweight and functional

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Despite the retarded name, mafia bags makes some cool stuff from recycled sail cloth.

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Get some color for $100

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I hope its USMD

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YSL had a dino backpack a few seasons back and I was too poor to buy it but its amazing

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You get a Fjällräven Kånken or a Sandqvist.

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Montblanc make good leather backpacks if you're looking for something unique. Here's one of mine.

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Dunno why this came out sideways kek

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Skip all these meme brands and get an Osprey

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imagine paying that much to look like an autist with developmental delays. i am not buying a backpack with a fucking dinosaur on it.

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pleb tier

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Boujie ass bullshit I'm not fucking paying 1,300 for a god damn backpack

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that looks fucking dumb and shouldnt cost more than some discount Back-to-School bag you would find at Wal-Mart...

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>shits on request for recommendations
>offers no suggestions/alternatives himself
thanks for contributing. why do people do this? you come in here, don't engage in the topic at all, and offer nothing of use. this is why i shouldn't even bother with /fa/ anymore. back in 2012, i would have gotten people who would just be assholes to be assholes, but at least they would give me answers. now, you're just good for literally nothing.

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I presume from pic related you are wanting a ~30L backback?
Berghause 24/7 or Jansport (as you will be a student)

For colour I would recomend Cotopaxi

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they're for people who want both hands free while they walk. moron.
even distribution across back/shoulder/hips is also superior.
stop basing your decisions on stupidity.

i have a couple bags from TAD Gear and i like them quite a bit -- indestructible and comfortable, but tactical may not be your style.
Mystery Ranch 3-Day Assault pack-- similar vibe, design is not quite as modern. their backpacking & edc bags might be nice for you

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I really like Mystery Ranch

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which bag do you have or like?

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Anons, I want a new backpack, pls recommend some good brands.
Willing to spend 400-800 usd or thereabouts.
Need something that will do well in the rain.
My current backpack is a rectangular Property Of from about 10 years ago.

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If you don't have a ridiculous amount of things to carry, a messenger bag might work.

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I expect some /fa/gs to use Aer packs since it's the defacto "minimalist backpacks" brand

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here you go

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I always go back to Haglofs. Osprey, Ortlieb, Haglofs.

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Can backpacks look professional? I dress business casual and I am tired of carrying my laptop shoulder bag, plus my back hurts from it.

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i have this bag kek it's been awesome for travel but i don't think the outdoor style is appropriate for academics

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What do you guys think of this A.P.C. bag? Recently moved to the city so want something more stylish for walking around with books/laptop, but I saw they did a collaboration with Pokémon which gives me a bit a pause.

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this is the best one the board desu

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no offence guys but what kind of fag do you have to be to know bag brand names.

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if youre american get a jansport / north face
if european deuter, ortlieb
osprey is also pretty good

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some kind of mega /fa/ggot

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you're (hopefully) just wearing it while commuting, right anon?

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Of course. Do you want a leather one or do you live in a wet climate?
Swiss Gear, Tumi, Rimowa are some obvious ones to look at.
Also wtf is this >>17911934 response. Don't you think people see your backpack as you take it off at work? Also I go to clients as well, so any bag I wear will be seen.
I wear my leather backpack or laptop bag when it's client day.
I hope you just wear Ikea totes because no one sees it anyway. lol

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look good. get it. little bit metro however

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I like this with the exception of that exterior zipper pocket. It would look cleaner without.

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>do you even build strands bros

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vintage rucksacks are always a good look. Good middle ground without looking like a student or a retard lawyer.

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>Don't you think....
ok sperglord

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I just use a generic MOLE tacticool backpack that I got for 30$. I also added a few modular pouches and bottle holder.
Yea, I know I look like a school shooter, but idc.
Stop obsessing over your backpack ffs focus on wearing good clothes first.

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pic btw

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Official backpack of ratchets and baby gangsters